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    Dr Call Me ( Garcia)

    He is a phenomenal surgeon! You will get treated just as great when you are in Tijuana by all the staff!
  2. jh5497

    August Sleeves?!

    I was sleeved Aug 9 and at one month had only lost 12lb so I quit weighing too. My sanity is partially in tact but it does suck to be a "slow loser"!
  3. jh5497

    Too Much Protein?!

    I was at a sleeve support group and they said too much protein will be stored as fat if your body doesn't need it for energy. Also too much protein without enough water can be bad and lead to things like constipation.
  4. jh5497

    Vomiting Mucus

    I get nausea if I eat something too sweet or sugary like a peanut butter cup. If I eat too much or too fast, I get the same thing with the mucus.
  5. Whenever I have something that feels like hunger I eat a TUMS and it works almost immediately to take the feeling away.
  6. Sometimes when you read posts, it does seem like everyone is doing so great. I know for me, I thought I was doing great in week 1, then week 2 it got even better, and now by week 6, I look back to week 1 and can't believe I thought I was doing good! Our mind is a powerful thing that way -- just thinking we're doing good makes us feel that way! As long as you are staying hydrated right now -- that should be the goal and you sound like you are putting in every to do that -- so be proud of yourself!
  7. I hate to tell your mother this is all because of surgery, but she's probably not right -- it's most likely his teenage brain. Parts of the teenage brain don't develop as fast as his body and that parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional regulation and understanding consequences are the last to develop. You could talk to your son about your upcoming surgery and reassure him if you think he's acting out because he's scared, but I think as long as you and your husband are sticking together and being consistent with the rules and him following what you say, you guys will be fine. It's normal for kids to push limits, as long as parents are there to set and enforce boundaries, he'll be fine and you guys should only get a few gray hairs!
  8. jh5497

    Weight Gain Right After Surgery

    Yes, I weighed 218 on surgery day and it took 5 days for me to get back to that after surgery. I didn't do anything but walk, drink and wait! You just had surgery, so give it time!
  9. jh5497

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    I notice how much others eat now too (knowing I used to eat more)... I wouldn't say I judge them for it but boy am I shocked by the volumes of food!
  10. jh5497

    Disney After Vsg

    I'm about 39 days post op and I honestly feel no different than before surgery other than not being able to finish an entire plate of food. My sleeve has tolerated food well so hopefully yours will too and you won't have any trouble eating at Disney. It will suck having to pay for meals, but if you get something that'll keep refridgerated, you can get multiple meals of it and maybe save some money that way. I went to a restaurant and ordered lasagne. I ate what I could (about 1/2cup) and took the rest home. It would have last 6 meals for sure, but I got sick of it and threw it out first. Sorry I'm not more help about the actual Disney part!
  11. jh5497

    Money In Mexico....

    I took US cash and some pesos. I didn't need nearly as much as I took. I bought one bottle of water pre-op and then just for tipping post-op. All my broth/popsicles etc. were included and billed to the company I booked through. I spent $60US total.
  12. jh5497


    Depression is a mental illness. Mental illnesses can not be caused by surgery. HOWEVER, if she was using food to cope with her emotions, she will have lost her coping mechanism with the surgery and could be struggling because of that. VSG is a huge life change and with all changes comes a certain amount grief. Often a relationship with food is a big priority and this surgery forever changes a person's relationship with food. If feeling down persists, I would contact my prescribing doctor/psychiatrist, explain that since post op I don't feel my medication is as effective as pre-op, OR talk to a counselor. Amazon has some great books on this as well.
  13. jh5497

    Got Denied By Ins...need Loan Advise..

    I had to self pay so Mexico became a great alternative! There is an entire board dedicated to Self Pay/Mexico Sleevers
  14. jh5497

    Dr Garcia Week 2 Postop Diet

    That confused me as well, and even now in my 5th week, I still don't know. My sleeve is tough and has been ok with everything I've given it. I used what Dr G. gave me in the hospital because it allowed for more! Haha!! It is taken directly from the Cornell Weight Loss Surgery Program if you google it. Honestly, use your best judgement and I think you'll be fine.
  15. Transfer addiction is definitely real. There is an entire board on the site dedicated to this issue. As a clinician, I know with patients we can't expect them to stop using a coping mechanism such as eating, without replacing it with something else. It's important that if you have a relationship with food that is emotional and there is attachment to the current behaviors that have caused you to overeat/pick foods that lack nutritional value, you can develop new, healthy coping mechanisms since turning to food to feel better won't be an option post surgery.
  16. jh5497

    All The Single Ladies...

    I am so much more confident, and I'm only one month post op. I went to the bar last weekend and felt so different from a year ago when I was there weighing 270+lbs. I had more guys trying to dance with me, I had less trouble squeezing in busy lines and I didn't sweat nearly as much when I was dancing. I haven't started dating yet though! I'm just not at the point where I want to.
  17. jh5497


    I'm one month out and tried a very small bit of Olive Garden salad and chewed it very thoroughly. I was fine. I have not had any problems with any other food either. Everyone's post op instructions are different. I am supposed to introduce new foods very slowly and in small portions to make sure they are tolerated.
  18. So, I am sitting in the airport, Day 4 post op, waiting to catch my last flight home. Reflecting on the past 5 days has been amazing. I used Janese at "a lighter me.com" who was fantastic! I got to San Diego and immediately Samuel, the driver called me and picked me up. He showed my some cool ships in San Diego and then we headed to Mexico. Once I got checked into the hotel, the pre-op diet was driving me crazy, so I decided to get busy and check out Tijuana. I walked to WalMart and a local grocery store and never felt unsafe whatsoever. And I was alone!! When I checked into the hotel, Eduardo, my on site coordinator was there and helped me, then he called me again that night to check on me and arrange medical pick up to the hospital the next morning. SURGERY DAY: August 9. I got up and made my way to the shuttle that took me and another patient to the hospital. We got there, filled out some paperwork, had blookwork done and then waited! I got into my room and was a given a gown. Then a staffer came and did and EKG on me. Dr. Valesco (sp?) was there to support me and answer a lot of my questions. Then the anesthestist came in and told me what he would do and what to expect, then Dr. Garcia came in, told me surgery would be in about twenty minutes and explained the procedure to me and gave me a chance to anser questions. I walked into the OR, laid on the table, and then woke up in the recovery room! The rest of the first day was a bit of a blur, but Dr. Garcia did call my family back home in Canada and update them. I slept and walked a little the rest of the day. I had bad nausea post op, but the nurses were awesome to give me medicine the moment I needed it. I had some gas pains, but to me, the nausua and dry heaving was worse. Dr Garcia also updated about surgery. He told me because I did so well on the pre-op diet that my liver was very small and he only needed 3 incisions to complete the procedure! I asked to see my stomach, but they had thrown it away. AUGUST 10: Walking and resting. I was given everything I needed at the hospital to take care of myself and spent the day getting my energy back up and walking. AUGUST 11: Discharge to the hotel (and I totally felt ready to go!). I checked back into the hotel and Eduardo came by to check on me and take care of everything I needed. I wandered around the hotel, the pool and had free broth and popsicles from the restaurant in the hotel. It was great. That night, Dr. Lopez, another surgeon came to check on my with Eduardo as well. Awesome service!! AUGUST 12 was pretty much the same except I spent even more time by the pool. Eduardo was great to come by again and coordinate the next day to get to the hospital. So that brings me to now. We had a quick trip through the border and everything was pretty uneventful. Things I didn't do but wish I had: brought gas x strips, they really do help, or make your breathe better, either of which is good, I wish I would have brought more of my own broth mix and tea bags, and been so darn scared! My only frustrations were with nailing down a surgery time. I kept asking so I could update my family, but no one seemed to be able to tell me, and then one night at the hospital, there was a fiesta outside our window which apparently doesn't happen very often, but kept me up til the wee hours of morning. I had met another patient on this forum and having contacts when you are there alone can be awesome, help you beat the boredom and give you someone to talk to! Overall, I would do again in a heartbeat. I can feel my relationship with food changing already and I can't wait to get to use my sleeve more and more to become the person I feel that I should look like! If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to message me!
  19. I just eat a Tums whenever I get acid. I'm 4 weeks out and haven't had a Tums in 3 days. That being said -- everyone is different and what works for me might not work for others.
  20. So I was sleeved August 9, 2012. 4 weeks ago today. Before I went into surgery I was weighed at 218lbs. Now, 4 weeks post op, I weighed in at 211.8 this morning. 7.2lbs in 4 weeks with an extremely restricted diet. I'm disappointed in the results and have tried so many things to encourage myself (self talk, seeing slow losers board, reminders that it takes time, that its still a loss etc.), but I just feel like the reality has fallen short of my expectations for the sleeve. I had a stall around week 2 which was expected, but even considering that, I feel like my body isn't doing what it is supposed to. So here's the details and suggestions are welcomed: I walk for exercise -- about 20-30 minutes/day, plus chores like mowing grass where I work up a sweat. Sunday is my one month and I plan to start doing more like swimming and beginner work out dvds (biggest loser ones). What I eat: Breakfast is a 100cal EAS Carb Control Protein shake (17g Protein), lunch is usually Soup or left over supper or super steamed veggies from the cafeteria (I work at a hospital) Supper is chicken mushed with dressing/spices (about 2 oz solid food right now)) or Ground Turkey recipes. Snacks (2/day usually, sometimes 1 depending on Fluid intake) cheese, greek yogurt, protein pudding (80 cals, 15g protein). Fluids: I drink 1 Water bottle while at work (it's just shy of 1L), I have for sure one 500ml glass of herbal caffeine free tea in the evening, usually 2, but sometimes I switch this up with ProtiDiet hot chocolate (80 cals, 15g protein) in 500ml water instead of more tea ior a chai tea latte (80cal, 4 carbs, 5g protein). I feel like I'm doing everything right but the results aren't telling me that! Any help would be appreciated!!
  21. 2L is 64 oz I think. I count a cup as 8 oz or approx 250ml. And I track using sparkpeople. I have been using it for a year and really like it, plus by now I have manually added in all my favorites! During my stall, my body changed and clothes were definitiely bigger. I start buying size 14 pants.
  22. You are right -- I am doing the right things, it will happen. I just want it to happen already!! I think I am going to take your advice and do something radical -- not weigh for the month. I know I get too hung up on the scale #. When I was stalled I lost inches because my clothing was feeling big, yet the scale didn't move. If I weigh monthly, I won't know if I'm stalled or in a rapid loss! I think that would help with the mental aspect. I also plan on adding a new exercise routine Sunday, so hopefully that will make a difference too.
  23. The moment I posted and saw "loosing", I was horrified. I knew it was losing, but there's no going back! I'm very ashamed and usually take pride in using proper spelling and grammar. Also, thanks, it's nice to hear that weight loss will happen and that I just need to have more patience!
  24. Sorry, I should have clarified, I followed the clear week (Aug 9-16), the full liquid week (Aug16-23), the puree week (Aug 23 - 30) and have been eating soft/mushed/pureed solids since.
  25. jh5497

    Fab And Flab

    I have found great workout ideas on pinterest --- however if you don't know how to do proper exercises I would recommend a DVD-- the biggest loser ones are reasonably prices and I've liked them!