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  1. Mariposa Bella

    Taking A Poll, How Much Was Your 1st Fill?

    I am flying to Mexico next month to get my second fill, (I wasn't able to find a doctor in Florida that was in my price range, they all want over $1000 for a fill.) I currently have 1 cc's and didn't get any restriction with that first fill, what do you all recommend that I get. Should I assume that my doctor will know best? He did not want to be aggressive with the first fill, as I was really sick after my surgery and had a very rough time. I did call him and told him that the fill had not given me any additional restriction than the band alone, he said he would be more aggressive but how much do you think I should get, I certainly don't want to get over filled, but hate to go so far and through the expense and not get restriction. Please help and give me some advice.
  2. Mariposa Bella

    URGENT - Before Going To Mexico

    De Larla, I made the mistake of not having someone for aftercare, after my surgery I was very ill and landed in the hospital at an expense of $15,000+, My problem was minor, I was swollen and couldn't keep fluids down, but all the MRI and X rays that were done, sure add up. I went back to Mexico to get a fill first part of January and have differerence in restriction that I had right after the surgery. I have been trying to find a doctor that will fill me in Florida, but the three that I have found, one of them doesn't do patients that were banded in Mexico and the other two are outrageously expensive, Dr. Grossbard in Clearwater wants $1000 for the first consultation and then $500 for the fill, that is too much, and Dr. Rosenthal on the east coast wants $250-450 for the first consult and then $658 for a fill, for that kind of money, I might as well fly to Mexico, the airfare is about $250 and my fill only costs $100 for the xrays, Is this how much fills generally cost here in the US? It is just not right. Well I better start planning my trip to Mexico.
  3. Mariposa Bella

    WARNING GROSS PICTURES Lisa's Surgical Wounds

    It is really scary to see what could happen to you if your port gets infected, I have had two infections, it was kind of gross, too see the wound open I thought I was going to die and mine wasn't nearly as big as that, mine was just a tiny bit open, but it looked like something was trying to get out of the wound, like a glob of chicken fat or something it was gross, the surgeon just suggested I wash it really good everyday and it healed up, hopefully it won't get infected again, Let me ask you all a question, I have been trying to locate a doctor here in southwest Florida to give me a fill and I can't find anyone. I found a doctor in Naples, Fl but he won't fill patients that he did not band. And I found a Dr. Rosenthal on the east coast, but I have to do a consult with him first which will cost anywhere from $250-450 and the fill itself is $658, that is outrages, the plane ticket to Mexico is a lot cheaper than that, I didn't know fills were so expensive here, my doctor in Mexico doesn't charge me anything I just have to pay for the xrays at the hospital. Anyone have any advice, I guess I can wait another month or two and fly to Mexico, I just got back from three weeks vacation last month so I can't take time of from work right now. Well hope that everyone has a great day. Estela
  4. Just wondering if there are any bandsters here in Southwest Florida? Does anyone know how I change my feelingloney name on this website? The day I first posted I was feeling really lonely note loney.. LOL But hey if I have to keep that name its okay, maybe I could do something else and aka feelingloney, what do you think???? If I can change it, will you all help me think of a name to use.. So let me ask you all something else, I am Mexican-American and a large part of my diet used to be tortillas, now I am not able to eat them at all, is that one of the foods that is off limits? Well just wondering.
  5. Mariposa Bella

    Im home today and banded...

    Congratulations on getting banded. Leatha is it normal for my port to be kind of painful, I had my surgery 11-5-04 and two months into this now all of a sudden my port hurts, I am having trouble getting comfortable at night and can't lay on my stomache at all. Maybe its that I have been eating like a pig, I have been so bad and I have only worked out once this week, I don't know why I can't get back in the correct mindset. What's wrong with me.. I was doing so good, why am I slipping back to my old habits.. Well just wanted to let someone know how bad I've been so that you can give me a good talking and I can be good again. Tks.
  6. Mariposa Bella

    Ever have a fill dissipate/dissolve???

    I want to thank all of you for your wonderful advice and encouragement, I did speak to my surgeon and I told him that I had not noticed any difference with my fill, he said he will be a little more aggressive next time, that since it was the first fill he didn't want to overfill me and me to get sick, since I did get really sick with the swelling after my surgery. I plan to go back in March to get another fill, but in the meantime, I am working out and trying to eat right. My friend and I plan on running a 5k (or probablyl more like walking) at the end of February, so I am going to start training for that. Who knows maybe I'll be ready to run in the next Olympic Games, LOL..... Well thanks a bunch for your encouragement. Love, Estela
  7. Mariposa Bella

    Ever have a fill dissipate/dissolve???

    I have to confess something --I have been avoiding mentioning my start weight, because I did not have as much to lose as some of you, I started at 190lbs, since I am only 5'2" that was too much weight for me, after trying diet after diet and diet pills after diet pills my whole life, I decided to take this alternative, some people think I took the easy way out, but in reality they have no idea, how hard this is and what a tough lifestyle choice this has been for me. I can honestly say that this has changed my life for the better, I now only eat what I need to eat --I don't stuff myself just because I'm lonely, depressed or mad or even happy, I am learning to eat the right foods and to take my time eating and enjoy my meals. I too am making smarter food choices for my children, so that they will not have to go through my experience of being overweight. There wasn't a day in my life in which I didn't hate myself. I am now learning to love myself and to love the way I am starting to look, I have been overweight my whole entire life and as you all know people can be cruel and when you have been told your whole life that you are fat, it hurts, I remember in six grade my classmates called me Miss Piggy and although I think Miss PIggy is beautiful, it hurt that they made fun of me, so I have always hated being fat and at 32 I see how other people that take care of themselves have more enjoyable lives, I want to be healthy and feel good about myself and the way I look, I know I will never be a skinny person and that is quite fine, but I think that if I can get to 140 lbs, I will be happy with myself. I wantThank you for all your encouragement and you are right, April is right around the corner and I will probablly not get to my ideal weight by then, but I am happy today cause I did get messured today at Curves and I have lost in inches, and the scale actually shows a weight loss of 7 more pounds, I weigh 167. I am working hard at getting to my goal weight so that I can start enjoying my life. I am so sore, I worked out with my personal trainer last night, and since I hadn't been going due to going on vacation, I am really, really sore today. I really appreciate all the advice that I receive on this board, this has been a true blessing for me, you all are so awesome, I do get a little jelouse of you all sometimes, because you have lost so much weight, I wish I too could shed the pounds in that manner, but as you said the weight will come off slower, but hopefully by the end of this year I can be at my goal, I have to tell you something that touched my heart last night, I was headed out to go work out and my three year old little girl asked where I was going, without thinking I blurted out, that I was going to work out so that I could lose weight and be beautiful and she looked at me kind of confused and said, "but mommy you already are beautiful." That just made my day, I wish that we were all beautiful in everyone's eyes, not just children, don't you just love their innocence and sincerity. Thanks again for your advice. Love, Estela
  8. Mariposa Bella

    Ever have a fill dissipate/dissolve???

    I got my first fill two weeks ago 1cc and I have not noticed any difference in the amount of food I can intake, I think I can actually eat more, or I am craving more of the foods I shouldn't eat. I had lost 24lbs since my surgery in NOvember, but I gained 5 lbs after my fill, what's going on??? I have started excercising and hopefully that will boost my metabolism, because I have had no weight loss at all this week and I want to get to my goal weight by my birthday in April, I have started saving money to get a tummy tuck, my skin is so loose it's disgusting. Maybe I'll get butt implants too, cause baby ain't got any back left, I think that is the first thing I lost, now its just wide and flat. LOL Banded Nov. 5, 2004 Dr. Ernesto Castellanos (Reynosa Mexico) weight lost to date 18lbs.
  9. Mariposa Bella

    Anyone wanna do a 5K walk/run with me?

    Hello everyone, I have been gone for a while, just got back from a three week vacation visiting family in Mexico and from getting my first fill. It was kind of scary at first because I didn't know what to expect, but it was a breeze, my doctor put me on a liquid diet again (for three days) boy am I glad that's over, I'm at the mushy stage again. Is this common with a fill? I got banded the first week in November and I have lost 23lbs, I am really happy, I lost 10 lbs while on vacation, that's a first for me... Well I did indulge while on vacation, I'm glad I did my fill on the way back and not on the way over, I got to try some delicious Mexican food. But anyway, I too am doing a 5k run, We have an annual festival called Swamp Cabbage, and there is a 5k run, I am starting to train tonight. I am working out with a personal trainder twice a week and going to curves at least three times a week, ( I had been off, due to vacation) but am starting again tonight and I am really looking forward to it. Wish I could head on in to the big city, I haven't been to Los Angeles since I was a little girl. I have a lot of relatives there maybe someday I can go back to visit them. Well good luck in your marathon, as I will be thinking of you when I do my training. Estela
  10. Mariposa Bella

    Back Pain

    You know that I used to get ocassional lower back pain, but since I had my surgery I have constant back pain, right were you described it, it is like a burning pain, not an ache. I have wondered how this is related to the surgery it is right in the middle of my back, kind of where the back of the bra is. It is strange, I know that it is somehow related to the surgery and I am afraid to take pills for the pain, I tried crushing some tylenol and taking it, but it tasted horrible, I will never do that again, unless I am dying from pain. It tasted awful. Well if anyone else has experienced this, please give some advice.
  11. Mariposa Bella

    Where is YOUR port located?

    I meant to say I got banded early last month, sorry I have a terrible cold and headache, can't think straight.
  12. Mariposa Bella

    Where is YOUR port located?

    Hello, I got early last month and I am still not sure of some things, are you allowed to swollow pills (ex- tylenol for headache, meds for cold) I hear that you have too chew everything you eat really good, so I wasn't sure about taking meds. I know this is a stupid question, but I would appreciate any advise you could offer. Estela
  13. Mariposa Bella

    I did it!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!

    You look wonderful, keep up the good work!!
  14. Mariposa Bella

    Not Loosing any weight!!!!!

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone else has has difficulty loosing weight, I am eating so little and still no weight is coming off. I have only lost about 7-8 pounds since the surgery two weeks ago, and I know that is some weight, but I feel discouraged that I hear others lose so much in the first weeks that I just thought I would too. I have checked with my doctor and he has okayed that I can start doing my cardio exercises, maybe that will help drop some weight. If anyone out there has any tips for me to speed up my weight loss, please share them with me, it just doesn't seem fair that I am eating like a little birdy and not losing any weight, because the initial weight I lost was lost in the first three days and I have been the same weight now for a week and a half. Guess it just takes time.
  15. Mariposa Bella

    Not Loosing any weight!!!!!

    I am sorry that your husband is not being supportive, I too went through that with mine and it is very hurtful that the person that should be there for you, isn't.. I sat him down and explained how he makes me feel when he acts like a big jerk and not support me in this. I guess he finally got it because he has been different with me, have a talk with your husband and see if he too will understand where your coming from and where you are trying to get. This is difficult as it is, you don't need the stress of dealing with him. I wish you the best and congratulate you on your weight loss, I have only lost about 15 pounds so I still have a ways to go and I am scared becasue I don't know what to expect with the fill, the fill that I have now was done at surgery so I don't have any clue as to how it will be. Is it painful? I hope not. God Bless you and have a wonderful Holiday.
  16. I have a friend that used Doctor Javier de la Garza in Monterrey and he is a very good doctor, I checked out all his credentials and everything is in order, he has performed many lap band surgeries and has lots of experience. He has a website were you can get lots of good information, I was originally going to use him, but he was not available on the dates that I could travel to Mexico. He travels all over teaching other doctors on the band procedure. I spoke with him several times and he answered all of my questions and was very helpful. He has a manual that he wrote that you can download on his website. Here is his web address: www.obesitysurgery.com.mx
  17. Mariposa Bella

    I'm glad I told.

    It is really hard to tell people that I have had this done because their responses are so different, some of my family members are supportive others seem almost jelouse in a way, an aunt and a cousin say that this is something they would never do because it isn't natural, and that they will know that my weight was lost becasue I had this not because of my own willpower.. I don't really know how to respond to some of their hurtful comments, but I am happy with my decision, and will be happier when I reach my goal weight and they will have even more to be jelouse about!!! I wish I would have never let them know, but oh well what can I do about it.
  18. Mariposa Bella

    Not Loosing any weight!!!!!

    Thank you for all your good advice, I have started excercising again and I feel really good about that, went back to Curves and did my 2 miles this morning, it was really hard to get out of my warm bed, but I am anxious to see results so I am going to do my part... I go on vacation next month to visit family in Mexico and I am scheduled to get a fill while I am down there, I think I want to have it at the end of my vacation because I don't really now what to expect. Can you tell me what exactly I will be experiencing with my fill, I have a 1.5 right now so I don't know what is next for me. Have a wonderful weekend as I know I am planning to, I am on my way to Miami to a concert, so I am looking forward to my weekend away. Take Care and God Bless you all, I am so happy that I found you all, you are now part of my extended family.
  19. Mariposa Bella

    Just got banded 11-05

    Hello Everyone, just wanted to let you know that I am better, the worst has passed for me, I guess... I have been able to eat, but I am still nervous about what I should and shouldn't eat, so please give me advice on this matter. Also, I found out that I had a 1.5 cc's fill at time of surgery, so I don't know how much food I should limit myself to. I don't want to overeat and get sick. Thanks for all the wonderful advice and I am so happy that I found all of you. And by the way, my husband has been more supportive of me, I sat him down and had a talk with him, made him realize how important this is to me and he understands more, why I had to do this. Thanks again.
  20. Mariposa Bella

    Just got banded 11-05

    Thanks to everyone's advice and concern for me. I am feeling better today, but got quite a scare. I visited my doctor on MOnday and he gave me some anti nausea meds but they didn't want to stay down either. So I had a really rough day on Monday, that evening I had to go to the emergency room because I was so thirsty I wanted to dye. My mouth felt so dry and I was concerned that I was having trouble getting in a full breath of air. They gave me IV fluids and some meds for pain and nausea, and yesterday I slept all day, and today, I feel much better. I am not hungry at all, I am really, really thirsty and can't seem to get satisfied with gatorage or juice. I want Water and it seems to not want me. Why is it so hard for water to stay down? You would think that it wouldn't be. Well at this point I am just kind of discouraged about the whole thing. Kind of wished I hadn't done this anymore. Maybe in a couple of days I will feel better and will know that this was the right thing to do. It is just frustrating. This is not what I expected at all. And I thought I was informed, had done tons of research and come to find out I don't know a thing. I still get this foamy stuff coming up sometimes, but not as bad as Monday. Well maybe I'm healing and will hopefully be able to keep water down. When you have the surgery and don't get adjusted - what is the intake? or can you still eat or drink normal? I am so grateful to have found you all, you are such a blessing for me to have. Thank you so much. Estela PS Do you think I should have a doctor check to see If I got a fill and maybe get unfilled? I don't know.
  21. Mariposa Bella

    Just got banded 11-05

    Thank you so much for replying to my call out for help.. I am feeling so miserable, I have made an appointment with my family doctor because I am concerned about my inablility to keep any fluids in me. I keep burping up this foam, I don't want to get sick and not be able to take care of my children. I have been questioning all day, whether the need for me to be a normal sized person is worth me risking getting ill and not being around to care for my kids. I appreciate your concerns in writing to me. I will keep checking for other useful advice from you. If you have any additional advice please don't hesitate to share it with me. God bless and I hope I can get to feeling better. EStela
  22. Mariposa Bella

    Just got banded 11-05

    Hi my name is Estela and I had the lap band surgery on Thursday, November 4, 2004. I am from Florida and had the surgery in Rio Grande Mexico by Dr. Ernesto Castellanos. I just got back yesterday but I am feeling very depressed. Funny thing is that I am not hungry, I am really thirsty but can't seem to get enough to drink. It seems that at the first sip I feel very uncomfortable and can't drink any more. I called Dr. Castellanos and he suggested cold fluids or cold icecream, but it isn't helping. I am soooo thirsty, this foamy stuff keeps coming up and I feel like I have a huge burp coming up that just won't come up. Did you experience any similar problems? Do you have any helpful advice, I am only four days into this and can't help but wonder if I did the wrong thing. I don't have much support in my husband, in fact he is kind of pissed at me, he says I shouldn't complain about the discomfort that this is what I choose and that I should deal with it. I feel so terrible. Thanks for listening.

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