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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    nursing38 got a reaction from gramaof4 in Anestisioligist....(can't remember his name)   
    agreed. I didnt remember nothing. he is great.
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    nursing38 reacted to Merydia710 in IMAG1735.jpg   
    58 lbs lost this is the latest pic I bought this shirt from Old Navy its a 2xl but i actually bought it in the store not online in the plus sizes.. yay
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    nursing38 got a reaction from ashleyxx in Down 100lbs!   
    congrats you look great. keep up the work.
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    nursing38 reacted to Territravel in May 20,2012   
    Nice Picture. You look happy!
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    nursing38 reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Dr. Aceves (L) Me (m) Dr. Campoz (R)   
    Yayyyy!!! I do regret not taking any photos! Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane!
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    nursing38 reacted to Jenslim4good in 10 months out at 141. I am now 127 but have not taken any new pics in a while :)   
    Wow! You look fantastic and I'm sure you feel much better... you inspire me to move ahead with confidence! :-) I'm truly thrilled for you!!! Jen
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    nursing38 reacted to sleeve 4 me in 230660 2088814346497 1429353474 2471566 5677550 N   
    I'm so sorry for all you have been through sweetie! You are truly an inspiration! YOU ROCK!
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    nursing38 reacted to BlackBerryJuice in SCARS AT 6.MONTHS   
    Wow, very nice! Nice abs!
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    nursing38 reacted to sleeve 4 me in SCARS AT 6.MONTHS   
    OK WOW!!! Even better now You're so blessed!!!! CONGRATS!
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    nursing38 reacted to SouthernSleever in 3 months Face Comparison   
    Your pictures give me such hope! Thanks for posting!
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    nursing38 reacted to mb20mom in Comparison of hubby & me - On the left is pre-op, on the right is July 3rd 2010, exactly 1 month post op for the hubby, about 6 weeks post op for me.   
    Already I see the diffence. Your comparison pictures are so good. I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Keep it up!

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