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  1. sleeveconvert

    at goal weight band to sleeve

    Search the history forums, lots have been sleeved at goal. I was treated as a new patient, and yes, you are a new sleeve patient. The rules are different, the whole experience is different. I would do it again tomorrow! No liver shrinking necessary. The nursing staff will not understand- i say that as i am medical and experienced the bariatric nurses bias. They are perplexed and not aware that failure is 98% without restrictive procedure in this disease. They will judge your decision, ignore it.
  2. sleeveconvert


    I can eat sugar- in limited amounts- I'm at goal and do. HOWEVER-- ice cream WAS a band favorite-- CAN'T eat w sleeve-- kills me- nausea, dumping - unpleasant ! Too much and I'm ill.
  3. sleeveconvert

    Band to Sleeve with low BMI

    I was 145 the day of surgery. My surgeon warned me if I dropped to 125 he would intervene, I'm guessing feeding tube. I got to 126. Was furiously drinking calories. He told me I would drop and bounce back up. I am at 135. I converted to maintain my weight forever. Great decision, would do it again.
  4. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    Get a ex, have mixed by pharmacy.. $15 for 30 cc and give sub cutaneous to yourself! Much cheaper.
  5. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    Any compounding pharmacy can mix its about $12. Per 30ml. You can also get single dose vials dirt cheap.
  6. At the 5 month mark I still had the same sensations. It slowly resolved. I think that revisions are at higher risk for strictures. Mine finally has resolved, I have less than 6-8 times had stuck feeling and slimed and vomited. That is rare now at 15 mos out. It will go away !
  7. sleeveconvert

    A few protein reviews

    No eating, protein drinks are your food. Depending on your surgeon... No food for 4-6 weeks.
  8. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    Panera dumb spell check
  9. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    One good hunger buster cost effective is cucumbers, bell peppers , carrots, yellow and green squash, julienned with salt pepper, parsley and a tablespoon of pandora Asian dressing .... Avail at target in refrig section.
  10. sleeveconvert

    A few protein reviews

    Anyone tried the Believe. From bariatric eating? I need to quit Starbucks chai as I gained 3#, Believe has half the calories and 20gm protein
  11. sleeveconvert

    18 Month Follow Up

    GREAT JOB Butter ! You look amazing! ! I'm sure you feel great. Cheers... Here's to the next 18 mos+++++ !!!
  12. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    Early out, I had a Protein drink after dinner. Then I switched to beef Jerky or yogurt. Now, it might be fruit, yogurt, Cereal, or a sweet snack if I am in bounce range.<br><br> And I have to eat enough earlier in the day. If I don't, my hungry rages after dinner. <br><br> Lynda I agree... I have to have gotten in Water and protein.. Especially by 4 or I'm seeking food. I also do not consume calories after 7.... Helps the reflux will kill me if I did.
  13. sleeveconvert

    Just Prancing Around In My Size 2 Skinny Jeans!

    Love skinny jeans! Love being little...funny my brain doesn't see me as thin.
  14. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    I get B12 every 2 weeks to a month. I feel better with them ! My weight is easier to manage with them.
  15. sleeveconvert

    Never thought I'd hate food!

    This too will pass in time, enjoy for now, force yourself to eat. I'm a year out, I had that for 10 months...... DARN IT , its gone, I have to be careful now!