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  1. Manda

    Needing somewhere to be free

    As of recent I have been taking a lot of reality life problems. Its sad because before surgery I would cope different and now I am having to face the music. You know what I mean. I can't run to my fridge and I can't rely on friends like I use to. I am having to be alone in things and I feel horrible. I can't talk to anyone about what I am going through and have never felt so alone about too many things at once. I mean, I have personally gone thru hell and back. But I dealt with those issues differently. I think I might need more, perhaps therapy haha. I'd hate to do that all over again. My husband will be doing things for work so I won't see him for a very long time. My sister is super sick. She might have Leukemia. Plus I have my own problems with raising my child without any family involment. If I haven't felt alone, I am feeling it now. And the worse part is no one has bother to see how I have been. I feel forgotten. I will return to this later, I am starting to get sleepy....
  2. Its been too long..how's everyone???

  3. Hey guys. Sorry I have super busy. Things are moving smoothly. I am just avoiding my mom more and more. I saw her now a month being post op and all she could say was it doesn't look like I have lost much weight. Blah blah and how she can't believe I put my body thru what I did. It did hurt a little bit because everyone I have seen lately says you can see the weight loss. You can see it in my face and tummy area. I guess I never thought my mom would be this way. I was proud of myself because I lost 17 pounds with a total of 40 pounds loss and down two sizes... Ehh. I guess you win some you lose some :/
  4. Welcome Hun, I too found this website so helpful, informative, and supportive!!! Welcome to the site and good luck
  5. Thank you.. I feel welcomed and feel so much better about being here in this place of my life. It's so exciting!!!
  6. Losers bench???? I don't know what that is
  7. I have to be on liquids the next two weeks. I am excited and nervous... I also need to relieve the pressure... Bring on the farts haha
  8. Lol true... I don't have one. But I am feeling better now that I am able to drink and have jello
  9. Well last time I was venting about my mom and stress. But as of yesterday I had my surgery. Everything is looking great but I am in a little bit of pain under my ribs. Other that I an so happy I did it. I really am. Thank you for all the Prayers, God has truly heard them.
  10. Manda

    Lactose Intolerance

    Jackie you are in SD?! Sweet!!!!
  11. Manda

    I need PJs

    I am going to wear my over sized pj pants and some shirt lol... I just wanna be prepared. I guess I am just nervous. I feel like it's still not happening
  12. Manda

    Approved for Surgery July 11

    I haven't been able to sleep the last two nights!!! It sucks!!! I want it to be Monday already lol
  13. Alright as most know my crazy surgery is on July 11th this Monday!!!!! Can't sleep because of it haha I feel like a kid again. Just waiting for Santa on Christmas eve... You know what I am talking about. anywho I was reading over my paperwork and it said to bring a robe and PJs. What kind of PJs????? Do I bring pants or gown or what? Yeah kinda confused so what did you guys wear for day two after surgery?