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  2. Today was my annual physical with my PCP. My sleeve was 9-20-12. Since then, I've lost 33 lbs. I went to the appointment, for once, with nothing weighing heavily on my mind like: "I am going to have to get on that stupid scale again." or "What's the point in blood work? It's all going to be crap anyway." then there's "We're going to have to consider putting you on some diabetic medication this time....". I sat there next to hubs and was playing a game of words with friends, chatting with him and rather relaxed. He, on the other hand, was anticipating the prostate exam! Muahahahahahha! When the doc walked in, I was on the exam table. I turned to greet him and he stopped and said, "Joisey, you look GREAT!" He and I talked previously of my having the sleeve done. He gave me his full support and wrote a letter to my surgeon to give his consent for me to have the surgery. I guess he forgot about it. He looked at my chart and looked at me and couldn't believe how much weight I've lost. I'm not sure who was prouder of me. Him or me? It was really great to get that support today. We talked about all of my co-morbidities. He's not concerned at all about my cholesterol. It'll continue to resolve itself with losing more weight. We did blood work to check all the levels. We'll find out next week how things look when the results come in. Diabetic medication wasn't even brought up. My blood pressure was 113/70. I have to stay on the Nexium because of the sleeve. I can go off my blood pressure medication immediately. I guess today's visit was an unexpected fabulous NSV. Have a GREAT weekend, all!
  3. Joisey01

    What Is Nsv?

    NSV = Non Scale Victory. Like my 19 yr old son coming for a visit and saying 'Mom, you look skinny'. That's a non-scale victory!
  4. Joisey01

    Hospital :(

    Hang in there, Gabby. Thinking of you!
  5. Joisey01

    Vegan Or Vegetarian?

    Here's an add-on to this.....I was sleeved on September 20th. That's all of 19 days. I'm on full liquids. I know my sleeve is ready for the pureed stage. Here's the kicker.... I'm scared to death to eat meat. I 'think' the fear is the POSSIBLE pain I will have after eating it. I have had not one complication from surgery. Not a lick of nausea. I have had no issues whatsoever eating after being sleeved. I'm not sure where this irrational fear of eating meat is coming from. Has anyone encountered this?
  6. Joisey01

    Vegan Or Vegetarian?

    I have an odd question.... Has anyone become vegan or vegetarian after the sleeve but was a carnivore pre-op? .....strange, I know.
  7. Joisey01

    Update With Photos

  8. Joisey01

    Heated Protein Drinks?

    If protein is heated above 130 degrees, it will clump.
  9. My 19 year old son hasn't seen me since I had surgery two weeks ago. He came by for a visit while I was working in the kitchen today and said, "You look skinny, Mom." I was like WOW! It even brought tears to my eyes.....It's the simple things.
  10. Joisey01

    Calcium Citrate...

    My doc says 1200 - 1800 mgs a day. Depending on the mgs per two or three times a day.
  11. Joisey01

    Free Coupons

    The coupons came attached to the containers when I purchased them.
  12. I have told my husband and grown boys. I told my supervisor only because he is having the sleeve done on October 23.
  13. Joisey01

    Im At My Sleep Study

    OTR, they told me NOT to take anything to sleep! Turns out I didn't need it anyway.
  14. Joisey01

    Im At My Sleep Study

    I was so tired the night I had my sleep study. They woke me at 5:15. I was ticked off because I was sleeping sooooooooooo good. I hope it goes well for you!
  15. Joisey01

    Free Coupons

    Send me a message with your info and I'll get them in the mail to you tomorrow!

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