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  1. kshepa

    Any good broth/soup base recipes?

    Yes, WalMart does carry it. Try the tomato chicken base, it's wonderful and makes a great chicken vegetable soup too!! At 4 months, my Mom made chicken veg soup with homemade noodles, just delightful!! Even if I could only eat a couple of noodles!! But the broth it makes is outstanding!!
  2. kshepa

    Ok Women?

    Had 2 sections, VGS pain way less!!! It's done laproscopically so it doesn't compare to Abigail open surgery like a c section!!
  3. kshepa

    Embarassing...smelly body odor?

    I went into the hospital day 10 after surgery with dehydration, that was when I smelled so bad...my breath, skin, pee, and poop all smelled the same!! I begged the nurses to bathe me, because I didn't want all my visitors to go running. It went away after I got home 1 week later.
  4. kshepa

    What is wrong with me?!

    It was for this reason my surgeon demanded a psych eval as one of his pre-surgical requirements. To be sure his patients do not have such strong food addictions that they will sabotage them selves after surgery. Don't look at it as a time frame, look at it as a life change. WLS takes you to a whole new dimension, a life that doesn't revolve food but instead let's you get back to the things food took you away from. Good luck, and try not to be so hard on yourself.
  5. kshepa

    Finding a good trainer

    Where do u live? I have a great trainer I'd recommend. I'm in CA.
  6. kshepa

    52 and wondering what to expect

    Well, I was scheduled 3 yrs ago for a lift. Didn't need implants then. I was about 40 # heavier then, too. Now my chest looks a lot different, there's nothing to lift anymore, just these two saggy bags of skin, so I'll be doing more research nearer to my 1 yr anniversary (May). I know they recommend 2 yrs before doing any major skin reduction surgery...but I think implants would be ok. I'm gonna check with my surgeon soon. Before she was able to get the lift covered by insurance because of lower back problems and dents in my shoulders. I'll let u know what I find out.
  7. kshepa

    52 and wondering what to expect

    Ok, I've enjoyed all of your posts. And at 57, I have lost 102# since 5/12. I still have 25 more to go. The skin is getting more and more wrinkly everyday. I weight lift, do crunches, pushups, balance ball, swim, bike, hike, water aerobics...always on the go and loving every minute of it. I now wear a lot of compression workout wear, so the loose skin doesn't show that much in public...my dilemma is I have been single for 13 years and am really getting interested in dating again...I am terrified of takingy clothes off in front of a new man!! I know if they really love me, it won't matter...and yes, Breast implants are in my future since I went from 44dd to 38c..my boobs are like pancakes without a good bra on....when I was fat I could just date a man who loved big women and not be self conscious about my body...but I wasn't ever happy that way and I could never love anyone who loved me fat because I didn't love myself like that.... So, I guess I've vented enough....at 57 I feel like I have about 20-30 years left, I want them to be the best. Hopefully I'll be chasing my little granddaughters around with their new Grandpa who accepts all of just as we are.
  8. Oh, I forgot...I had complications and couldn't even walk for the first two months..funny how 9 months out I've forgotten all the bad stuff!! Just so happy with where I am today and thankful, too. Weight train 3 days/week Cardio 4 days/week, swim, bike ride, elliptical, walk...adding golf soon, too. Now even thinking about tennis lessons!!
  9. Hi, I started strength at 5 months out. I've lost 101# since surgery 5/12 and a total of 176# over the last 10 yrs...and believe it or not, I do not have the loose skin you would expect a 57 Yo woman to have after that much weight loss. I do need a breast lift and tummy tuck eventually.... But weight lifting with a trainer has been great for me. I spend on a trainer what I used to spend on groceries and lunch out. I feel great.
  10. kshepa

    How much was your out of pocket?!?

    Hi everyone!! I paid 1500.00 to surgeon for membership fee, 3400.00 to hospital because it was out of network. Then 1300.00 to surgeon for all the little extras he took care of that my insurance didn't take care!!! This surgery sure wasn't cheap. But worth every penny!!
  11. Thanks for sharing that, looks like a great product.
  12. kshepa

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single in SoCal, 56, 9 mos out, first date since sleeve today!! Nice man, not sure if we will click, but it was nice to meet him and have breakfast together after my workout today. I think it's ironic that before surgery I dated a lot of men who liked big women...the problem was I didn't like being a big woman!! Now I am a normal sized woman, I've become self conscious about my sagging boobs and belly. I've got great bras and panties that disguise it in clothes, BUT, I'll just say it...I'm afraid to get sexually involved again!! I'm afraid I'll turn a man off instead of on once they see me. Isn't that weird? When I was big I purposely dated men who loved that...I'm so sure there are men who love women who were once big and now soft curvy and a little saggy!! I know plastics are in the future, but I don't want to wait 2 years to have sex!!! I'm crazy I know!! If a person really loves me, they won't mind right? How many others have this fear and what advise do you have or how have you dealt with your new body and a new man?
  13. kshepa

    Should I be worried?

    Sending you positive thoughts and energy. Sorry you are having to go thru this.
  14. I have found that adding a scoop of chocolate protein mix into a cup of hot decaf coffee with a tsp of sf raspberry syrup is delicious!! And helps me to get in my protein.....But a trainer at the gym says I shouldn't do this. He said it breaks down the protein (cooks it) and makes it ineffective...I say he is wrong, does anyone else have an opinion on this?
  15. kshepa


    Thanks everyone!! I'll check out the label on my shake mix and see what it says. The coffee I add it to is not all that hot because the coffemaker I have been using doesn't get it very hot. It never clumps, though. I use a wire whisk to blend it in. It really is good, though.
  16. kshepa


    Thanks everyone!! I'll check out the label on my shake mix and see what it says. The coffee I add it to is not all that hot because the coffemaker I have been using doesn't get it very hot. It never clumps, though. I use a wire whisk to blend it in. It really is good, though.
  17. Please add me!! Mosiacnut is my name on MFP See ya there!! Thanks.
  18. kshepa

    California? Anyone...ツ

    I'm Kim and I live in Palm Desert. Surgery 5/9/2012 with Dr Awad in Palm Springs. Age 56. Feeling like a new woman!!
  19. kshepa

    Boob job

    I went from 44dd to 40c in 7 months!! My training bras were 38c at age 12, lol!! Definitely a lift in my future.
  20. kshepa

    Should I be worried?

    I, too, am a nurse. Had VGS May 8 2012, filled by 1 week stay in hospital 10 days after surgery with extensive blood clots in each leg, from abdomen to calves in both legs. If it weren't for having an IVC filter pre-surgically, I'd probably be dead. So, it took me two months to tolerate activity. When I walked 100 ft I'd drive my heart rate up to the 130s and become short of breath. My doctor sent me home with a walker and home physical therapy. The therapist would monitor my vital signs with activity and tell me when it was time to stop. With their help, I was able to go shopping again within 6 weeks and back to work in 2 months. I had to have special parking place and frequent rest periods...now, today I did 40 minutes of all out cardio workout and 30 minutes of weight training!!! I promise you it does get better!! Keep up the great positive attitude!!
  21. kshepa

    Pulmonary Embolism?

    Blood thinners are just a necessary evil with WLS, most times it is just being safe. A safe surgeon is what everyone needs. Not a gambling Hemotologist like I had!! BTW, it took me 2 months to walk again without a walker, but I am 7 mos out now, walking everywhere, working out at the gym, biking working full time, 90# lighter!! I now feel surgery was worth it, and have put the scary experience behind me!! Don't even want to think about surgery again!! The "girls" will have to hit the floor before I'll have a reduction or a tummy tuck!! Did you know PE is one of the top complications with a tummy tuck??
  22. kshepa

    Pulmonary Embolism?

    I had a DVT in my leg in 2010 which I've been told is calcified. I went off Coumadin in Feb 2012. When it came time to have VSG in May 2012, my surgeon didn't feel comfortable with the clot history and had me get an IVC filter place the day before surgery. The Hematologist in the hospital felt a filter was enough and didn't start me on Lovenox post op. He even laughed at me having a filter saying it was "over kill"...he said that clot in my leg was old and wouldn't go anywhere....Well, 10 days after surgery my legs were both swollen huge and I couldn't walk!! I went 911 to the hospital during the night because the pain was unbearable!!! You guessed it!! Both legs had clots in popliteal veins, femoral veins, and iliac veins!! The groin and abdominal pain required IV Dilaudid for 3 days!! I was the hospital 7 days!! I had developed a blood clottting disorder and am now on blood thinners for life...my surgeon saved my life by putting on that IVC filter and I am so grateful to him!!
  23. My VGS was done 5/9/12, I have lost 90# and feel great!! Everything is getting smaller too...which leads to my question... Do we lose weight in our ear canals? My hearing aide keeps almost falling out of my left ear canal...so weird!! I've worn hearing aides for 20 years but have never been at this weight since I started weighing them. What do you think? I'm gonna have to take them and have new ear molds made.
  24. kshepa

    Unusual question

    You know, you are right about the dentures. I just never thought about my hearing aides not fitting anymore!! So funny!! Oh well, I'll call the dispensary and go see if they can make them fit again. At what theycost, I suredont want to lose one!!