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  1. Teddy bear

    Stomach Pain....

    I also get that feeling..it's like my stomach is burping ..... I asked my doctor, he told me that's a sign to stop eating.. if you want to keep ur stomach from stretching as longer as possible
  2. When I got to the point when I couldn't put on socks..... had someone do that for me .... took me an hour to try to cut my toe nails, after struggling, huffing & puffing, couldn't play with my two girls or take them out for a walk..... standing up for more then 2 minutes was a pain... and one month before my surgery when I had an almost stroke, couldn't breath right and my feet were so swollen they looked like something out of a horror movie....
  3. Teddy bear

    What I Ate On Vacation (Sleeved July 2Nd)

    I know what ur going through.....besides you, I still have problems with protein... meat, chicken and fish... can't eat more than 2 or 3 bites, then I feel very nauseated and want to throw up. Tried eating spaghetti but threw it up after a while, I think because it's not easy to chew, it just slides down ur throat.... but I can eat toast, omelets, and almost everything else.
  4. Teddy bear

    Always Hungry

    I'm almost 2 months prior to VS, lost almost 40 lb, and these days I noticed also that I am constantly hungry.... It's very frustrating.....I'd just eaten and feel full.... half an hour later I'm hungry again.... I ignore it most of the times, or just drink lots of water, today when I couldn't control it anymore I tried eating half an apple, then a small carrot..... don't wanna binge on calories, but the hunger remains... I don't know if it's in my head or my body just needs food????
  5. Teddy bear

    Is It Ok To Eat Doritos After Being Sleeved ?

    How about diet coke.... I'm dying to try some.... any luck with that with anybody ???
  6. Teddy bear

    What I Ate On Vacation (Sleeved July 2Nd)

    Well....I've been researching a lot, and what I came up with is that, what u can & can't eat depends on a number of factors, first, ur operation whether it was surgery or by lapriscope. Then the size of the removed portion of your stomach, that differs from one person to another, and ur surgeon decides that..... and last, ur body tolerance.... I'm in my 7th week prior, and could eat what most sleevers couldn't... At first I was upset and thought there was something wrong with my surgery, but then I learned that not all sleevers turn out the same way

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