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  1. OK guys, last chance for a free large tub of great plus size clothing before I just drop it off somewhere. I also added a bunch of 12 monthish boys clothing and after I hit the boys room today the pile will grow some more. ITS FREE!!! but like I said before if you have a fun purse or something you want to get rid of I am all ears..lol FOR REAL though its free. Plus size is 20-22 womans. jeans, dress pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, so on......

  2. Looks like we are headed to the new Flea Market after we get some Huevos Rancheros..!! Good times!!!!!

  3. If anyone has been trying to get a hold of me thru text sorry ( or phone) my phone has been out of commission and to top it off Randy takes it with him to work for the Pandora radio... Should be getting a new one today.

  4. Had a great time shopping with my JR. Bought 2 dresses and 3new pair of heels. JR scored on some new NB tennis shoes....the only downside after I took him out of the stroller I found out his tabs came undone on his diaper and he ended peeing all over himself!!!!.... BOOO but still fun!

  5. Excited for next weekend.. hoping I can get all Randys Brothers and their kids plus our kids for a photo! They will finally be in one place at the same time .. its been awhile.

  6. 1 more day until my date at Painting With a Twist - San Antonio, TX. CAN NOT wait. its going to be sooo much fun!! NOW only to decide what wine to buy....hmm?

  7. alright wont be able to make football practice tonight. Older kids are sick and Randy hasnt slept in 24 hours straight.. needless to say he needs to rest.. Sorry Alamo City Lobos

  8. Anyone local want some womens jeans size 20. I have about 3-4 pair that are too baggy on me now. Some have limited wear as they used to be tooo small for me. I can take some barter maybe a a cute summer dress or some cute shirts or even shoes.. not a big deal.. not trying to make much off them just that I might be able to score something while im at it...lol

  9. Anyone have experience with the piece of CRAP company called LIBERTY TAX!! IRS has released the refund to them for 3 days now and still we have not got the money! When I called them they say "ooo its YOUR BANKS FAULT"... Bullshit cause I got my refund 3 weeks ago and it deposited the SAME day that IRS dropped it to turbo Tax's bank. piece of CRAP franchise lady then told me to just chill the money will be released at some point....EXCUSE ME!!!! oo she is lucky we were on the phone.. I felt my...

  10. Football practice today, only wish it was me pushing and shoving people around. IM on stress overload right now and could really use the release!.

  11. I was just in the middle of a threeway CAT fight!! and no its not the plot for a new porno!!!! lol I was making pork steaks and it got smokey so I opened door.. well in comes my cat ( crazy) the orphan cat Randy has adopted and some new cat that thinks he can just walk into everyones house..

  12. "I Hope we always feel this way, I know we will, And in my heart I know you'll always stay...."

  13. Had a great time at Football practice! SO excited to see my boys kick butt on the field! Especially Ethan, This is his first yr playing and I know he is going to be a star!! GO Miguel, Ethan and Christian!!

  14. Jalapeno Cheetos are gods gift to ME!!!!

  15. Sweet Love having to pick up Miguel from school at 6 in the rain with 2 toddlers and no DRY stroller.... oo did I mention I had to walk.. SWEETNESS!!

  16. I guess I can share Randys amazing news since none of his coworkers are on my facebook!! He was promoted to lead supervisor for the Temple Texas Drivers. ( based out of San Antonio).. SO no more truck driving he is now in charge of them!! Its a big deal for him cause this is going to open alot of doors for him and our future! Love my hunny!

  17. Back down to 1 car stinks! BOOO :-) but I love My familia and thats all that matters. Plus I left Randy with the kids today and went and got my hair cut. Its pretty short but its because im trying to even it out after the statement cut I got in December. Now to let it grow!

  18. Just when we have great news something comes our way...lol OYE VEY!!!!!...our Van Died, please say a prayer for the old beast as it has done us good!! RIP you old Red piece of junk!! :-)

  19. Anyone remember getting the Delia's Catalog in the mail as a teen and loving everything in it?!

  20. Just got some amazing news!!! The first of many for 2012. So proud of my love he can really move mountains!! Can disclose yet but so proud!!

  21. dude my dog wouldnt stop barking last night... I kept making him come inside and sleep in the laundry room so he wouldnt wake the neighbors. What the heck . He seems to be just barking at nothing just walking around barking aimlessly... how do I break that?

  22. Miguel has been doing very well at practice!! My silly boy has figured out how to turn it off and be a serious athlete!! Go Miguel!!

  23. So yesterday it was a black washable marker over his genitalia ( JR to himself) while I cooked lunch ( yes he took his own diaper off for this art work) NOW today it is colorful Bingo daubers on his cheeks and arms and COUCH while I give Tyler a bath. ( he found them after going through my purse).... this boy is crazy or very creative!!...:-)

  24. Love my Randy Villarreal. He helped coach football then went in to work at midnight and wont be home till 1-2pm today. One of the hardest working men ever! Is always there for his family. Im blesses to have such a man in my life! I couldn't have picked out a better daddy for my kids!!!

  25. 1st Lobo Practice went great! Miguel had heart and practice like a real athlete and not a goof ball. So proud of him! The Rookies are going to go far this season!! I was also so graciously handed the TEAM MOM position for the team as well as the dont have one anymore. SWEET not sure what I got myself into though..lol

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