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  1. I recently flew and they were on the plane just had to ask one of the staff on the plane,.
  2. srk

    Banana Protein Muffins

    Gonna make them this afternoon!
  3. Howdy fellow nurses and sleevers! Had my sleeve 4-9 and came home today4-11. I think it went well, no nausea, pain was ok, had a morphine c\pca but didn't use it that much. Still on clears until tomorrow.
  4. Hello fellow nurses and sleevers! I have 3 more days of my liver reduction diet and have lost 11 pounds so far. Count down is on for OR on Tuesday......super excited!!
  5. srk

    Goals for post op! What I am looking forward to :)

    Great bucket list!!
  6. srk


    This is great to hear. I have been a gym member now for about 6 weeks and love going. They have a pool which is why I joined this particular gym. I get sleeved on April 9th and am taking a month off from work.
  7. Hi! My name is Sharon and I am an ICU nurse for 25+ years. I am in the western New York area and being sleeved on April 9th. I start my liver reduction diet March 30.
  8. srk

    Confused now.....

    I initially wante dto get the band , but after my visit with the surgeon and based on the amount of weight I want to lose I decided on the sleeve. I get my surgery April 9th.
  9. srk


    How long do you need to wait before you can go back to gym postop?
  10. My surgery isn't until April 9 and I have only told 2 people other than my husband, and kids. I told one of my sisters but not the other.
  11. My surgery isn't until April. I like your outline. Will help keep me in line, I too like structure. Thanks!!
  12. srk

    Just approved!

    I am excited, wished I could have scheduled it sooner however I have some obligations and didn't know how I would be postop so i opted to have it later.
  13. srk

    Just approved!

    Jussme: did you start your LRD yey?
  14. srk

    Just approved!

    I just found out that the insurance pproved me!!Yay.....tentatively scheduled for Aprtil 9th Next up is the liver reduction diet.......any thoughts,advice?