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  1. WestTexasGal

    33 BMI and scheduled for VG...

    Thanks for asking...I'm doing great! I've lost almost 50 pounds since I started the pre-op diet in mid-October. I've been a fairly slow loser, but I haven't been able to exercise due to a problem with my knee. I finally had surgery 2 weeks ago and am hoping that I'll be able to begin exercising soon! Love, love, love my sleeve! Like so many others, my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago!
  2. WestTexasGal

    Had to chuckle

    Ok, now that's funny!
  3. WestTexasGal

    Coffee lovers...

    Prior to surgery on 10/31/12, every single day II drank AT LEAST 4 Diet Pepsi's, a glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, and 3 cups of coffee--with about 1/2 cup of milk froth and sweetner. I gave up the Pepsi's and the Chardonnay cold turkey with no problems. However, I couldn't / wouldn't give up my coffee!! So every day beginning with my first day out of the hospital, I've continued with my coffee. The only things I've changed is that I drink 2 cups, instead of 3, and I use 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular. I don't notice any difference in the taste. I should also mention that I haven't had any problems with acid reflux and have been able to pretty much anything I've wanted once I moved to the regular diet. Oh and I've lost 30 lbs since my DOS.
  4. WestTexasGal


    Hey there. Until May I lived in Flo Mo, but now I'm in Keller. Regarding the pain..I had absolutely horrible pain in my lower left side from about the end of week one until about the first of week four. Here's what helped me...heating pad, a binder (you can get at Walgreens for about $25), and 500mg of hydrcodone 2 or 3 times a day. (No thanks to my doc who provided NO help at all.) These were my mom's meds that I cleaned out of her house after she died last year. :-( I am so sorry you're having such pain, but I promise it will get better.
  5. WestTexasGal

    Pain, Pain, Pain

    I was sleeved about 8 weeks ago and had a very easy time until about a week or so after surgery when I began having a pain on my lower left side. At first I thought I had just overdone it, but everyday it got worse. Much worse. Eventually, I called the doctor and was told that it was "normal." It kept getting worse for another couple of weeks until one night in the middle of the night when I was literally screaming, hubby wanted to take me to the ER. I refused because I knew that it would have been simply excruciating to get in the car. Again, I called my doctor begging for reliefs. THREE days later when his PA called back, I was again told it was normal. Eventually the pain subsided after about 3 weeks of pure torture. Maybe it was normal, but I don't think so. (I actually have a very high pain tolerance.) I'm still upset that my doctor was so non-responsive. If I had it to do over again I would have been much more insistent that in fact something was wrong.
  6. WestTexasGal

    33 BMI and scheduled for VG...

    On my surgery date, my BMI was 34. Here's the way I made my decision. I just turned 57 and have struggled with my weight for close to 40 years. Like so many others, I've been on every diet imaginable. I've also been pretty successful on some of them; about 10 years ago I got down to a size 6. About 5 years ago I got down to a 'small' 10 for my son's wedding. For a few days, or weeks, or months, I looked great. But then I gained it back. All of it and more. Then it got to the point that I gave up and gained more and more, but always with the intent to lose it before the next vacation, the next big event, etc. Then it hit me. Why in the world did I think that the next time would be any different than all of the attempts over the last 40 years?!? And that's how I came to the conclusion that I had to do something different. And I'm so glad I did...
  7. WestTexasGal

    Pre-op weight 220lbs or under

    I started the pre-op diet at 213 and by my surgery date (10/31/12), I weighed 199. Today, I weigh 176.
  8. WestTexasGal

    October Sleevers-How Ya Doin?

    Sleeved on 10/31. Lost 13 lbs pre-op, and 20 lbs since surgery, for a total of 33. I'm not going over 600 calories/day and trying hard to get 60 grams of protein in each day without having to drink anymore protein shakes! Most days I make it, or at least get pretty close. I haven't been able to exercise much at all due to a completely messed up knee. (I need surgery on it, but want to wait until I take off at least another 40 lbs.) HW=212 SW=199 CW=179
  9. WestTexasGal

    Need recommendations for Abdominal Binders

    I got mine at Walgreens. Don't remember the brand, but it was about $25. I didn't actually buy it until a couple weeks after surgery when I developed an awful stabbing pain in my left side. It definitely helped and I wore it about two weeks. Honestly, I didn't need it when I first got home from the hospital. Good luck!!
  10. WestTexasGal


    Ah.....so sweet!
  11. WestTexasGal

    Halloween Sleevers

    I was sleeved on 10/31 and can't have anything but liquids for three weeks (can't wait until Wednesday)! I've been getting in about 500 calories and pretty close to 60 grams of Protein each day. I'm relying on protein shakes and unjury chicken soup. Pretty boring, but its working. I lost 13 lbs in the 3 weeks of my pre-op diet and have lost 14 lbs since surgery. I can't drink a whole shake at a time though, I have to have at least a couple hours in between.
  12. I was sleeved on 10/31 and other than some pain from gas the first time I got up to walk (which was quickly resolved by walking), I had no pain, no nausea, no trouble drinking, etc. I was one of those that actually questioned whether they did the surgery!! BUT...now I am in absolute, total agony. Why? About a week ago I decided that I could grocery shop and then stand on my feet for about 6 hours straight while I cooked 2 complete meals to take to an elderly family member. The next day I felt a twinge in my lower left side that felt like a minor muscle pull. The day after that is was a little more painful until now it literally feels like someone is sticking a knife into my side. Augh...and if I have to cough, OMG the pain literally makes me scream. I had my 2 week checkup on Friday and the PA said this was normal, but that I had "overdone" it. So, I'm back on pain meds, resting on the couch with a heating pad, and PRAYING that I don't need to cough. Anyway, hope this helps. I wish someone had told me that just because you feel great a week or so after major surgery, doesn't mean you are 100% back-to-normal!!
  13. WestTexasGal

    My Biggest Fear

    Thanks to everyone for their kind and thoughtful responses. I so appreciate your willingness to share your own personal experiences!!
  14. I too was sleeved on Halloween. When I checked in early that morning, I noticed that pretty much everyone was wearing a costume. The pre-op nurse explained however, that they (everyone working pre-op, surgery, or recovery) had been told that they weren't allowed to wear angel or devil costumes!!! LOL I'm down a little over 5 lbs since I had surgery, but I8 lbs total since I started my pre-op on 10/11. I have two more weeks of liquids and am doing fine. I'm not hungry and I'm able to drink as much as I want. I feel great, I'm walking twice a day for 20-30 minutes, and I'm even sleeping pretty well!! So far, so good.....
  15. I had posted a couple of days ago that I had a very easy time since being sleeved on 10/31--no nausea, very, very minimal pain, zero hunger, etc etc. (I read some of the other posters and honestly feel guilty.) Should I be worried that I feel absolutely no restriction when I drink? It's easy for me to get the 64 ounces down each day. (And I'm following the rules--no gulping, no straws.) I really think that if I wanted to, I could down an entire Big Gulp in just a few minutes!! When I drink, I feel absolutely no pain, or tightness, or anything other than exactly how I did before I had surgery. This truly worries me. I even told the PA when she discharged me from the hospital that I thought that I was feeling too good and that I didn't think that I should be able to drink the day after surgery with no problems at all. She just said that wasn't a problem and that I'd start to feel fullness when I start solid foods at 6 weeks. It's fine for the PA to say that, but I need to hear it from those of you out there that have been through this. Am I just being paranoid that I paid a ton of money for something that isn't going to work? HELP!!!!

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