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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Elsa Munoz

    Hey Ohio

    hey stop by to see how you doing prying that you feeling better just checking
  2. Elsa Munoz

    12 Weeks Post Op W/ Pic

    happy b-day question I'm 4 months out and I only loss so far 70 lbs what is you routing and you daily eating thanks to see it works on my . I understand that everyone is different but yo did it in 12 weeks that is great congratulation good luck.
  3. Elsa Munoz

    Hey Ohio

    hey Istacey I'm from Youngstown Ohio I have surgery on June 11,2012 hope pray for you fast recovery .. I'm sorry to hear what happen to you keep you in my pray God bless
  4. Elsa Munoz

    Hispanic/latino Sleevers?

    hi saludos Puertorriquena living in OHIO I'm 4 months post doing very well loss so far 53 lbs no exercise but walking 2 miles per day. wow you guys talking about food is so hard still for me to eat rices alcapurrias pateles anything like that i get full fast i tryed to incorporated something different every week don't work . most of the time get very sick if i eat something fried or grease. so if you guys eat stay away from those. i can eat hot spices but one day yes and skip two day because i get heartburn. drinking me protein 64 gram per day, still lossing hair a little not much thanks God. any question ask I'm so happy to find this forum Dios las bendiga
  5. Elsa Munoz


    that was good that you Dr. gave some med for prevention is too late now for me is done feeling much better as a today lost 2lbs so far hope i can eat more in the next day.
  6. Elsa Munoz


    as today I'm 2 months post surgery vsg .on monday my doctor did a emergengy surgery took my gallbladder out is four day today I'm in pain this surgery was worse that the vsg. hope i dont have any more complication. I feel kind of deppress upset do to I can do nothing at all. no used to be in bed for so long. I will like to find out is there are any one how have the surgery like me and how quick is the recovery thanks
  7. Elsa Munoz

    Any Ohio Sleevers?

    oh sorry i was thinking that you still was waiting. sorry .. I'm good tring to follow everything that the DR. told me wht about you wht you eating now after 7 week that you are.
  8. that is how it feel sharp pain it go away for few hour and have it again .. I think the reason is more money for them is they wait until the patient start complaining to take it out jajajaja that is my opinion
  9. Elsa Munoz

    Any Ohio Sleevers?

    hi anxiousone I'm doing so far go loss 24 lbs down I went to DR. 6 week chech up everything i good but he send me to do a ultrasound sharp pain in my side but hopefully is nothing serious wht about you . I have medical mutual to and I did the same prosses it took me almost a year until i have the surgery . good luck praying for you surgery
  10. hi im just 6 week after surgery and i having the same pain i went to the DR. today for my 6 week follow he send me to do ultrasound some hopefully i dont go for surgery hope you feel better
  11. Elsa Munoz

    Blood Sugar To Low

    thank you cheri for you conser and advaced . I went to the doctor everything is fine it just me pancreas is figuring wht going in my new stomach I take it before going to bed I also eat some carbs before i go bed to make sure it dont drop but thank BE Bless
  12. i just lost 18 lbs so far my month anniversary is july 11 i feel good i walked 2 o 3 miles went i dont are busy with the kids.was having issues with sugar too low but i went to check today with DR. everything have to feel in place in my body i guess I do not have any complain I do a lot of meditation so it help me in the mental emotional part but happy I take it one day at the time ..Be bless good luck put all you energy on you and you see you will do fine
  13. hi kiki green dont worry I think you doing great in you weight loss so far i have my surgery on june 11, 2012 an i only los 18 pound so far is fine with me because last year it took me 6 months to loss 20 lbs so im happy with my loss tryed to read i find out a lot reading from my friend in here good luck
  14. i have the surgery june 11, 2012

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