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  1. I am five days post-op and on on stage three of my diet. I feel hungry and I miss eating actual food! Did anyone have this? help!
  2. I also brought my pillow from home, my own pj's and slippers. I originally wanted my IPAD but I didn't have any place safe to leave it when I left the room. Chapstick is a must! Good Luck!
  3. I was sleeved on November 8th and am down 29 pounds. I am on Phase 4 of the diet plan and eat things like chicken, turkey, veggie burgers, lentil soup, chili, cheese, eggs, protein shakes, etc....if I get a crunchy craving, I eat a few soy chips. My biggest problem is I eat too fast and take too big of bites. If anyone has any ideas how to do that better, I would much appreciate it! The only exercise I do is walking. I have five incisions that are healing. I am looking forward to my next appointment on January 3rd when I can move to the next eating phase. I have been dying for a nice salad! Great job everyone!!
  4. The reason you shouldn't drink 30 minutes before or after eating is because the Fluid pushes your food through your stomach making your stomach empty sooner and may generate hunger feelings. I am interested in your post-op diets. My doc says no carbs for 4-6 weeks after surgery. I would have killed for a tortilla pizza! Good drinks = no calorie SoBe, G2 or Vitamin Water zero!
  5. I have the same experience as DebiC. I was sleeved 11/8/11. Once I started on real food, I learned the hard way. I ate too fast and had stabbing pain in my esophagus that is just unbearable. Chew, chew, chew and take tiny bites. In between bites, you should start to get a fullness. You really need to pay attention to your body signals. Eating slow is the hardest part for me! I live alone and it is so hard! Good Luck!
  6. My surgeons cocktail is a chewable multivitamin with iron, calcium citrate, vitamin d 3 and sublingual B12. sounds like you need the B12.
  7. I had a nasty fuzzy tongue and I used a tongue scraper and dry mouth rinse. It went away in a few days. It was truly gross. Mine was purple from grape Popsicles!
  8. I was sleeved on 11/8/11 and the weight was coming off so fast. After my two week post op visit, everything came to a halt and my weight was going up and down. This made me crazy! What happened, did I break my sleeve?!?! My PCP, surgical PA and my NUT told me to calm down, weight loss is like a staircase, keep following the diet and it will change! I had lost more than the average person my first two weeks and my body was trying to keep up! Sure enough, I broke the stall and am back to loosing! Hang in there, it is true, it will break! My NUT told me to add more protein during a stall too.
  9. Pre Op = 271 Day of surgery 11/8/11 = 266 Post Op 12/10/11 = 240
  10. At my 2 week appointment, they told me I could have caffeine. Haven't had any yet, I might give it up!
  11. I was sleeved on 11/8 and couldn't weight until my 2 week post op visit. I was so sick of shakes. Did your physician say you could have cottage cheese, sf pudding or yogurt? Hang in there! Now I can't wait to start the next phase in January. I miss crunching on things! Have you tried different drinks like G2, crystal light, so be 0 or vitamin water 0?
  12. I got sleeved on November 8th. By my two week post-op visit, I had lost 21 pounds. I started stage 4 of my diet plan and I feel that during my 3rd week I haven't lost as fast. I keep panicing thinking oh my, maybe my sleeve isn't working anymore, maybe I stretched it out, etc...it is a horrible feeling but I am trying not to get discouraged and keep telling myself that everyone is different. Thanks for this post. It is comforting to know that others go thru the same thing. Highest weight = 271 surgery date 11/8= 266 2 weeks = 245 3 weeks = 242
  13. I am so glad you posted that question. I was sleeved on the 8th. On my two week post op I was down 21. Two days later and I am still the same. I know it is only two days but I can't help feeling like OMG, it stopped working! This post has given me encouragement!
  14. Post Op Day 1: sipping Water Day 2: sipping water, broth, decaf tea, sf Jello until discharge Day 3 - 14: Protein shakes, LF cottage cheese, Fage 0% yogurt, NF/LS soup, pudding I will be the first to admit, sounds ok but it is hard for me. I feel full but am craving some carbs! Hang in there and sip! I am post-op day 8.
  15. BethH

    I'm sleeved. :-)

    Congrats! Recovery gets better day by day!
  16. I was freaked out too by my incisions. I have the glue as well and yes, it definitely does look waxy! No maintenance unless they start opening, smelling or if pus comes out. As for the JP site, keep covered for a few days as it oozes then it naturally stops. No direct water until then. Sounds like you are doing great though!
  17. I am 6 days out. Stage 1: Water day 1 post-op Stage 2: clear liquids until discharge (broth, tea, water, jello) Stage 3: Protein shakes, cottage cheese, egg whites, Jello, popsicles, pudding until 2 week post-op appointment. It is tough! Keep going! I am not hungry but am craving carbs!
  18. BethH

    Not mentally prepared...

    Hi! I am 5 days post op too and am dying for some real food! Tv commercials are bad. My mom is taking care of me and she is cooking and eating Snacks that I can't have as I suck on my Popsicle. When does it get better!!
  19. Julie Kim, MD at Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA.
  20. BethH

    VSG Surgeons in Boston

    Try the Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center, Dr. Julie Kim. Tufts is a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. I had mine done by her on Tuesday. I love their program!
  21. I was sleeved on the 8th! Each day gets better and better. Sipping is the hardest part! Hang in there!
  22. Good Morning! I am 4 days post-op and feel your pain! Some things that have worked for me include sf Popsicles, cozy shack sf rice pudding and eating Protein shakes with a spoon. I still feel sore, and my stomach is so gurgling! I just keep thinking it has to get better. Last night before bed I had a hard time because it took a lot of energy out of me to shower and I hate looking at my incisions! Hang in there!

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