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    1st Lap-Band patient for Dr. Terracnia in Virginia. Band date Dec 6.
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    Internet Junkie, jetskis, riding my Harley, and most of all my grandsons
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    Business Owner
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  1. HarleyNana

    Lucky? Yes, but I also made my own 'luck'

    Congratulations, yes, you are worth investing in I feel the same way. I still have my original band, soon to be 9 years old!
  2. HarleyNana

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    OMGsh woman, are you kidding me? After the baby and during your battle with the big C, start your book!!! You should contact someone with Lifetime TV, just this blog would make a heck of a movie. The title...Mom of Three Boys ....I wish you the very best on your checkup the 16th, please take the time to let us know how you are. Congratulations to you and your growing family....God Bless you all! Take care of yourself (hugs)...
  3. HarleyNana

    Any old timers still around?

    Alex, Jack, Wheetsin, Giveyouthemoon, and all the other "old timers", wow, it has been a long time! I'm blessed to still have my band. I pop in from time to time, but I miss my old buddies. We had some great times here. Everyone thinks Facebook is the social network, haha, Lapband talk was my social network for years before FB or Myspace. I still stay in touch with Betty, Diane, Sherry, Eileen, and a few other oldies on FB, but truth be known, Alex, I think your LBT was without a doubt, the original social network! I often wonder about some of the original gang, I hope they're doing well. I feel bad so many lost their band, without the my band I shutter to think what life would be...Yikes. I just got back from bike week in NC, what a great feeling to hop on my bike and feel good about myself! To quote Jack, "Life is Good"... Thanks for the memories Alex and LBT and helping me adjust to my new life as a bandster, although it was over 6 years ago. Also, allowing me to share my trials and tribulations with others going through the same thing. We had some great times and some crazy times, and lots of drama, (you old timers know who I'm talking about). Alex, I hope you realize the lives your site has touched...from the bottom of my heart, thanks again! Banded Dec 2004!!!!!! Member since Oct 2004!
  4. HarleyNana

    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    I'm in Yorktown, I know of another person in the Burg and two others in Yorktown. Almost any time is good with me if I'm in town, so are any others interested? Maybe a restaurant, like County Grill or TGIF, I'm flexible
  5. HarleyNana

    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    Sounds great, I think that would be great. Just let me know when :w00t:.
  6. Early Happy 4th girlies! Gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here :tongue2:. Life is good, still have my band, that's a big plus, esp since it's 4.5 years old now...yea!!!! It's still work though, one day I desperately need a fill, the next day I can't keep anything down, go figure, LOL. I spent a little time with Diane on Sunday, it was a great visit, as always :cursing:. I miss you girls, but I admit, I switched to FB. It's a place I can keep up with most of my LB pals and family and friends in one place. So, if you're a FB member, stay in touch. Have a safe 4th....hugs.
  7. HarleyNana

    Do you use a straw?

    LOL, sorry, but I couldn't imagine using one for Soup. I waited until I had my band over 6 months. I have no problems using a straw, but I only take tiny sips if I'm eating, which is actually, another NO-NO. I just hate drinking out of glass and cups, plus the OJ from my screwdrivers gives me a mustache if I don't use a straw...OK, another No-No. Oh yes, I've been banded for 4.5 years, so I've been using a straw for 4 years.
  8. HarleyNana

    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    WDW, just curious what type of shakes you're making/drinking. One of Dr. T's seminars was about the hidden calories in smoothies. Instant breakfast with low fat milk is a great way to get in extra protein too. Personally, I hate milk, so I make my shakes without milk. I also use a product called New-Whey that is 42grms of liquid protein that comes in a vial type container and you just drink it down. Good luck on your journey!
  9. Hello girls! Yikes, I've been away too long, but it doesn't look like I've been the only one MIA. I think Facebook has taken over, haha. Michaele, congrats on the weight loss and getting back on track before gaining 8 lbs .... like me :crying:. We finally found a new home in Florida, 10 minutes from Disney. It's in the Reunion Resort by Bobby Ginn, another reason to get on track! Hope everyone is doing well, it looks like Spring is finally trying to make an entrance. Betty, we have Bike Week, in Nags Head this weekend. It's supposed to be in the high 80's. Hugs
  10. HarleyNana

    What's your new favorite protein snack?

    I realize this is an old thread, but I recently discovered the "New Whey" 42gr vials. They can be mixed as a shake or drink them straight from the vial, which is my preferred method. Be sure to shop around on the web, I found several places much cheaper than my local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. As for the taste, not bad at all. It takes a little getting use to, but much better than those gritty, nasty smelling powder Protein shakes. I just chug it down.
  11. HarleyNana

    Silicone or Saline ?

    I didn't think anyone did on top of the muscle anymore. Karey, short term memory here, did you use saline or silicone and are you still happy with the results?
  12. HarleyNana

    Need advice from patients of Dr. Terracina!

    Yes, Dr. T did my surgery. He was the first with that group to do lapband, then about 1-2 years later, Dr. Clark started doing them. I know several people that Dr Clark performed the surgery, as well as several done by Dr. T. You'll be in good hands with either....tell Dr. T, his first lapband patient sent you :smile2:.
  13. HarleyNana

    Need advice from patients of Dr. Terracina!

    K, I sent you a PM, personal message, it should pop up when you log onto LBT...aka LapBandTalk. Here's an old picture, right around my 6 months point. You're welcome :frown:.
  14. HarleyNana

    Need advice from patients of Dr. Terracina!

    Keam, I have no regrets, I've had my band for four years. Personally, I think you'd be making a great decision with Dr. Terracina. I don't know what info you need, if you have particular questions, please PM me or post them here. Good Luck
  15. HarleyNana

    I want a salad

    I love my salads made with baby spinach and all the extras, you know the fattening stuff..sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, cheese, carrots, all the good stuff.

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