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  1. Hey there friends, It has been a long time since I have been on this site. I feel bad for walking away but I just got really comfortable in my new lifestyle and I didn't need as much support but I forgot that others needed mine. I had my surgery September 11, 2012. I was almost 240 pounds when I had the surgery and lost down to 121 pounds but everyone especially my husband said I was too skinny (what a great problem to have) so I purposefully gained back a few pounds and now fluctuate between 128-132. Over the holidays and a 6 month long trip I gained a couple of pounds but have never gone over 136. I do weigh myself every day because I have to make sure I keep on top of every ounce. It IS possible to gain all the weight back. The sleeve is not a magic fix but it certainly is a wonderful tool! I have to be super careful with carbs, I will just admit that I am still addicted. I had stayed away so long because of my after surgery diet and thought I had kicked the habit but I still struggle with it (Just bought a few bags of single serving chips this morning) Old habits die hard or maybe they never truly die! I'm an addict. I can eat my weight in chips, crackers, Cookies etc so I have to be super careful. If you are just now beginning to eat carbs on your diet then please think extra extra careful about what you put into your mouth and introduce into your diet. You think that because you have had this surgery and because you haven't had any carbs for so long that you can handle it, but it is difficult! Still 2 1/2 years after surgery it is a constant battle to stay within my comfort zone of weight. You also HAVE to exercise! Just do SOMETHING! Don't rely on the surgery to do it all for you. You have to tone up the areas that still jiggle....yes, over a 110 pounds later and 2 1/2 years later I still have several areas that jiggle and I don't like. I challenge you to take 30 minutes a day and just do something whether it is hard core sweaty gym exercise, or if it is just 30 minutes of walking, just DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! Also know that the scale isn't going to move every day! And some days it will go up and you will be so discouraged. Go into the surgery (if you haven't had it yet) knowing this fact. I personally weighed myself every day and kept a journal, for some people this isn't a good idea, for me it was, I could see the progress and realize that I was just at a plateau and that eventually if I kept up doing what I was suppose to do (no cheating) that my body would do what it was supposed to do and the scale would reflect it. I also took pics before my surgery and measurements and every month for the whole first year I took after pics and new measurements. this is a great way to encourage yourself and see your progress along the way! I am a success story for sure. Although it is a constant concern and I am still working on it every day! I can share clothes with my daughter and I am now an inspiration to others. You can do it! So to answer your question....weigh gained since surgery, yes but on purpose because I had lost too much, a good problem to have. I do know it is possible to gain my weight back but I am going to fight for what I want and I want to keep this weight off forever!!!
  2. Great news! I am so happy that you are not having any problems, I didn't either! It was such an easy time (of course there were aches and pains but not like I thought it would be!) The bubbles will subside for the most part but I still have them occasionally even after a year and 1/2 (especially when I eat something sweet, it is really weird!) If it bothers you, use the GasX strips and they seem to work real well. Keep on moving and you will be losing big in no time at all!
  3. Susie in Lima


    Yeah just make sure that you are able to move around a bit. Also a big thing is PREPARE beforetime a plan of what you will be able to eat, bring stuff with you or know where you will be able to get whatever is on your list of foods because it is easy to screw up when you travel and not be as careful so make sure to prepare your menu and have a plan! Enjoy your time with your hubby! Be safe!
  4. Had my surgery on Sept 11, 2012 so about a year and 1/2 ago. Made my goal at about 10 months and then adjusted it down. Starting weight was 239 and I have fluctuated between 123 - 127 for the past 6 months. I am super happy about that. I have always weighed myself every day, it worked for me and didn't make me crazy because I was pretty prepared for the stalls etc, so when I notice a little changed, I either eat a little more or a little less, it has been working real well for me. Escaped Christmas with no weight gain although I never felt like I was cheated from not having what I wanted to eat. Merry Christmas and Happy new me!
  5. I am over 6 months out and have not been taking any medication for insulin resistance or diabetes since my surgery in Sept. My dr just took lab work on me for my 6 month check up and I was surprised that both my glucose and my insulin levels are sky high. I am kinda bummed right now. Anyone else had this happen? I also had stopped my cholesterol meds after surgery and now I am about to have to start back on them. I have lost over 75 pounds and have just a little over 25 pounds to go to reach my goal. I eat what my nutritionist tells me to eat. I don't cheat, not even once over Christmas. I feel great and am looking pretty good. Just a little down with the lab results. I will go back to the doc next week to see what he says. Just wondering if anyone else had experience with this let down?
  6. Susie in Lima


    Probably a good thing to ask your Dr or NUT. I really cant remember when I started mine. Sorry~
  7. Great job! Best thing I have ever done too! It is good for those in the middle stages, some maybe experiencing a stall to sit back and remember why they did it, where they came from and also where they are going. It is hard, definately not easy at all, BUT as you said, the pros def outweigh the cons by a mile! Keep it up!
  8. Susie in Lima

    wrong foods

    Oh darlin. Let me first tell you that eventually you will be able to eat those things a little bit at a time, not like you used to, but for special occasions or just a once in a while craving but you really need to NOT be doing that. I think you really know that and are just wanting us to help you get on track. You really need to look at why you did this surgery and realize that this behavior is not helping to create good habits like you should be creating good habits right now. Please talk to your Dr and your NUT and let them help you. Get all that stuff out of your house!!!! It only serves as a temptation right now. It is harder to fall off the wagon if you dont have those bad things tempting you in the house and you have to make a special effort to go get them. You can do this!!!! Keep your eye on the prize (and it isnt pizza, chips and hot dogs! It is a new healthier you!!!!)
  9. Susie in Lima

    Full liquids!

    I have heard of people having intolerance to lactose post sleeve so that might be it. I might would wait and try again after some time and drink slowly. For each stage of diet change just go very slow. And if your tummy doesnt like something, dont eat it again for a while. It is kind of trial and error right now. I have an egg intolerance now. Funny how your body changes. Hope you feel better.
  10. No answer here for you but I sure hope you feel better soon. If it continues after you are well hydrated I would definately go see the doctor. Better to check it out if you can. Feel better soon!
  11. Susie in Lima

    Loud angry noises coming from within?

    Yep every once in a while, not extremely often nor consistent. Mostly I have a gurgle noise that comes up my throat that my son thinks is hilarious. haha
  12. Susie in Lima

    The Scale...

    How about you just take this number and move forward with it. You are doing great from what your ticker says and truth be told, no matter what, you are improving. Keep up the great work! Look at where you have come from!!!! Now that is progress!
  13. Susie in Lima

    Gas pains!

    If you can get your hands on some GasX strips that really helped me. And like someone else said, walk as much as you can, it will help to get the gas up and moving out! Hope you have a good nights sleep!
  14. Susie in Lima

    LOL, hip bones and knees!

    My husband was laying on the couch with me and asked me why I had my cell phone in my pocket, I told him that I didn't but that was my hip bone! haha Also having lots of trouble with my tailbone. I actually have a sore on it and when I sit on it the wrong way, oh my word! I bought one of those blow up donut pillows and have to use it most anytime I sit. Taking a 7 hour flight next week and my donut will be with me on that flight! Last time I took a flight it felt like I was sitting on a hammer!!!
  15. Susie in Lima

    Gummy Vitamins?

    I have taken them ever since surgery over a year ago. I could probably take regular ones now but I find that they are a nice treat in the middle of my day haha
  16. Susie in Lima

    It's official!

    Do lots of research, ask lots of questions and be as informed as you can before the surgery date. Follow your dr's and Nuts advice, dont cheat and dont get discouraged. Expect stalls, they will happen and NO you wont go through this surgery and only lose 20 pounds, the weight will come off. Do exercise and start off well by changing your habits and confronting the issues that led to you becoming overweight. Do be patient with yourself and try not to do this alone, have someone to exercise with and help you to be accountable. If you can, track your food and exercise. I use My Fitness Pal.com. It does make a difference. DO get ready for a new you! Be excited, dont be ashamed, be proud that you are willing and ready to be a new healthier you! You can do this!
  17. Susie in Lima


    Yep, you will start to feel more restriction once you are on solid foods. No worries! Enjoy your new tummy!
  18. Susie in Lima

    So excited

    Oh wow! How exciting. I know that she will be proud and excited for you! Especially the fact that you are a healthier (probably more self confident) woman! Have a great visit!!!
  19. Susie in Lima

    6 months post op

    We all go through stalls, you might want to ask your Nut or Dr if there is a way to change things up to get you going again. If you have fallen into some routines that you do each day, like exercise every day for 30 minutes on the bike and you eat the same things, maybe you could change it up and do a different exercise and eat well but different. Just a thought. Also make sure you are getting in your water, protein and limiting your carbs. If you have fallen into any bad habits then address those and fix it if you can. Your scale should move soon! Dont get discouraged.
  20. Susie in Lima

    44 and sending fat out the door!

    YEAH! I just turned 44 a week or so ago and it feels good to be healthy and thin now! Just think, by next time this year, you will be looking so much different, and have a new and healthy lifestyle! GO YOU!!!! Have a great surgery!
  21. Susie in Lima

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    You are going to do great! He is just probably nervous too! Just relax and git er done! Cant wait to hear about your progress!
  22. My Dr knows that my blood pressure always goes up while in the office. He takes it several times throughout the appointment and I can make it go down. I sit still and quiet and try to relax and usually it helps to make it go down. They call it white coat syndrome or something like that. Just try to relax!
  23. Susie in Lima


    Yeah you probably need to talk to your dr just to make sure. My first thought was if you were getting in your fluids but you said you are. I hope you feel better soon! (Those slimes are Gross! It will stop soon!) Feel better and give us and update after you talk to your dr.
  24. Susie in Lima

    Do excited. Cleared by psych

    Great news! It wont be long now! Just do everything your Dr and NUT instruct you, research and ask lots of questions and get prepared for the journey! Cant wait to see your progress!
  25. Susie in Lima

    Water Aerobics and water zumba

    I would love to do a zumba class! That looks like so much fun!!! Good for you! Sounds like you are doing great! I started out on a recumbent bike because of a foot injury, now I run a 5K, three times a week!!!! Talk about melting off the pounds! I used the couch to 5K program and it was great. I had never run before and it took me from running 1 minute at a time to running a 5K in 30 minutes over a period of 9 weeks! I highly suggest it! Keep up the great work! Keep making those goals and celebrating each achievement! It wont be long till you are crossing that finish line! WOO-HOO!

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