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  1. jh5497

    Is It Just Me?

    If I started the process again, I would take the first date offered because when that date went by, all I thought was "Huh, wouldn't it be nice to be getting sleeved today, instead, I'm waiting another month". I'm very inpatient though. I waited because although I was physically and mentally ready, the emotional preparedness to give up my food addiction and giving my family time to adjust to the fact I'm having surgery in Mexico was more important.
  2. jh5497

    Stop Loosing....need Help!

    55lbs in 4 months is TERRIFIC. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Your brain must be behind in catching onto that!!!!! Remember your body has to catch up to the fast weight loss. If you feel you are honestly doing everything right (exercising, eating the things, using your sleeve, tracking your food, getting in your water), then just keep doing it! Consistency despite slowed or stalled weight loss is key! Don't beat yourself up over it. Don't obsess over the number on the scale. Trust your sleeve to do what is meant to. Take measurements, your body might be reconfiguring itself and while your weight isn't dropping, it's redistributing or the gym is creating some new muscle. There are a lot of things that could be going on. It would probably be helpful to have more information to maybe pinpoint some new options to try!
  3. jh5497

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Happy to have found this thread! I'm having VSG on August 9 with Dr. Garcia.
  4. jh5497

    Protein Bars

    Health Smart Caramel Nut Protein bars are AMAZING! It's like a snickers. 150 cals, 12g carbs, 13g protein. I order them online from nashua nutrition.
  5. jh5497

    August 10, 2012

    Hey, I will be having surgery August 9 with Dr. Garcia, the day before you! Look forward to seeing you there!
  6. jh5497

    Started My Liquids

    These feelings are completely normal. You are taking a risk and with that comes some anxiety. When you have a thought that says "What if I don't wake up?" find a positive, balanced counter thought such as "This surgery has a 99% success rate and it is most likely I will wake up". We all have negative thoughts and worries, but it's important to hear if that thought it the truth or the only possibility. I constantly think "I'm crazy to go to Mexico to have surgery and am going to be judged by others" but I remind myself that "I made a well researched and informed decision for myself and for my life, not for anyone else". Anyway, fear is an automatic response to risk and the unknown -- it's good you have it, it's what keeps you safe, like a smoke alarm, but it's just going having a false alarm right now!
  7. jh5497


    Amazing!!!!! You should be so proud of your progress -- it's awesome!!!
  8. jh5497

    Aug 3Rd For Me!

    I look forward to hearing about your experience. I have surgery with Dr. Garcia only a few days after you! Good Luck!!
  9. jh5497


    I am going alone on August 9 to Tijuana for surgery with Dr. Garcia. I'm not worried but I have travelled around the world alone before (Africa). For me, this is a personal journey and I also thought who ever I brought would be really bored. Dr. Garcia has what appears to be great staff, so I'm not too worried, but August 7 before I get on the plane, I will probably be an anxious wreck -- I'm taking that as a sign I'm normal. Who would be entirely worry free?? No one!
  10. I think they have summer specials because it slows down in summer. As a clinician, summer time is really slow for me. People are busy with travel plans/vacations, kids being out of school and TJ is HOT in summer (I'm assuming!).
  11. jh5497

    Dr Garcia...great Experience!

    I will be sleeved with Dr Garcia on August 9 and I love hearing about wonderful experiences on top of the ones I have previously found. Only a few weeks from now I will write about my experience too!!
  12. jh5497

    What To Do On Vaca?

    Are you staying on the strip, because there is Walgreen's on both ends of the strip that would would be able to get a few items at (most likely), the ABC Stores are everywhere too and carry some healthy refridgerated stuff (yogurt, cheese, fruit). Depending on where you are staying it might be walking distance. If you are using your sleeve as you are supposed to, there is no reason to doubt yourself and bring your scale to "check". Plus, if you did gain because of bloating or something, it could preoccupy your thoughts and take away from the fun of your vacation. Let your sleeve give you some freedom and confidence with your food and the number on the scale!! Especially if you are flying, I once gained and lost 14lbs overnight because bodies and flying and altitude can mess a person up!!
  13. jh5497

    Camping After Surgery

    Why would you not be able to go camping? This is a new life with a sleeve -- you should still do the same things you have always done. Those things may need careful planning and preparation but I can't see any reason why you couldn't go camping. As far as having a good time, being with friends and family should be a good time as long as everyone has the right attitude : including YOU! Do you think you will be too worried going camping? Do you think you will be too pre-occupied thinking about your life changes? I would encourage you to go and be around loved ones during such a big life change regardless of where it is!!
  14. jh5497

    Feeling A Little Down.

    In 6 weeks-ish, you have lost 30lbs. Your body needs a chance to catch up, reconfigure itself and let your brain catch up to all the radical changes too. Stalls are inevitable for everyone, especially when the sleeve gives such rapid weight loss at first! Don't beat yourself and don't throw away your hard work by constant eating. You are doing AMAZING!!!!! I only hope to be where you are 6 weeks after my surgery!
  15. jh5497

    Dating With My Sleeve ;)

    I'm not planning to off the bad. I doubt a guy would notice how much I ate, and even if he did notice, I think it's unlikely he would ask about, and on the off chance he did, you could say that you feel full, that the meal wasn't as great as you expected, or you could just push the food around and make it look like you ate a lot more.
  16. I tried a diet similiar to the pre op diet, and I found that licking a bit of salt helped a lot when I got headaches! Sounds strange but it worked for me (and the people on that diet board!)
  17. I'm having surgery the 9th with Dr. Garcia! I just received my pre op diet instructions yesterday so I'm sure you will receive yours too. The point of pre op is to shrink the liver so the procedure is easier to perform. My goal weight is 140-150 too, but I"m about 4 inches shorter than you and I think my goal is realistic as long as I have the sleeve to use as a tool!
  18. jh5497

    Just Curious!

    I am having surgery with Dr. Garcia on August 9. I went through alighter me and has a terrific experience. I will also be going myself and think that I will be fine. They send pre-op information after you have booked and paid your deposit. I know that same excited feeling -- the anticipation is what's keeping me focused on the journey!
  19. I'll be having surgery with Dr. Garcia on August 9!