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  1. Jack

    2008 bandsters

    "In Theory, theory and Reality should be the same; in Reality, they ain't". I know the phases I go thru continue to mutate and evolve, and often are frustrating again. I would think 'changing old habits' would serve me better; perhaps they do but only for a too-short while. It sounds like you already know what to do. In theory we should all be able to just leave out the parts of that plan, that do not contribute to our New Thinner Healthier selves. Good luck. I'll be in there striving as well. Jack
  2. I've observed many similar cycles in my own Fickle b***h Band. Not so much gas, certainly at times eating is way too easy then suddenly, no way you can swallow that.... I take a slow boat approach on finding ways to live with mine, as the only other choice is removal. My internist advises that may well lead to more trouble that the intermittent episodes I now have to ride out. I was 'unfilled' as far as I can tell, about 5 years ago when a long series of studies by gastroenterologists (2 of them) discovered 'slow motility' and 'possible Barrett's syndrome'.....they advised if there was ANY satisfaction with the Band I should wait as removal was ......'unknown risk'..... I'm sure the Band saved my life. I'm sure it improved my Life. Whether I'm unsatisfied NOW or not, is certainly affected by concerns of something even worse, as maybe 90% of the time I'm comfortable, even without losing more BMI.
  3. As a "nearly 2 decades" Bandster, I'm familiar with the challenges as host of my fickle silicon companion. I continue waffling on the 'removal/then what?' question. Now at 74 my long time internist advises any choice needs careful study. It's been a 'mostly good' relationship. The combination of various other aspects of 'geezeritis' all have their own melodrama. Good luck OP, whatever you choose.
  4. You have a new opportunity to retrain your Stomach Beast to obey your Rational Mind. I discover bow & then giw easy it is to allow my eating plan to revert to the old sport eating habits. Even the 18 months I tracked each bite at under 1800 calories my weight didn't drop...but my pants size fell and so did my tshirt size. Don't forget to exercise whatever your meal planning. Cheers!
  5. 'stretched my pouch'??? good question, there's ways to measure that; my own restriction remains 'FICKLE' as sometimes I'm sure it works perfectly while other times seems absent. Haven't added any fill since 2011 due to motility issues. The reality of 'gaining weight' to my rational mind means nothing other than "I've found a way to eat more than my body needs"....ie...."Sport Eating". Yes, I recognize this as an Old Enemy.
  6. After 10 years had increased gagging slimes & stuck randomly issues. Lengthy studies with diagnosis of sluggish motility, perhaps Barretts Esophagitis. Took out fill, reduction of Cx to few episodes yearly. No solid decision to remove. Yet.
  7. Jack

    Can't see it

    a common term I've encountered over the years is "body dysmorphia" describing the problem many of us have had in our personal history, of being able to accurately assess our own notion of 'body reality' as related to size or configuration. It did take considerable time for me to actually recognize myself in the occasional group photo, as I no longer was the largest one in the pack. There seems to be an emotional component of the 'old me' that doesn't let go any easier than the extra cheeseburgers around our waists.
  8. Jack

    Can't see it

    It took quite a while to realize I was no longer the biggest person in the room. Even now I have to confirm by checking size of the pants I wore to op day so long ago.
  9. re: "Just keeping off my weight and exercise is my goal most days Best of luck to all" nice thoughts....I tend to believe the old saw, that 'the harder I work the luckier I become'.... Now.....off to early T-day prep. It's more now management of furniture placement than food prep. I've managed to reduce this event from 'all day gluttony gagging down spoonfuls of everything on the feast table' to far more rational moderated bites. And 'leftovers' very much part of preplanned 'next-week' meals. Our food prep mound for 6 this year, is less than what -2- of us used to prep just for ourselves. I'm actually finally learning to eat 'meals' with regular inbetween snacks, than graze all day on everything. Tralaaaa!!! 1 BayougirlMrsS reacted to this
  10. well, those days were long ago and we were all new to this kind of elongated complex help-ourselves era....I'm, pleased that my other 'co-morbidity' factors are under far far more rational control than in that early Bandster rush, akin in some ways to the Oklahoma Land Rush when the territory was becoming a state & the playas lined up in their wagons to race to the best land they could get to before others moved in... The relative excitement & hope for a New Era was prominent and not a day passed I couldn't count on at least SOME stories of Bandster Victories!!!
  11. Thanks for uplifting story Bayougirl. Sometimes I think of removal of my own band. Not settled on it yet.
  12. Thanks for a little discussion. I've been in discussion with my long term intern, familiar with me since before banding in 2004. So far we've got a small stack of 'maybe better' and a larger handful of 'probably not a good idea'. I think band still a good idea for me but more concern of potential downsides now at 74.
  13. JRT Mom: I'm unfamiliar with all the newer procedures and/or revisions. Did study the RNY prior to my own Band. Wondering if you would mind informing what makes that your choice now? Thank you, Jack '04 Bandster
  14. Jack

    is removal the only option ?

    OP: I've had a couple of worrisome episodes over the years, but never any confirmation of 'slippage'. After extended study, my Docs came up with the notion of 'possible Barretts esophagitis' diagnosis. I'd had the 'first bite syndrome' and a series of 'more or less normal' eating, with periods of distress & definitely NOT normal, even with unfill. Mostly my Band continues to work 'as intended' but is still a Fickle b***h at times.
  15. Jack


    as a Bandster I've had similar periods. The similarity I've noted is when my 'stomach brain' ignores being 'not hungry' while my 'head brain' is determined to nibble something anyway. Long ago I was introduced to the idea that 'hunger that isn't satisfied by eating is not physical hunger'. That leads to endless speculation. I get the best control when my 'head brain' only allows eating behavior when actual 'hunger' dominates. And surprisingly often, a mere bite or two is adequate for several hours. Old habits of overeating try to revive themselves too often for me.

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