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    Sandy !

    To my sleeve brothers and sisters on the east coast please be safe and best of luck... My kids and I will be riding out the storm on the south shore of Long Island ... My husband will be working keeping the residents of 1 st pct in Suffolk county safe .....
  2. jstachic


    My B/P has been very low since my 3 rd surgery (cleaning out a staph infection )that the Dr said no coffee or tea that includes decaf . It's s diuretic, so jst be carful and make sure you drink plenty of water..
  3. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. Im sorry I haven't posted hit a huge bump in the road. My sleeve is doing well, but I did have to go back into the hospital for 6 days . I went to the ER with pain in my incision sight and I had a slight fever. Turned into a Staff infection my highest temp was 103.0. I had to go back into the OR for another surgery to clean out the infection. Now I have an opened wound above my belly button.I have a nurse that comes to the house everyday to change the dressings packed into the wound , Its going to be about another 4 to 6 weeks of healing time. I am staying positive and I know I will get through this...oh and alo my B/P is on the low side the Dr's say im not drinking enough water....
  4. Switched over for. Pre- surgical . The firs and second day were the hardest . I did my swallow test yesterday so gross. And I was a bit nauseous . Oh and I had a reaction to some meds I turned bright red I looked like I was sunburned got lots of Benadryl . But for the most part I'm not in any pain oh my clavicle was killing me and I had what sounded lik rice Crispies under my skin ,was told it was trapped air . I was also able to get a cup of Water down I may get broth and Jello today yay me.
  5. jstachic

    3 Days Post Op

    Sorry about all the typo's still very tired
  6. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    ????blah couldn't sleep felt like crap had a bit of heart burn , nausea , so I don't ask for pain meds cecause for about 60 seconds I feel like I have to vomit and my mouth watered like crazy so I had to keep swallowing , but I had to take the meds I started to shake because I was so uncomfortable And it's not the surgery sight that hurst the worst I have a folly cath that comes out today and I get a swallow test to see if I can have some ice chips , water oh and talk about dry mouth ????
  7. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Ok im offically sleeved my pain scale is about a 7 due to a gas bubble but with meds its a 2 . And i havev wires everywhere . I wasnt able to get to the office for fills the office only has one person that does fills and he only works on Fridays and i was in pain if they put more than 6 cc' of fluids in it , i also started going to the gym and the port hurt wit some of the machines
  8. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Yes he did . I love that dysfunctional office Lol
  9. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    To be honest im not to thrilled with the recovery pain. It was relly bad when the band was removed . Ugh
  10. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Yes Dr Vohra is my surgen , im not that nervious im a revision i was banded in 1/08 and it was taken out 5/12
  11. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Getting sleeved at south nassau in less then 12 hours 7:45 am
  12. jstachic

    Any Nyc Sleevers?

    Getting sleeve 8/21 from Long Island
  13. jstachic

    Top Weight? Goal Weight?

    223Lbs = 101kg ,15 stones Liquid diet wink wink ... 212Lbs = 96kg , 15st Surgery 8/21 5'2"
  14. jstachic

    Tested Positive For H-Pylori.

    I am also + but will still be having my surgery as scheduled ... Sorry for set back
  15. jstachic

    I'm No Longer Banded!

    Hello everyone I jst found this page lastnight , so I have been reading a lot. I am no longer banded (hated it) and it didn't like me. My band was removed 5/10/12 and 4 weeks post op I devolved an incisional herna and hiatal hernia ..fun fun.. I'm into my second week of optifast and will be sleeved 8/21/12 .... 5'2 223lbs ... Down 5 from the opti ...