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    Angelmom got a reaction from erpiedbnuebn in Dissent   
    I had a fellow parent at our Boy Scout troop who is a nurse, and whom I have known for 9 years, tell me that it's the easy way out and then tell me that people don't know what they are getting into and that it's incredibly difficult....I think she was just prejudice against me in some way. People are strange, and don't always know what they are talking about.
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    Angelmom reacted to TamaraS in 28 Days Post-Op, Interesting Support Group Meeting, Cravings   
    I am a week out of surgery today and 3 days ago I got the worst hunger, I seriously wanted to eat EVERYTHING. I have been so upset thinking that this surgery might have been a mistake and totally beating myself up. While reading your post I had a breakthrough, I too am pms-ing. I felt like a ton of bricks were taken off my chest when you mentioned this in your post, I realized that IS whats wrong with me. I always get insanely hungry during this time. I was so worried I was always going to feel like this since my surgery is so new but now I know it will pass. You have no idea how much this post meant to me, Thanks for sharing your experience and making me realize what was going on with me !! Best of Luck to you!
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    Angelmom reacted to sherrifm2012 in 28 Days Post-Op, Interesting Support Group Meeting, Cravings   
    Hi Tamara and Cindi,
    I'm between the two of you at 3 weeks out. Thanks for your posts. I am usually hungry during PMS also so now if hunger hits big time next week I won't freak out.
    Cindi, you mentioned your acid prevention tablet. I saw mention of that somewhere before. Does that affect your hunger? I ask because I've not been all that consistent in taking mine and have had some days I was clearly more hungry. Never correlated the two.
    Thanks, Sherri
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    Angelmom reacted to notime in 28 Days Post-Op, Interesting Support Group Meeting, Cravings   
    I would like to suggest Cera Ve lotion for the skin. I started using it because I have eczema and it helps with the itching. It also acts to help minimize eczema. Anyway, my skin, which had been dry and flaky like yours is now soft and flakyless (I know that's not a word.). It doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin either. It has my highest recommendation.
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    Angelmom reacted to Bmarion662 in 28 Days Post-Op, Interesting Support Group Meeting, Cravings   
    Careful ladies with the creams and lotions. I know during the HCG diets which is esentially a ketogenic diet that lotions and oils are forbidden as they are absorbed in the skin same as fat and your body must rid them the same. Meaning you are adding fat into you body and may cause a stall. Test to see if it has any effect on your weight loss.
    Brush skin to get the dead cells off.
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    Angelmom got a reaction from anayortiz in 3 Weeks Post Surgery And Still Having Trouble With Sleeping At Night   
    Depending on what the reasons are, you can try and adjust your position with pillows, prop your legs up with pillows while raising them up on the recliner. I sleep with either a fan in the window, the ceiling fan, or a big fan on the floor blowing either on me or away from me...any one or a combination, to help me sleep. If I am hungry and cannot sleep, I eat something...even though it's late...getting my protein is the most important thing I have to do...same for you. Perhaps a nice shower, some lotion on your skin, comfy socks, and a hot chocolate...while sitting in front of the tv watching something you enjoy until you fall asleep will help. Try different things until you feel comfy...that should help.
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    Angelmom got a reaction from ashleyxx in I Need To Lose 150-180 Pounds, I Need Your Opinions!   
    I never wanted anything but the sleeve, and that was before I knew they even had it. In my mind I had this idea and wanted it...only to find out it existed! The offices originally pushed for the bypass, but I didn't want that because you cannot take pain meds and a host of other meds ever again. When I got denied for the sleeve, I was approved for bypass...but I told my surgeon I was not comfortable with that, nor the Lapband. My surgeon, then, told me that if a surgery isn't right for you, that having it will only lead to regret down the road...and that's what other patients have said to her...that they regretted choosing a different surgery than what they wanted based on insurance approvals, etc.
    I have lost 34 lbs in 3 weeks with the sleeve. I think if you get the procedure that your "gut" sits well with, and follow the instructions, count your calories and give a care for yourself...that the sleeve will help you (and me) to reach our goals. I plan to lose 94 more lbs, and have gotten rid of 54 total. We can do it!
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    Angelmom reacted to Ms skinniness in Three Weeks And Two Days Post-Op   
    Yep, it does get better. You are doing very well. CONGRATS on your success. The first year will pass quite quickly and you will learn so much about the triggers for your eating and learn new coping skills to eliminate the triggers.
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    Angelmom reacted to Tryan in Three Weeks And Two Days Post-Op   
    It gets better day by day. I've found food that I love to eat I just don't eat as much. Hopefully you will look at food as a fuel for your body and find enjoyment in other things. For most of us "enjoying " food is how we got in this mess. BTW, I love the fruit punch! Good luck!
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    Angelmom got a reaction from max3sons in Post-Op Days 14 And 15 Eggs, No Energy, Walk   
    Yes, I have talked to the doctor, and the doctor said this is normal...for about 6 weeks. The egg was good...satisfactory, and my stomach felt pretty good. I am not allowed to take any vitamins, yet, because they can mess with healing and if there is a problem like a leak, vitamins can cause problems with a subsequent surgery that might be needed. I have however planned to take a sublingual B12 tomorrow to see if that helps...it won't go down the esophagus, so I think it will be ok.
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    Angelmom reacted to mokee in Week 25   
    You are doing great. Me as a pre-oper would be sooooooooooooo happy to be under 200 lbs. I haven't seen that in over 40 years. And to be able to exercise and even walk a long way would be a great thing for me. You just keep on doing what you are doing and move move move. You will be just fine.
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    Angelmom reacted to sheila2050 in Day 10 Post-Op, Tired   
    Hang in there!
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    Angelmom got a reaction from tmorgan813 in For Women Only....period   
    Maybe your body is making up for so many years of good periods.
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    Angelmom got a reaction from MoreganK in Struggles.   
    i wrote you a message and it did not send...bummer.
    Try to have your shake nearby...even a little that you can sip. I just put some cinnamon in a vanilla one, and it transformed it! I hope I'm allowed to do that...I think I'm not, come to think of it. If you are far enough out, you can try that...it tastes like rice pudding, kind of.
    I made my children lots of frozen meals....like a gallon of cooked meatballs that could be gotten out and put into sauce in the crock pot, and precooked noodles that could be heated up...and wala. No cooking for me. They do the clean up, too.
    I wonder if something like that would help you.
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    Angelmom reacted to sheila2050 in Lungs Clearing, Expanding, Day 6 Post-Op   
    You sound so much better. I'm glad for you. And I agree that sometimes what God "tells" us to do can be incredibly painful; but it's always worth it on the other side. My surgery is 2 weeks off. I appreciate your honesty and look forward to more reports about your progress. Congratulations on making it this far!!
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    Angelmom got a reaction from tmorgan813 in For Women Only....period   
    Maybe your body is making up for so many years of good periods.
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    Angelmom reacted to Mz_Elle in That Hair Should Be One My Head...not In The Drain   
    I was told Biotin helps a lot. I started mine a few weeks ago. I'm 5 weeks post-op and I've not seen anything falling out. I have very thick hair and It has been my biggest asset over the years too. I don't want to lose my hair either!
    I was also told that castor oil works on keeping hair healthy and conditioned. I tried putting it on my hair and it's working fine, BUT you must be warned to not let straight castor oil sit on your scalp. I thought I was HELPING myself by massaging it into my scalp and sitting under a dryer to let it "condition." Well for two days I was reaping all the benefits of castor oil induced voiding!
    It was not nice. I thought I had the flu until I put it all together and realized what had happened! LOL. My husband laughed at me for a very LONG TIME about the mishap!
    Note to self: Castor oil on the hair, not massaged into the scalp!
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    Angelmom reacted to Hopeful loser in In 10 Hours, I'll Have My Sleeve!   
    That's awesome! I had mine yesterday morning and am now at home. Smooth sailing for the most part, but I still have a substantial amount of pain from the gas they use to fill up the abdominal cavity to work in. After waiting so long to actually have this operation, it almost feels surreal to be on the other side of the surgery.
    I did find that pills don't seem to go down well at this point, I hope this will change in the next 24 hours, as my stomach spasm and nausea meds are all in pill form. I don't have any problem drinking clears. One more day of that and I can start with the thicker liquids - smoothies, protein shakes, etc. Let me know how you feel when you get out!
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    Angelmom reacted to tovanta in In 10 Hours, I'll Have My Sleeve!   
    I wish you luck, I wish you joy, I wish you endurance, I wish your understanding, I wish you great comfort, and I even wish you tears of celebration......be blessed....
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    Angelmom got a reaction from mrscastillo in Why?!?!?   
    I can say that I am terrified of causing a problem post-op. The pre-op liquid diet is one that I do not truly believe is fully necessary, because I have seen so many variations, and even no diet required for some people. Today I had only 550 calories, though I got my protein in, and I thought I was going to pass out, so I had some food. I'm 6 days out and counting...so I hope I'm going to be ok. If they have to close me up, they have to close me up and I'll keep trying, but I doubt that will happen because 90% of the time or greater, I am on liquids.

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