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    shrinkydinkme got a reaction from senickisncis in How It Went, For Me!   
    thanks.... that is the most detailed first few days I have read and I feel like it helps me to prepare for what's ahead
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    shrinkydinkme got a reaction from mrscastillo in Gained Post Op   
    scroll down for daily suggestion of meals and shopping lists
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    shrinkydinkme got a reaction from WeightWatchMe in A Day Without Cake   
    Thanks for your post and I am so excited for you and looking forward to that day and feeling for me.... Surgery in 3days and passed up cake and birthday parties the past 2 nights .... my friends favorite quote of mine "How do you like your eggs?" "In a cake with frosting." That is part of how I got here (WLS) and I have to say I am glad I am leaving.
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    shrinkydinkme reacted to kamrie37 in Trying Not To Piss Off The Neighbors   
    I know I wouldn't want to see you poop out of your top.. ROFLOL!
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    shrinkydinkme reacted to Lissa in Fat Bottomed Girls You Make The Rockin' World Go 'round!......   
    Freddie is my favorite!!! I've always loved that song and I doubt I'll ever NOT be a fat-bottomed girl, but I'll take a booty curve instead of a Ghetto Onion, as one of the inmates at my former job called my posterior!!!

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