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  1. Brianh4772 I suffer from chronic idiopathic urticaria , meaning I get hives for no known reason, and suffer from allergies also, it is ok to take Diphenhydromind (Benadryl) will make you drowsy,
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    My sense of smell has gone bonkers.

    Yes even 3 year post op
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    I haven't either, but I'm guessing it's salivating uncontrollably
  4. yay I jst stepped on to the scale it says (190)184 so that makes 6 Lbs feels good to be back on track
  5. Hi all I tried to start a similar thread, but didn't get as much attentions, so thank you for this one, I was sleeved 08/2013 I was 224lbs and went down to 160, this last year I have regained 30lbs, some had asked how did that happen, I said easy I started binge eating and have recently been diagnosed with BED, and put on medication, I also didn't drink enough water, or protein, and no longer have a support group I moved from Long Island NY to Palm Coast FL, I have also noticed that my husband makes it difficult to stay on track, he was off the last Two nights one night he needed donuts at 930 pm and went it bought them home, my 15 y/o daughter also struggling with her weight, and I hid in our rooms to stay away from the Dunkin that was calling to us, the next night it was pizza, and I caved, But on a good note I have been really trying to be me again and have lost 3 lbs wish me luck,
  6. You are at one point you might regret it, you are going to ask your self what did I do to myself? But it is a normal thought and process, I'm sure a lot of people on here have said it to themselves at least once, I know I did. And support is the key! I'm so sorry that your husband is not emotionally supportive right now, it may stem from fear. And you have all of us now
  7. Moved from Long Island NY to Palm Coast FL almost year and a half ago still looking for a support group, in the area, suggestions anyone???
  8. I read that Lowell General was one of the top 10 bariatric hospitals in the U.S.
  9. Cherri 2082 what do you mean you quit? Taking your medication? Did the DR suggest that you should ? In my experience you should not stop taking a prescribed medication when it works for you and the Mg isn't that high
  10. I was diagnoced after my sleeve. I'm 3 years post op diagnoced with BED a month ago, I also have bipolar depression . I don't think it will make you ineligible ,we all got here from bad eating disorders your trying to help yourself , and I'm sure your bariatric Dr understands that, try to think positive , who is your Dr ?
  11. Yes I am up early in the morning my son has to be at his bus stop by 640 so we are up a bit after 6am, I forgot to take it tismorning , I was worried about witdrawls if any? but I do know that a majority of ADHD sufferers will not take there meds on weekends as my nephew did the same
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    people not educating themselves

    I don't remember my NUT going over any type of meal plan, she would dispense opti fast, sample vitamins , and would show a fake piece of chicken breast with fake veggies, on a smaller size plate, protein first then veggies, that's about what I learned, anything else was from support group and obviously that still wasn't enough knowledge, I also live in a new state haven't found a support group that holds meeting, I have this sight
  13. Night 3 didn't get much sleep again, but I can't tell if it is from the medication, I never was a good sleeper, and 3 nights with out a binge, yay me
  14. I am taking the Vyvanse for BED. Binge eating disorder, I was sleeved 3 years ago gained 30lbs back , I am sooooo ok with it making me hate food.
  15. I am so sorry for what you are going through, stay strong and best wishes
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    I also read up on it . it is said to have the same effects as adipex and phentermine .speed in a bottle. I used Adipex when I had my lapband and yes it did work but I could feel my heart through my chest, i had alot of energy causing me to talk to fast, not to mention sweat and thurst couldnt sleep and developed Restless leg syndrom
  17. When I reached 160 lbs everyone noticed, this was not my goal weight because I didnt have one jst wanted to feel healthy. My husband is also tall so he is able to put on a few pounds and I look at him the same way I always have. well I have gained back 30 Lbs ,have I noticed yes, my husband does the food shopping and makes it very diffacult for me to not indulge. He also has a habbit of telling me I have to eat when Im not hungry. He really truly did support my dission to have sugery but I think he forgets. He said he hadent noticed i gaind any weight back when I told him and fired him from food shopping. Maybe you should do the same a fire her from the food shopping . I did also feel that my husband didnt mind me gaing weight so he didnt feel threatend by others, but thst just my insecurities . good luck to you
  18. Hello all, I would like to reintroduce myself, I have been a member of this group since my lap-band to sleeve revision August of 2013. I am by far the worst sleever ever. CAN'T STOP EATING !!!! It hurts mentally and physically. I was 224 Lbs, when sleeved I lost 60 Lbs and I felt so good about it, but no that's a lie I smiled politely at people when they complimented me but I didn't see it This past year has been a big change for me, my family moved from Long Island N.Y to Palm Coast F.L , no support group, no more Dr. I had to have my ligaments and tendons replaced in my elbow and my surgeon advised me that I can no longer remain in my profession, Emergency Medical Technician Critical Care, due to nerve damage I tend to drop things ....never a good thing when you drop a patient LOL. Any other EMS or Nurses out there can appreciate what I mean. I no longer work. I am a mother of 3, oldest daughter 19, middle daughter 15 who has picked up my bad eating habits, and a 12 year old son (Boy Scout), so I am moderately active. When my body lets me. I have regained half my weight back, 30 Lbs. It mentally and physically hurts, my general Dr and myself have diagnosed me with BED Binge Eating Disorder. Can't stop eating. I can eat 2 1/2 slices of pizza, a whole Maruchan instant lunch(cup of noodle soup), popcorn, chips. I'm sure some of you have picked up on the problem, yes how much is a problem but also WHAT. I also do not drink enough Water,what's Protein, Vitamins? worst sleever ever. Because of the weight I have put back on, my body is very angry and lets me know it is not happy, planters fasciitis, bursitis in hips, and I found myself becoming winded. Can I recover from this? I really hope so, my general Dr has prescribed me vyvanse FDA approved for BED.Oh, I also forgot to mention I was on medication that warnings read increased hunger and weight gain. no good stay away no longer taking those. Im not sure how many people can relate to my problem.or even if you would admit that your having such a problem,because it really sucks. Today is a new day I will not binge. I am also going for a swallow test and found a Bariatric Dr in St Augustine.
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    No control at all LoL , I do very much agree that I should take over the food shopping, my least favorite thing to do, so your suggesting a his and hers sides with the food? I'm going to make a spot in the pantry mommy can mommy can't.
  20. VSGAnn2014 well it was super easy, It started with oh its ok to splurge sometimes , to binge eating ,I crave anything salty, still do but I'm thinking something medical is going on also . I want to the hospital with abdominal pain vomiting(felt like my stomach and insides was tearing apart), Dr though maybe gaulbladder but he said the sonogram was clear,after the pain had subsided with no reason for pain I was sent home.he was nice enough to ask me if I wanted pepcid. as I mentioned in a thread I posted yesterday CANT STOP EATING, I am literally able to eat anything and a lot more then just a few Oz, burgers fries ,pizza, Pasta, bread, candy,chips,pop corn all bad, but I do still eat cottage cheese veggies fruit yougurt Im very happy eating that stuff. Im actually going to the shoppe now to buy Protein, or atkins drinks my oldest daughter like those and she was able to lose weight,there just so expensive Is nature valley granola bars ok for a snack?
  21. this has happen to me also after 2 years ,I was never able to get below 160Lbs , but even worse I regained 30 lbs this past year. so please do be careful about what you eat, yes I know easier said then done trust me I know. as long as you feel good , and I mean healthy and your body is happy , you should be happy,
  22. best of luck to you,speedy recovery
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    yaborhoo I have attempted the 5 day pouch test and lost 3 lbs that was 10 lbs ago:(,Im not having any ill side affects from the medication I started today, the other medications that has weight gain warnings I cam off of 4 months ago,and the new medication for BED is the only one on the market as of now,I have also tried kundalini yoga, Miss Mac I haven't meet the bariatric Dr yet,More like the game Frogger ,me being the alligator trying to eat the frog,I only meet with a nut once or twice so I am so lacking in that department any advice would help, FrankiesGirl that is a great question my beloved husband does the food shopping I have been fired because I try to get more fresh fruit and veggies he dosn't like it retired cop needs his donuts,and he is constantly telling me I have to eat something I cant not eat.he also gained some weight ,Freshman 15 ha more like FL 30.but he has a 6'3"height advantage. BLERDgirl ED oh had to think about that for a moment ( I dont have those parts) eating disorder yes that I do have,I figured I would try here first.but that does sound like a good idea, thank you all so much
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    4 Wks Post Op Miserable

    Hi all I hope everyone is well ? Me well I'm doing ok I have had complications from day one of my first surgery May 15 lap band removal. and still do and I'm 3 months post op from sleeve Lux I am also an ALS provider so this may sound silly but I was also fighting nausea and it was the vitamins go figure, unfortunately I have been out of work for 7 months , And my Dr will not let me return to work because of complications. Despite every bad hurdle that I have tripped over , I wouldn't change a thing. It does get better and I'm proof of that. I would also like to add 45 lbs lost yay me !!!!