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  1. Lauranbob Mc

    Where Is Everyone From?

    originally from rhode island but now life in DFW of texas. will always be a yankee though
  2. Lauranbob Mc

    6 Months Out

    almost 6 months here too !!!! I still miss food sometimes but it is getting better
  3. never took pain meds once I got home.
  4. Lauranbob Mc

    2 Month Stall Finally Broken !

    I totally stopped going on the scale. I just finished my time of the month so I decided to weight myself. I am always a few pounds heavier during that time also I fly at least twice a month and always have extra water weight when I do. I am also trying to have my body tell me when I am hungry. not the MFP. I am eating less now then when I was using MFP. I still weigh my food and make smart choices but I am not as obsessed with it.
  5. Lauranbob Mc

    My New Life & Dating?

    I was told not to drink for the first 6 months. Husband and I are going on a cruise next month so I will probally have a drink on my vacation.
  6. Lauranbob Mc

    2 Month Stall Finally Broken !

    5 months 2 weeks and 4 days :-)
  7. Lauranbob Mc

    Magic Bullet

    I use my magic bullet when I travel (which is 2 weeks out of the month) at home I use the kitchen ninja. it gives a smoother milkshake consistency and has a large container to make my protein ice cream with
  8. I have been in a COMPLETE stall for almost 2 months now. frustrated to know that I was eating right and still not losing weight. As of 3 weeks ago I amped up my workouts and started seeing a personal trainer once a week. I finally got the courage to step pon the scale and I have lost another 5 llbs !!!! only 6 more to go to get to onederland !!!!!
  9. Lauranbob Mc


    Sams club has everything I need in one spot. B-12, Colace, MVI, calcium chews
  10. Lauranbob Mc

    Lisa Lampanelli

    love her !!!!
  11. the smell of fried food still makes me salivate .....
  12. Lauranbob Mc

    Curious About Pain?

    hys is much worse. I went home on no pain mediction. only had toradol in the hospital. just remember that everyone is different. good luck
  13. Lauranbob Mc

    My Weight Stalled!

    been in a stall for almost 6 weeks. I understand the frustration. I have increased my exercise. drinking lots of water. minimum of 60g of protein per day, low carbs and I am still stuck!!! hoping it will end soon !!! I want to get to onederland
  14. Lauranbob Mc


    tylenol is acetaminophen,
  15. Lauranbob Mc

    Personal Trainer

    I am so sore.... like a rode a horse for the past 8 hours

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