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  1. Zuzureed

    Any November 14Th Sleevers?

    So sorry to hear about your leak Holly. I cannot even imagine. I am down 50 lbs from my start of 272. I am not exercising like I should and have had some recent upset stomaches that I think were food related. Otherwise I'm fine.
  2. Zuzureed

    Nov 14 Sleevers?

    Wow! Congratulations! Very impressive! I was sleeved on Nov. 14th and have been doing fairly well overall. Had severe nausea the first day or so but stopped pain killers 3 days post-op and no real pain except for the constant diarrhea and more tired than usual. Does it every get better? I am on full liquids for at least another week. So wish I could eat pureed foods now!
  3. Zuzureed

    Cheating? Already?!

    I'm in the same boat. I am 7 days post-op and so want to cheat! I liked the spoon of the cheese gnocchi sauce tonight while I was cleaning up dinner and it was heaven. I am full liquids til at least Nov 30th. It's very hard but I'm trying to not cheat either. Thanks to all for the great advice and support. It's a small price to pay for the end result. Rachel
  4. Zuzureed

    Should I See My Doc?

    Thank you. I did call my doc and was told all is okay. Phew
  5. Hi All, I was sleeved this past Wed, Nov.14th and was release from the hospital on Friday, Nov. 16th. I woke up just now to two issues - one, my on-q pump is leaking. My shirt was wet on that side and there's not other explanation as to why my shirt would be wet. I'd scheduled to remove the on-q pump tomorrow. Second issue is that my eyelids are really, really swollen. When I had c-sections in the past and have come home, I have had a lot of swelling all over, but not my eyes. I weight 15 lbs more than I did when I checked in at the hospital. Are these normal? I don't want to go to the ER if I can help it, but I want to be smart, too. Thoughts? Suggestions? Rachel
  6. Well day 10 here and I am still hungry! I so wish the hungry would go away. I also haven't lost as much weight as I hoped so far. Hopefully, it'll catch up. We can do it! It's so hard to believe that the day is almost here. Wow!
  7. Zuzureed

    Any November 14Th Sleevers?

    Hi All. I'm also set for Nov 14th. Hard to believe the date is almost here! I am having a hard time on my 2-wl pre-op Optifast diet, but taking it one step at a time. I have done very well, but haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped. Still have four more days, right? I am so excited overall, too! Rachel
  8. Thanks @bakawaka. I keep hoping the hungry will go away, but on day 6, it is still here. I'm excited about how good I've done, but I really miss food.
  9. Hi Ladies, You can do it! One hour at a time. How did you do today? I have just about finish day 5. So far, so good. I am quite hungry but was thrilled this morning when I zipped up jeans I haven't worn in months. Whoohoo.
  10. End of Day Three is here. I have been so tired today and am hoping i have more energy tomorrow.
  11. Funny. I'm in the same boat. Doing a weight loss contest in my building. I told the gal coordinating the contest that I was doing weight loss surgery and she said I was still able to participate so I'm in. I paid my $40 like everyone else. There are no restrictions on weight loss techniques/ what cannot be taken in account for this contest. It ends Dec 12th and my surgery is Nov. 14th, so I'd say I definitely will be in the running to win! I might lose my job at the end of the year, so any extra funds will help.
  12. I am also most interested in this topic. I was able to get a 500k term life even when I was overweight. However, when I lose weight, I plan to get another evaluation to see if I can get a rate lower than what I currently pay which is $81 monthly. Rachel
  13. Who would've known? Thanks for the great tip!
  14. Zuzureed


    Hi, I'm Rachel and I have my surgery planned for Nov. 14th in VA (Inova Fair Oaks). I'm quite excited but a little anxious. How are you doing J.Fabulous? Are you on track?
  15. Okay, day two begins. I am quite proud of myself for making it through day one of the pre-op/Optifast diet. If I take this an hour at a time, I can do it!

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