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    Lyra got a reaction from picosita in pre-op pondering   
    Wow, those are a lot of questions, lol! I will try and answer some of them for you about how my experience went (and how my life is 10 months later). Basically, your surgeon will schedule you once they know how they're going to get paid. So either through insurance approval coming through or you figuring out how to pay a lump sum. Then, at some point before surgery you will go on the pre-op liquid diet. I was really worried about this but it was actually amazingly easy. I really enjoyed the way my body felt on the liquid diet. Very light and bouncy! When you go to the hospital on surgery day you will be taken to pre-op and scrubbed and gowned and at some point they will give you an injection to help you relax. At this point you're not going to care whats going on around you! Then they wheel you into surgery and put a drug into your IV and before you can count to 3 you're out like a light and then waking up in post-op. Post-op anesthesia recovery is different for everyone but I get really cold, get the shakes, and a bit queasy. I've had surgery before and have had that reaction so I let them know before hand and they had lots of warm blanquets and medicine for me. I'm not going to lie, you had surgery so you will have some sort of discomfort but I personally didn't find it to be that bad. Plus I was hooked up to a pain pump for 2 days and found that it managed my discomfort easily. As for worrying about your husband and his meals, I would recommend just cooking a bunch of stuff for him and putting it in the freezer so he can just reheat it. I know that after I was back on solid food I really just kind of stuck to eggs, cheese and tuna fish for awhile because I wasn't interested in food. My stomach was also VERY picky about what it would tolerate and it was definitely a trial figuring it out. I still can't eat some foods that my doctor recommended (yogurt) and that I used to love. It's strange but my taste buds have definitely changed!
    It is hard to get used to drinking because at first you really have to sip constantly throughout the day, even if you dont want to. I swear my water bottle was glued to my hand for the first few months. Now, 10 months later I can drink bigger amounts so it makes it easier. I still can't gulp water like I used to, but I can actually drink like a regular person.
    My weight loss was very, very fast for the first six months and then it slowed down which, for me, was good both mentally and physically. I had, and have, a bit of loose skin that will show up when I drop weight quickly in a small amount of time (Ex: 10 lbs in one week during a nasty case of pneumonia) but it has tightened back up every time for me. I haven't had buyers remorse at all, nor have a grieved for what I've given up. Yeah, it was a huge change and sometimes it was hard to deal with mentally but I've always kept in mind that I've gained much more than I've lost (no pun intended). I now run, yoga, kickbox, climb, zipline, ride fair rides, date and do a variety of other 'normal' activities...which means more to me than being able to eat a cheeseburger and fries. I've also kept one pair of my old size 24 jeans and whenever I get down during a stall I just slip those bad boys on and laugh that I now can fit both legs into ONE of the jean legs. You just have to look on the bright side! Plus, and to be honest...once the surgery is done, it's done and there is really no going back. Regretting something that you can't change is a recipe for having a miserable life. I just made sure that all my mental ducks were in a row before I went under the knife and that I had a good support system in place for when I did get stressed out.
    Everyone is different but I wouldn't trade the life that I live now for anything, and would go through it all again if I had to. Hopefully this helped some, and good luck with your journey!
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    Lyra got a reaction from MeMeMEEE in 16 months post op - Merry Christmas!   
    Awesome! Congrats!
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    Lyra got a reaction from kaykayp in Question For Veterains And Confession   
    Yeah I had that problem too. SInce I love to read on my work break I started taking a bite and then not taking the next one until I had read two pages. It helped me to learn how to space it out. I also figured out that when I allow myself to get hungry, and THEN eat, is when I gulp my food. I now eat on a schedule so that I'm really not that interested in eating when I do eat and thus am more apt to take my time. I also figured out that a lot of times when I was 'hungry' I was actually behind on my water intake. By keeping up with the fluids I not only felt more full, but was again less likely to gulp down my food. Hope this helped and good luck!
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    Lyra reacted to Pookeyism in Where Does The Weight Go?   
    I thought it has something to do with "42".
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    Lyra reacted to Joni in Where Does The Weight Go?   
    Thanks for making me smile!!!
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    Lyra reacted to CrazyCatLady in Where Does The Weight Go?   
    I'm more of a Stargate gal myself, so I assumed it has something to do with the space-time continuum, and possibly the Goa'uld. Just sayin.
    Seriously though, I had that same issue myself the last two weeks. Stalled out, and miraculously dropped a pant size, despite dropping no weight. WTF.
    Best not to question it, just go with the flow Congrats on your continued success!
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    Lyra reacted to Dooter in Where Does The Weight Go?   
    Does it have to be strawberry? I like orange....
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    Lyra got a reaction from Peachygal7 in Feeling Blue. My Butt Is Not Shrinking. :(   
    Dooter you just need to keep this mantra in mind:
    I am a kicka$$ bodaciously beautiful woman
    My fat lipids fear me and shrivel away to nothing
    I am the awesome! The world is my 2 oz steak tartare
    I am a kicka$$ bodaciously beautiful woman!
    On the serious side, everybody's body looses weight at different speeds from different places. Example: My face and thighs lose weight before my chest. And it takes a Herculean amount of weight loss for my stomach to go away. You'll get there, just think positive!
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    Lyra reacted to 4ALongerLife in The Scale Is Stuck, But I Feel Sexy   
    Good luck! And yes, remember it's not a race, there is NEVER a finish line so enjoy the journey and learn learn learn... goooo sexayyyyyyy!
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    Lyra reacted to ShapeShifter in The Scale Is Stuck, But I Feel Sexy   
    Good luck going back to work, and please be safe. Don't lift more than you should until you are cleared to do so. And... yay for YOU, sexy!
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    Lyra reacted to Spatters3 in Not Yet Superlyra, But One Step Closer...   
    Sorry you had so much pain and awfulness :-( I too threw up the 1st 2 days, couldn't even keep water down, but I didn't tear anything. I was very fortunate. I'm glad you were smart enough to go back to the hospital too. Sometimes us strong & self reliant women know too much for our own good
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    Lyra got a reaction from MinaT in Healthy4Life - Hobart, Munster Indiana - First Of Two Pre-Op Meetings   
    You can also ask your doctor if you can take the Opurity Bariatric Vitamins (the ones for the bypass). They're chewable, you take 1/day, and they only cost $40 for 100 days supply. They also supply your Vitamin D and I think your Vitamin B. It's cheaper than the ones you can get from Walgreens.
    It sounds like you've had a tough few days. Feel better, good luck, and keep us all posted!
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    Lyra reacted to lailabrownskinned in Huh, Weird...but Strangely Cool...   
    That's awesome Im going to have to steal that name...The Sheriff...I can only imagine what your going thru..but hang in there the results will be worth it!
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    Lyra reacted to 2BonederfulAgain in It's Not Onederland, But...   
    Im dancing with you!!!i cant wait to be under 200 i havent seen a 1 starting number on the scale for about 7 years now!
    GO LYRA...
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    Lyra reacted to Shemy-away in My Mom Rocks   
    Congratulations!! I can't wait to watch the pounds drop through your blog
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    Lyra reacted to Spatters3 in Oh Dear, That Hurt   
    Hey ! Glad to see you're up and about and doing well. It does take a week or so to get used to the new stomach and then every new stage of food progression brings its own set of revelations. I'm 2.5 months post-op and I'm enjoying any and all foods, just in small amounts (which is exactly what I hoped the sleeve would do for me).
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    Lyra reacted to 4ALongerLife in The Day After Tomorrow!   
    Dang it... too late. I was hoping to give you my address for a good once over. *winks* GOOD LUCK TO YOU on your surgery and recovery!
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    Lyra reacted to Dooter in The Day After Tomorrow!   
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    Lyra reacted to kiki19 in Today Was Awesome!   
    Well, congratulations!!!! It's almost here. It's a little rough the first couple of days, but rest, water, and walking will help you through it... I only have three more days of post-op liquid diet. I am so looking forward to a scrambled egg. Who knew the pleasure you would get out of such a small thing, but I am so tired of soup...plus, it has just way too much sodium, even the low sodium, to be beneficial to my BP. I am 11 post-op, and I can tell you, I feel way better. I worked with a friend of mine yesterday, and I was worn out by 2 in the afternoon, but not too bad. I am just trying to build my stamina. So good luck and best wishes for your upcoming surgery.
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    Lyra got a reaction from nursing38 in Dear Food: You Suck! ....and I Love You...   
    "I'm not breaking up with you, because I still need you to live"
    Hahaha! I was drinking tea when I read that and almost had an accident! Very funny!
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    Lyra reacted to Charlotte in What Do Mrs Potato Head And Dr Frankenstein Have In Common?   
    I'm so glad I am not the only one trying to make a new body for my self by looking at everyone else. I want J-Lo's butt and Dolly's boobs, Jane Fonda's legs and Wonder Woman's torso lolololololololol and her super powers, then doing house work would be quick and easy. heheheheheheh.
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    Lyra reacted to 4ALongerLife in What Do Mrs Potato Head And Dr Frankenstein Have In Common?   
    You are too cute. And leather pants are highly overrated ... no matter your size I think. lol
    Be excited! And if you get bored cleaning your apt, come over to my house... PUHLEASE! smiles... xoxo
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    Lyra reacted to ShapeShifter in Shame And Vulnerability   
    I can relate to shame in a really big way. There have been times when every step I've taken has been in pain or shame. Your resolution to yourself as you move into your 30s reminded me of my facebook post today:
    “Marry yourself first -- promise never to leave you!”~SARK~ This reminds me of how we sometimes compromise ourselves for the (imagined) happiness of others. Imagine making vows to yourself... a promise to always love and cherish yourself, to be gentle and honest with yourself, to care for your body in sickness and in health, and to always be loyal, supportive, and forgiving of yourself. Consider buying yourself a ring and in a small, private ceremony... declare to the world that for the rest of your days... you shall be committed to loving the most important person in your life... YOU. HAPPY MONDAY! ♥
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    Lyra reacted to Spatters3 in Never Take Juice From Strangers   
    wow. How could you live if you were allergic to water ? You're pulling my leg. No way !
    You could call your allergy the Garden of Eden Malady
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    Lyra reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Never Take Juice From Strangers   
    LOL :-) Well I'm glad everything turned out okay for Lyra.

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