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  1. tigerbelle

    Checking in...18 months post op

    thanks for that update post...I also haven't been around here for a while...I am almost 15 months post-op so don't really consider myself a veteran yet..lol...I am disappointed in myself, because I haven't lost any weight since around November...didn't do great around the holidays and have had some medical issues the past couple of months which have made me almost house bound...I hope to make it through all of that in the next couple of weeks and rededicate myself to reaching--or at least getting closer to--my goal weight...until I had these recent health setbacks, I was actually doing quite well with my diabetes control (not so much these last couple of months)...I am praying to get that back in control as that was more of a motivation for me to have the surgery than the weight loss itself...I hope all are doing well and would love to hear some more updates--especially from my fellow May 2013 sleevers
  2. tigerbelle


    I just made my one-year surgiversary and am not totally pleased with myself...I have basically been at a standstill since around December...I got on a bad eating track during the holidays--not so much the quantity of food but some sweets and carbs like bread...I've also not been able to get into a regular exercise routine and have an injured toe now and in a boot and supposed to stay off the foot...that has been for a month now and I've seen a few pounds creeping back I am resolved to get back on track even if it means going back to the Protein shakes and writing down everything I eat...I really thought that I would be close to my goal when I was one year out, so I am disappointed...still I do not regret having the surgery--a positive thing is that my type 2 diabetes is under very much better control--that makes me happy I wish everyone well and wish we would get some more May 2013 group responses...I also miss the old board format
  3. tigerbelle

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    I just realized that today is my 6-month surgiversary...I am sort of neutral right now--not displeased but not truly pleased either...my surgery weight was 268....this morning the scale read 212, so that means a 56 pound weight loss...I have been a slow loser and don't exercise the way I had planned (very low energy), so I am not displeased with the weight loss so far in total--as some other May sleevers recently posted, though, most of my weight loss was in the first 3 months...these last two months have been extremely slow in weight loss, making me fear that this is just about it for me...I still have a lot of weight to lose to reach my goal or close to it (I set one year out as my time frame)...if I thought I would lose another 56 pounds over the next 6 months, I would be hopeful...I would be at about 155 lbs at May 9, 2014--perhaps I can do it if I an gather the energy to begin a consistent work-out routine, which is definitely my goal between now and the beginning of 2014...wish me well, fellow May sleever friends
  4. you are beautiful...congrats on your success
  5. tigerbelle

    115lbs gone!

    congrats on great success :)
  6. great update, T....I am curious as to what a day in your life is like (eating wise) now that you are (very successfully) one year out..also, what kind of workout/exercise regimen are you now on? thanks and kudos to you
  7. tigerbelle

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    hi, K8ee...of course, I don't wish hair loss on anyone, but at least the two of us know we aren't alone in this...your experience sounds almost just like mine...I hope both of us get at least some of our hair loss back!
  8. Wow! one of the most amazing and inspiring update success stories I've seen in a while...congrats on your hard work....truly life-changing
  9. tigerbelle

    Why Can't I Eat Salad!

    it's still iffy for me when I eat salad or raw veggies--especially lettuce...I try to minimize lettuce salads, even though I love salads, because it will sometimes go right through me, if you know what I mean
  10. tigerbelle

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    wow...everyone is doing great from the last several posts...bravo! the weight loss has been very slow for me...it didn't help that I was on a cruise all last week and was off my plan...I gained about 3 pounds but was bloated so I think there was some Water weight...I am down one of those pounds since I've been back....I am right at about 50 pounds in a little over 5 months...I am not totally pleased but I am accepting where I am at...I am not going to give up! on a different note: a question for my fellow May sleevers--have you experienced noticeable hair loss? how bad and when did it start and/or end in the process? about a month ago, it started for me and has been worse the last couple of weeks...I had thought I had "escaped" it once I was past 4 months but apparently not
  11. tigerbelle

    hair loss?

    thanks for the feedback, y'all...I am at a little over 5 months, and about a month ago (so around 4 months), I started very noticeable hair loss...I have also been keeping up my protein and vitamin requirements and thought I had "escaped" the hair loss risk...I was wrong apparently, so now I am just wondering how long this is going to last and if I will see any re-growth
  12. what has been your experience with hair loss? I am interested in anyone's experience who is willing to share...did/are you experiencing hair loss? when did it start and how long did it continue? did your hair grow back to the way it was pre-surgery? how bad would you say the hair loss was? did others seem to notice your hair loss? anything else you care to share? thanks
  13. tigerbelle

    Down 105.4!

    wow...congrats on your success!
  14. I am almost 5 months out, and I still have mixed experiences with the amount of food I can eat...sometimes I am surprised at how much quantity-wise I can fit in my stomach (even though I might feel a little uncomfortable after eating)...then other times, I am surprised that I cannot even finish a small portion...hang in there! you will learn as you go--just try not to get discouraged
  15. tigerbelle

    Extra skin

    Jess, I lost about 100 lbs when I was in my late 20s, and I did it along with a strenuous exercise program...I had no problem then with loose skin issues...now fast forward to my being 51 and had a VSG in May...so far, I've lost just over 50 lbs, and I am having some issues with loose and flabby skin already...part of it of course is my aging I think in general and not the weight loss alone....as others have said, genetics and other factors play a part, but I would think at your age and with a 100 lb weight loss, you have a good chance of avoiding loose skin issues...best to you!

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