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  1. Hello everyone! Congrats to us all for changing our lives. I was sleeved on July 3rd and on surgery day I weighted 246lbs I now weight 160lbs. I can maybe eat 4 oz. a day but I also workout 3-4 times a week. I'm trying to get more food in but can't seem to do it. I get full really fast. I'm eating slow but still get full fast. I eat my protein first always then some fruit, but always just bites. I hope everything is ok with me, I feel awesome too and look great. Plus, my husband is enjoying the new energy I have. Life's great!
  2. Sexymary


    Go for it! Have fun in your fitness. I use to play b-ball for high school and college. Let me tell you, I was very fit playing that sport. So, I say "Go for It!
  3. Sexymary

    Who Are You?

    Ok, I haven't been on here for a while. Last time I stated anything I was losing weight at a normal pace. Well I was sleeved on July 3, 2012 and at that time I weighted 246lbs and now my current weight is 169lbs. I'm loving the new me, this was the best thing I could do for myself. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Remember Protein first.
  4. I'm in need of these sizes. Please let me know how do I get them and see what u have. Thanks!
  5. Can u eat sugar free cereal with fat free milk
  6. Sexymary

    No Crust Pineapple Cheesecake

    It all sounds so good thanks do much guys.
  7. Sexymary

    Nauseous? Try Peppermint!

    I experience nausea every other day. This is good to know. peppermint! Wow! I will get some later today to help with that. I usually just don't eat anything else because I feel so sick.
  8. Sexymary

    Question About Water

    I didn't know that. That's good to know. I'm 8 wks post op. I'm loving my new life and body
  9. Sexymary

    R U In Pain 19Days Post Op?

    No, I was only in pain for two weeks then it went away.
  10. Sexymary

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Is there anyone here in cali
  11. Sexymary

    Lets Workout! Alexandria, Va

    Simply.torri, I miss home too! I use to live in Arlington, Va, But now I live in Cali and its hard to find workout partners. I work out with my 14 year old daughter. She's my motivation. Hang on there. You'll find someone. Good luck!
  12. Sexymary

    Working Out!

    Anybody here in Stockton, CA
  13. Sexymary

    How's This For 'fried' Food?

    Thank you everyone for your input. I think I'm going to go back to liquids for a while.
  14. Sexymary

    Spicy Food!

    Thanks! Gastricsleeve4me! I went back to liquids this morning. The day of the surgery I weighted 246lbs. One month and 4 days after being sleeved I now weight 199lbs. I feel I'm loosing weight too fast. So, I guess I'm kinda scared due to throwing up so much. Not really getting food in. Well, liquids are staying in, so I'm good for now.
  15. Sexymary

    Spicy Food!

    Gastricsleeve4me, are you eating whatever! I mean are you able to eat something and swallow it without throwing up later. I can't eat anything but an egg.

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