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    I can understand, and good luck with everything
  2. I'm in the same boat as sugarcali had my RNY last Monday, and nothing I did call my Dr's office said not to be concerned yet but I can take stool softener pill or marilax , I did pill this morning passed gas but that's it
  3. jstachic

    Feeling Down

    That's was a very considerate and well written response
  4. jstachic


    I was the same way for this surgery, 3/21/16 although I did have 3 other bariatric surgeries, and didn't want this one I had to, so go in knowing that you have chosen what is considered the gold standard for for bariatrics, yes I'm sure it's your nerves making you feel blah' and great job on the pre op weight loss
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    Congratulations to you
  6. jstachic

    6 days post-op and hungry

    Had surgery Monday , yesterday and today are the first days I thought I might be hungry ,then I remember I forgot to take my Pepcid ,I really need to make myself a scheduled well really a reminder, I'm so bad at taking medication/ vitamins
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    Be careful crackers can be a sneaky slider food
  8. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    I had some yogurt tonight so far good. But I'm still very tender
  9. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it can lead to dehydration
  10. My Dr has s list and Advil gel cap is ok but not tablet or capsule
  11. This is going to sound strange but it worked so I will share, I have a very high bed I would bend over feet on the floor chest on bed pillow under face I would rest my stomach on the edge of mattress
  12. I think we do Chang, we become more confident, we feel more achievement, and we may even have new goals in life, we might even become brave stick up for ourselves and say something we never would have
  13. jstachic

    3 days out not hungry

    I'm also 3 days post op and have no cravings for food, I think I'm sipping to much I feel full all day long, I'm sure it the swelling and I'm fine with that
  14. jstachic


    I tried the slim fast high protein yuck
  15. Reallyrosy, So far complication free, only normal aches and panes, not hungry at all, no cravings, my Dr allows puréed first day home, but I'm to nervous to start that yet - going to try slim fast high protein today,
  16. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    I can't get the 100 ounces recommended by my Dr , I'm not feeling dehydrated , so it's a good thing
  17. jstachic

    8 days post op

    sometimes some people go through the runs after surgery , and also we consume a lot of liquid,no hard foods, unfortunately you will know if it is dumping syndrome, you will feel week, dizzy your heart rate will increase sweating and some cramping and it last about half hour
  18. jstachic

    Trouble Breathing

    Had my by pass 3/21, I felt great yesterday, was able to do some cleaning, today not so good,my lungs hurt, but I do know this can happen from lying down to long,even those I have been using the air life breathing thingy, and my menstrual cycle started, at least my swelling is going down,
  19. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    Ohhhhh yes, the gases in my body from surgery are finally moving along, abdomen feels so much better
  20. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    I'm home now.
  21. Everything went well with me, dr said my sleeve was all twisted, he kept a piece in and did The Roux en Y, the worst of the pain is in recovery,
  22. Had my surgery 1pm Monday March 21st As of now I'm doing very well some discomfort but not pain, but still very disorienting, getting water down , I really hope everyone is doing as well
  23. Had my surgery 1pm Monday March 21st As of now I'm doing very well some discomfort but not pain, but still very disorienting, getting water down , I really hope everyone is doing as well
  24. My surgeons office gave me a book, sometimes it help to re read and start from the beginning, also go to a support group.