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  1. jh5497

    Haven't Even Started Exercise Yet

    We were sleeved on the same day and I haven't started doing anything other than walking yet. I'm going to start strength training in the next week because I feel great and my outsides are perfectly healed. Take your time and don't rush yourself if you aren't feeling up to it. Listen to your body and your doctor!
  2. jh5497

    Getting Very Frustrated

    I found hot beverages like herbal tea helped my appetite when I wanted to eat!
  3. jh5497

    11 Days Is That Enough Time?

    I took 2 weeks leave and I sit in an office all day. I'm also a tough, refuse to give into pain, recover quick kinda person. I definitely could have gone back earlier because I was bored, however it was nice to get to have naps and focus on sipping my liquids! Taking leave vs. vacation is your personal choice. I have a supportive workplace, and I also figured when I was on a liquid diet they would figure something was up! However, I have now used all my sick leave, so if something happens I have to use my vacation days.
  4. jh5497

    Tijuana Doctors - Input?

    I felt totally fine the entire way. I left TJ around 8 and didn't get into Regina until 11, so it was a full day of flying and airports. I felt fine from Day 2 post op though, so I might not be the best judge either. The only day I felt poor was the day of surgery. I had some nasuea and was very drowsy. After that first day, I did a lot of walking and felt really good. I also only had 2 incisions which could have played a part too. I flew with Westjet and whenever I needed help with my bag, they were there! I also made sure to get tea and broth and Water and lots of liquids in!
  5. My surgeon sent me home with pills -- pain pills and anti-biotics. I have read on forums that there is a risk of ulcers with certain kinds of pills. If you can wait, call you doctor/hospital and ask, otherwise, I would use the search bar and type in the medication name (aleve, tylenol, midol, etc) you want to take to see if other people have posted a thread about it!
  6. I had surgery with Dr. Garcia and it was a great experience! Everything on the websites I looked at was represented exactly how it was, and all the reviews I read on this site and through google were accurate! If you use the search bar at the top right, you can find a lot of info and reviews of Dr. Garcia. I booked my surgery through alighterme and they were absolutely FANTASTIC! The only complaint I had was that their pre-op diet info wasn't super detailed so I had quite a few questions, but whenever I asked, I always got quick responses!
  7. jh5497

    Mobile Phones In Mx

    There's free WiFi at the hotel and hospital with Dr. Garcia. I used facebook to chat. I used my cell to text my family too, but I haven't got the bill yet! Dr. Garcia called my family when I got out of surgery, otherwise, I didn't actually phone and talk to anyone.
  8. jh5497


    No, a low BMI doesn't mean you shouldn't do this. I went in have a BMI on the lower end of the spectrum after losing 50lbs on my own and when it came time to: do my post op diet, fly to Mexico, get in and out of the hospital bed, shower with a drain in, walk the gas off and recover, I was THRILLED to be a lower BMI. I think for me, my recovery was easier because I was smaller. If you want this -- do it!
  9. Between my ribs, my collar bone and my pelvis -- I'm starting feel like a skeleton! Haha! It is AWESOME!!!!
  10. Feeling full for me feels the same as feeling full before surgery. When I have one bite too many it's super painful (but I'm a pain wuss).
  11. jh5497

    Itchy Incisions

    I've been using tea tree oil on mine since I stopped putting polysporin and bandages on them and haven't had any itching. Remember though, itching means healing!
  12. jh5497

    So Gosh Darn.. Emotional!

    I'm super emotional too. I think it's normal. I cried the other day because when my sister got married 12 years ago, I was too young to get into the bar and attend her bachelorette party. I have been embracing my emotions as they come for the most part. As far as your in-laws go, just shrug it off. You did your part and informed them of your lifestyle change. You made them lunch when your husband could have taken on the responsibility of entertaining guests. Your in laws are stuck with you regardless of their opinion -- You married their son, he loves you and their opinion is their own issue -- don't take it on and make it yours to stress about. Ask yourself if this will matter in 6 months? I sure hope it doesn't!!
  13. I used Dr Garcia at Mi Hospital through "alighterme" and had a great experience. If you search Dr Garcia in the search bar, you will find a ton of fantastic reviews about him from real people!
  14. jh5497

    How To Keep Things From Bouncing While Working Out?

    I bought a fantastic sports bra from Scheels in North Dakota (brand has worn off), it's like a double bra with regular type bra inside and a sports bra on the outside. It's great!!
  15. jh5497

    May Be Going Alone

    I went to TJ alone and was fine!! I didn't have problems with my sleeve or recovery though. I found for the most I was bored being alone. I found another patient going at the same time so I did spend time with her and her husband which helped too.
  16. jh5497

    3 Week Post Op Diet

    I have been flavouring with sauces -- pureed chicken with: honey garlic sauce, greek dressing, buffalo ranch. Just watch the nutrition info and portions you use!
  17. jh5497

    Gone To Mexico Alone?

    I went alone. Other than the boredom, I really had no problems being by myself. I met another sleever on these boards and usually had my meals at the hotel with her and her husband. I think if I would have had complications or more pain or wasn't as healthy and as mobile as I was, it would have been harder. I used alighterme and the coordinator I had on site was terrific and the Marriott hotel that they use knows exactly how to help out their bariatric patients!
  18. jh5497

    How Many Times A Day

    I don't get hungry and generally have no appetite, so I eat breakfast first thing when I wake up, snack around 10, lunch at noon, snack at 3, supper at 6, and snack at 9 -- BUT I just finished my liquids phase, so depending on how solid foods go I might cut out my morning snack, but I very much eat on a schedule!
  19. jh5497

    Support Vs. Going It Alone

    When I was 19, I had stats similiar to yours and I wish I would have done. I went to Mexico alone and had surgery. I didn't tell my mom, who still doesn't know, but the rest of my family knew and were supportive. If this is what you want -- DO IT! This is your body, your choice! Neither of your parents have had your journey, walked in your shoes or dealt with your thoughts about your body image. I hope that when you are healthier and happier, they come around, but absolutely do NOT live your life to make someone else happy!
  20. jh5497

    Tijuana Doctors - Input?

    I wrote about my experience with Dr. Garcia a few weeks ago, and it was absolutely terrific! He was able to do my surgery with only 2 incisions. My coordinators were terrific (alighterme) and Samuel the driver, picked me up right away from the airport! Everything ran smoothly, they took great care of me and everything I needed! I should also mention, that I went from Canada to TJ alone, and I felt totally safe and comfortable!!
  21. jh5497

    Protien Suggestions

    I used Premier Protein from Costco which have 30g Protein in one shake and EAS Carb Controlin Vanilla and Strawberry from Target/WalMart.
  22. I used Dr. Garcia and had a great experience with him. When I was asking him about how they take care of complications he said he hadn't has a leak in 3 years. I'm not even 2 weeks out yet, but I'm doing well with my sleeve, no pain since day 3 and my incisions look great.
  23. jh5497

    Bougie Size And Hunger

    Dr Garcia used a 32 French on me. I have no idea how he decided. I have no physical hunger at all. None. If I feel a hunger like sensation, I take an antacid and it's gone within minutes.
  24. jh5497

    Chest Pains!

    Yup, that desribes me pretty well. I was sleeved one week ago and it's gotten a lot better. I have trouble tolerating plain water and cold drinks so I've used a lot of crystal light and Mio and G2 Gatorade. It's kind of a learning curve to figuring out your new stomach, try small sips and if it hurts, breath through it and try something else! Today I was able to drink plain water without pain, it does get better!!
  25. jh5497

    Anyone Bought Any Bariatric Meals? How Are They?

    I buy lots of Protidiet foods from "nashua nutrition dot com". The vanilla pudding is sooo good. I had the beef vegetable soup last night and it was good too. The blueberry pancakes are totally just like blueberry pancakes. At the same web site they have Health Smart foods and the cheesecake pudding is good, the best thing they have is Caramel Nut bars because they taste just like a snickers! Yummy! I also bought Hot Cocoa, lots of flavours of drinks, oatmeal, chili, soy nuts, soy puffs. It's all been pretty good.