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  1. wannabb08

    People Sleeved Around 03/22

    Hi, I was sleeved on 3/21. Down 59 lbs total to date. 12 lbs of that was lost pre-op.
  2. wannabb08

    I Need A Recipe For Chicken Salad

    I love this one! I don't like mayo at all but the sour cream masks the flavor really well. Chicken Salad 2 can white chicken meat drained and shredded 3 thinly sliced green onions 1/8 teasp poultry seasoning 2- 1 portion Mayonaise and sour cream start with 2/3 mayo and 1/3 sour cream 3/4 to 1 cup craisins (dried cranberries) 3/4 to 1 cup sliced almonds or pecans or walnuts or pecans dash of garlic powder salt and pepper to taste Mix and refrigerate - great with croissants (but also great by itself) can use apples or grapes instead of the craisins. can even use pineapple chunks.
  3. wannabb08

    Ice Cream...

    Excited to hear about the Sweet Freedom line. Sometimes you just need a little ice cream!
  4. wannabb08

    2 Months Tomm Since Surgery

    Great job!
  5. wannabb08

    Crazy Bad Pain

    I asked my doc abt similar sounding pains and he said it was esophageal spasms. They hurt a lot. Don't go by what I say though, ask your doc.
  6. I gradually drank less and less for about one week. Try cutting it down by 1/4 of the amount each day. I only had a headache for 1 day but it wasn't too bad.
  7. wannabb08

    Not At All What I Expected!

    Honey, you are definitely not alone. I'm about 3.5 weeks out. I had to spend a total of 5 days in the hospital due to nausea and "being extra tight". I was only supposed to stay one night. I was only able to get 2 oz two in 24 hrs, four days after surgery. I still have a lot of "tightness" that makes it really hard for me to eat and drink. Eating gives me anxiety at times. It's more of a chore right now because it's so hard to get the food down. The journey this far has been a struggle but I am confident it will get better. Give yourself time to heal. Just make sure you stay in touch with your doc and let the office know what problems you are experiencing. Sip, sip, sip as often as you can. I'm still feeling tired and weak but I feel a little stronger each day. I hope you feel stronger and better soon too.
  8. Wow - I agree with the others. You look at least 10 years younger now! Congrats on the 80 lbs weight loss!!!!
  9. Let me preface this: I stayed in the hospital a total of 6 days/ 5 nights. I had complications from sleeve swelling and nausea. Surgeon: $5000 PCP (He checked on me 3 days) $600 Hospital: $54,392 Holy cow!!! So far the PCP claim has been paid. Other two denied - they need my medical records or something like that. I can check the claim status online. I have $0 copay for the surgery. I should be billed $200 a night for the hospital day for a max of 3 day. ($600 total) I'm going to call my insurance on Monday to get more info on why the surgeon and hospital claim have been denied. I'm a little nervous.....that is a crazy amount of money!!!!!!!!
  10. wannabb08

    Feeling Sad

    I'm sorry your feeling so bad. We all want our Mom when we are this sick and in need. I also had a very rough time with the surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days due to swelling and nausea. I almost ended up getting a stint (bc my doc wasn't on call that weekend, his partner was making decisions). My doc said some patients have more swelling and nausea than others. They can't tell who those people will be before hand. I was told not to take any extra pills like Vitamins, potassium, etc till my pouch swelling started to go down. My 17 days post ops now. Saw my doc on Friday he said I could start "trying" the vitamins to see if my sleeve can tolerate them. Call your doc on Monday to have them check the incisions. Our fat cells hold hormones. As fat cells melt away those hormones are released. This can cause us to become hormonal, emotional messes. Remember, you're making progress. It may be slow, but you're making progress. Hope you fell better soon.
  11. wannabb08

    I've Lost 45 Lbs!

    Yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. wannabb08

    I Did Something Very Stupid Today

    I'm sorry you had a terrible day. You're right though, you need to focus on getting your Protein in above all. Take care of yourself. Great idea to put an emergency supply in the car and you're purse. Hope tomorrow is better.
  13. wannabb08

    Ricotta Bake

    Thank you Lissa! I've been reading her blog. She has amazing recipes that I can't wait to try! PS. 89 lbs lost! Congratulations!
  14. wannabb08

    Ricotta Bake

    Hi, Would someone please point me to the Ricotta Bake recipe. I'm unable to find it. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Great NSV! Getting off blood pressure meds is huge!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the healthier you!

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