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Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    I Have Gained 15 Lbs But Dropped 3 Pants Sizes

    U lok great and I have gain back about 8lbs.im 15months out.i lost a total of 128lbs in 12 months but im jumping rite back into the groove..i feel real bad about my weight gain..it look like I gain 16lbs and I have pics and I rilly look small on them but now I lok at myself and say damn..but it will be ok very soon.
  2. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    4 Year Anniversary

    I luv u for all u rote..u r very inspiring
  3. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    How Much Weight Was Lost After You Had Plastics?

    Wow..omg u go girl
  4. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    Have any of ur guys heard of keystone mercy insurence? I found out thy will pay for plastics wen u loose 100lbs after wls sergery..thy will approve in ten days..and its medicaid..its only offerd in florida.georgi.pa.massicttes and a few others..thy calaborate with blue cross blue shilds.
  5. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    Skyjack..ur rite! U wil be fine..exercise..thats the key and to eat healthy thats all
  6. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    Wen ur new out..try hard to follow guidelines pls..u dont want to get sick..eat and drink intil ur tummy says no ok guys. Ps I luv my sleeve!
  7. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    I eat wen I feel hungry and thats why u have to make sure wen u go grocery shopping u bye only gud things thats low cal and sugar free. I admit to snaking on candy sumtimes wen its rite in my face so thats the reason I try not to bye junk and bring it home..sumtime I make me a pj sandwich using sugar free jelly and I jave used the regular to but I dont practice it or just the penut butter and low carb bread.it help me with my sweet tooth.. I still have one..lol.im alot better now that I have the sleeve..my hunger isnt great as it was before sleeve..remember everyones body difrnt and u have to do wats comfy for u so I dont put my body on no schedule wen it comes to eating..its not how many times ur eating..its ur food choices..think low cal sugar free oh and exercise and u wil be so fine just as I am.
  8. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    And my apetite is huge..im using a droid and it suks..sory guys
  9. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    Sory guys..wat I mean is wen I drink my protein daily like my doc says I loose alot and wen I dont drink my protein I dont loose weight and im
  10. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    Stalls are gud for us sumtimes..i stall to..but wen I start bak losing again..i do excellent..im always eating but wen I do..i eat gud things and another thing I notice is wen I drink my protein shakes im less hungrey and I loose more weight that month opose to not drinking my protein everyday. Im almost to goal and it seems the last few lbs take forever losing but I do get hungry alot but thr key thing is to choose healthyfood and snacks.
  11. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    Who Are You?

    Thank u so much! U lok so thin..did u have wls?
  12. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    Who Are You?

    Im tanisha nolen sanyang.33yrs old and I live in michigan..im post op 13 months from vgs and so far I have lost 128lbs and dropped 12 clothes sizes..i have more to loose and I have no regrets at all.day of sergery I was 306lbs with high bp and now im off of bp pills and I feel better than I ever have in 16 yrs.i have 3 kids and I now ride bikes wit dem and I also climb trees..i wil post current pics..the one up there is 4months old but if I had to do it again I will..
  13. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    Who Are You?

    Gud luck to u and ur journey..u wil loose so much weight and ppl wont hardly recognize u..i wil kep u in my prayers and u have rily made a fantastic choice choosing vgs..gud luk missy
  14. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    Who Are You?

    Gud luck to u and ur journey..u wil loose so much weight and ppl wont hardly recognize u..i wil kep u in my prayers and u have rily made a fantastic choice choosing vgs..gud luk missy
  15. Tanisha Nolen Sanyang


    I dont either..do u take dem an hour after breakfast? And sumtimes u have to stop taking dem for a while becuz thy wont work..sumtime I take and im too still hungry so I just eat low cal stuff like activia lite. Fruit. Crackers and cheese or ccereral with fruit so I cant gain weight do to my crazy appetite.

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