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  1. I'm SO sleepy. Working 13-14 hours a day for 4-5 days in a row is not my thing.

  2. Just watched the movie "The Call" pretty bad A$$. Suspenseful girl power with a little twist ;)

  3. mommy794

    Feb 2012 Sleevers

    Bumping this to the top? How are all y'all doing? I had lost 60 starting wt 210 5'0" now 150. I was stuck for a few months 15 away from goal. Now I have gained 5. But I'm just not feeling to great the past few weeks I been feeling like poo. Tired. So maybe I need a check up?
  4. FYI if you are sitting in the very back left booth at Carmela's in Nederland the people in the very front right booth can hear your every word as though you are talking into a speaker. It was the weirdest damn thing. I was sitting there going WTF is that??? Where is that coming from??? Took us a minute to realize what it was. Must be the acoustics in here. LOL.

  5. WHYYYY does it always have to be something.... Geez I would like something to go smooth for a change UGH

  6. Love it when my phone inserts random words into my text that are from OLD text.... Weird!

  7. mommy794

    Artificial sweeteners and Health

    They also aggravate or exacerbate neurological symptoms. If you have MS or seizures or other problems these chemical laden artificial sweeteners can trigger or magnify the symptoms. They basically turn to formaldehyde in your body due to the chemical combos. It's just bad for you period!
  8. mommy794

    Feeling more hungry 17 mo out :(

    Yep I'm 43 lol. And YES carbs and sweets are my downfall right now. Plus I haven't been drinking enough water. Doug I know that there is way too much artificial crap in our foods and products period. My youngest daughter has seizures from formaldehyde exposure. So I've learned more about chemicals in the past 3 years than I ever cared to know!!! I will have to check into that aspect more. After my vacation next week I hope to find my motivation. Thanks y'all!
  9. mommy794


    Mine fell out pretty bad from the 5th-10th month. Now at 17 mo out I think it's thicker than it has been in a few years. But still alittle thin. I take my vitamins and biotin everyday since 6 month before surgery.
  10. mommy794

    Feeling more hungry 17 mo out :(

    Ya it sucks! I have the hormonal sweet tooth also and just found out a few weeks ago that I will be a grandma. So I think I'm gaining my 22 yr olds pregnancy pounds instead of her lol.
  11. Why is it people from other states either love us Texans or else they treat us like we are as dumb as a box of rocks? Go home damn Yankees! Haha

  12. mommy794

    Feeling more hungry 17 mo out :(

    I will have to check out the group. Thanks! I mean of course. I'm WAY better off than I was at 215 being only 5 foot. But I'd still like to get to goal. I feel SO much better now though.
  13. One more week and we will all be in Destin!!!! Can't wait :) Wish Todd could get off work and go too but maybe next time... And maybe next time won't be so far away!

  14. Surgery was feb 2012. Still 15-20 away from my "goal" weight. I had been stuck at the same weight give or take a pound or two for 7 MONTHS. Now the past 6 weeks I have been feeling hungrier and have gained about 5 give or take a pound. I really want to at least get to my goal even if I gain 5 after that just to say I GOT THERE. Not feeling motivated or exercising doesn't help. I just need to buckle down again and DO IT! Blah.
  15. Idk how much in average I lost per week or month i tried not to drive myself crazy tracking it all. And I do I'm sure eat more carbs than I should. I just didn't want to feel deprived forever. I think after my daughters grad party Saturday I'm gonna do really low carb for awhile and try to lose this last bit.