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  1. MGM


    Smooth move tea. It's all natural. And it's awesome. I use it every Friday.
  2. MGM

    scar tissue

    It's common for incisions to have a hematoma (swelling) under them. As long as its not red or oozing. My incision they took the stomach from had a hematoma for approximately 10 weeks!
  3. It's only 15 years...you're not really old enough to be his mom (in a perfect world). And sometimes people seem older than they are. Have fun! I would!
  4. MGM

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Congratulations, buddy!!! Woot woot!
  5. Glad to know that! That's about what I'm losing.
  6. August 22nd was surgery day. Hw 265, dos 250 now 242. Slow loser. Hurricane Isaac messed up my diet requirements. I had to eat what was available. Thankfully I am doing fine. Protein shake for breakfast, 1/2 cup protein based food for lunch, egg whites, Greek yogurt or something for snack and dinner 1/2c protein based food. Not getting all my water or protein in though. Protein approximately 50grams, water about 40-50 ounces. Glad most of us are doing alright. I hope you feel better soon, IGGY.
  7. MGM

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    My fitness pal is mgmarse. My Facebook is Facebook.com/mgmarse. Feel free to add me
  8. Im worried about migraines post op as well as the only OTC that helps is excedrin migraine (generic of course since you can't get the real thing anymore). You can get someone to rub very hard right at the bottom of your head. It will hurt kind of, but then it's a good pain, and helps the coming migraine.
  9. I'm exactly 1 week before you...8/23.
  10. I have deleted all my inlaws from Facebook. I have tried for 20 years to fit in. But I'm not a drinker and partyer so...

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