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  1. HarleyNana

    Negative stuff

    Thanks goodness some encouraging words, the last few days it seems like there was a lot of negativity going on, plus health issues, like with the port and erosion, YIKES! Needless to say, I was starting to get very cold feet, but now I'm back on track with all the positive input...thanks for renewing my desire to be thin.
  2. HarleyNana

    Boo Hoo - Appointment Canceled for one day

    Since my band date is not until Dec 6, I'm eating enough for all of you, not really. Although I have not made the best choices, I have thought about the bites, the chewing. It's amazing even though no surgery yet, how concious you become of every bite...I'll go check on that fudge for you Betty.
  3. Any patients of Dr. Allen here, he's the proctor to assist my doctor in my band surgery Dec 6, sure would like to know something about him. Thanks, Pat in VA
  4. HarleyNana

    THE moment..

    My moment was when I heard of the band and began a mission of learning everything I could about it and when it finally became available in my area, I was the FIRST in line and will be the first to be banded. Dec 6th I am so looking forward to NOT being the heaviest person at a social or family gathering. I have stopped attending socials because of those moments..soon though, I will be the topic of those socials.
  5. soooo how are you doing? Any problems? moving around ok? Good luck on your new life. Stay in touch...Pat in VA
  6. HarleyNana


    Put my Harley away too, but I didn't clean her up, figured she'd get dusty anyway, (besides its hubbies job to keep that chrome shinning)..Good Luck New date with Band...Dec 6, was supposed to be Nov 18
  7. Lucky you! I WAS scheduled for Nov 18, but since I'm the 1st to be banded in my area, experienced, (I hope very) are being flown in to assist my dr. They couldn't make the 18th so it's been moved to Dec 6th. Quite a bummer, I am so ready and psyched, or I was. Stay in touch...Pat in VA
  8. Checked out your site, and your favorite links, quite informative, especially that daily weight chart. Thanks,...Pat in VA...Dec 6, new band date.
  9. Hello everyone, I must admit, I've been evesdropping for weeks now, make that months....and finally a doctor in my area is starting to do Lap-Band. Guess who his first patient is.....that's right ME! The kicker is I get 2 doctors for the price of one, (a Lap-Band specialist is flying in from another city to assist), although, I think I'm PAYING for 10, LOL. Like I said I've been following all the band sites for a while, and I'm so excited. I won't even go into the I've been fighting weight all my life, bla bla bla. Thanks to everyone for all the insite, except for those few who scare me with their weight gain and pb's, lol....Wish me luck!
  10. Why were you rebanded if you don't mind answering? Thanks for the encouraging words.
  11. HarleyNana

    Tomorrow is the Day

    Good Luck and God Bless
  12. HarleyNana

    My First Post

    Congratulations, I will be watching, my date is Nov 18. Good Luck

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