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  1. Finally finished the last book of the Hunger Games. I Loved it although i feel it was lacking in something. The last book was rushed and felt like it was hurried and cut too short to make it a trilogy, could have easily been better outlined and made a 4th book. Anyhoo relaxing at home with my beautiful babies and nursing my burns from yesterday..OUCHIE!! :-)

  2. ALL our boys played like the STARS they ARE!!! I will definitely need to recover as I look like a damn lobster!! Had fun and had just a sample of what to expect this season.. OYE :-)

  3. I DID IT!!!! I HIT ONEDERLAND! 199 That is 71 pounds of weight I will never have back on my BODY! I am in the home stretch now.. 50 pounds until I hit goal!

  4. Where are my stay at home moms at!?! I finally have the car and now I want to go to the park or something...

  5. Damn you Jackie Dee!!! HOW dare you Lend me the Hunger Games book... :-) Now im just apart of this damn flock of sheep who are all obsessed and probably watch the movie 10 times.. I hate sheep and now im one of them..lol

  6. HEY FYI.. I just spoke with Barnes and Noble. The publisher for The HUNGER GAMES wants them to disable the LEND ME feature on their book.. SO if you are borrowing one on your NOOK you might want to finish the series quickly before they disable it...

  7. Yes, I am the mom who gets dressed and does her makeup and hair before ALMOST every football practice...lol WHY?! Cause its my only outing for the day and I never used to be that girl.. its kind of fun!! :-)

  8. We have a scrimmage on Sunday at 11:30 @ Retama Selma in case anyone wants to come out. Dont forget our Jamboree the following weekend as well. Nathan Salazar Erik Salazar

  9. Making Meat Loaf Cupcakes for dinner. With a garlic Mashed Potato frosting topped with cheese and bacon bit sprinkles. :-)

  10. LOve the Disney Movie Club! I just Got my babies 7 BRAND new DIsney Movies for $21. And I only have to buy 3 more at the regular price in the next 2 years. EASY PEASY. Thinking I should have Randy sign up too and get another 7 movies:-)

  11. Spent the afternoon at my Hunnys work while he did some Payroll... The entire company of Gruffy truck driving MEN are going to have a nice surprise when all their whiteboards have flowers and hearts on them...lol

  12. Its Officially OUR 4 Year Anniversary today! 4 years and I honestly cant imagine my life with out you! Everyday I am reminded about how blessed I am to have found the 1 man in the world that was made JUST FOR ME!!! I have NO regrets in my life as every step and miss step I took was what lead me to you. In the Words of Tom Cruise... YOU COMPLETE ME! Randy Villarreal

  13. So Randy Villarreal went into work at 9am YESTERDAY and wont be coming home till 5pm TODAY!! Mind you there was no sleeping but maybe a 10 min nap in the back of one of his sleepers ( trucks). Ugg this man is going to have a heart attack if he doesnt get more sleep!!!

  14. Its National Water DAY! What are you going to do to try and conserve?

  15. Randys new job has proved a few things... 1. If we stay at this rate my kids will forget who their dad even is.. And 2. I need a new car as being stuck at home like I used to doesn't help morale...

  16. So JR has really started to talk up a storm ( alot faster then Ty did). Its THANK YOU, Please, papa, pamper, love you....ect.. The Thank you is the cutest cause he says it everytime!! what a well mannered baby:-)

  17. Please check out the cups for sale... I have to sell 10 at $12 before Miguel can get his jersey

  18. SO what to do when my kids are crying because my cat brings in a half dead pigeon and proceeds to toy with it....UGGGG damn cat.. Miguel is determained to fight the cat and set the bird free.. I had to tell him its the story of life hun...grosssssss

  19. Tornado watch until 1am. Please let no one get hurt or suffer damage YET please give me something fun to watch out my window!!!! Can I ask for both?! :-)

  20. OMG I got my padded butt panties!! LMAO!!! I was laughing to hard when i put them on my eyes watered.... lol they freaking awesome and ridiculous all in one package!!!lol

  21. UGG remind me to never go to the nasty laundry mat again.....The dryer stinks and it made my clothes smell I lost almost 5 dollars in quarters from faulty machines, and th dryer was SOOOO HOT.. It melted any fluffy fabric, like fleece jammies, blankets.... so on... o yeah and burnt my finger on a HOT zipper... GAHHH!!...:-)

  22. My summer dress collection is slowly growing.....!! Finally a summer I can enjoy! I would say in a nice size 14-16... but Hopefully by the end of summer I will be smaller then that! Then I will need to buy some more!

  23. Ok so I had fun but I feel guilty cause my baby is sick... He even threw up I didn't know he was that bad:(... Sorry Robert and Monica and thanx to Tina for taking over watching him... We appreciate it.....

  24. I should be on my double date right now but instead I'm wearing a dress an sitting in a trucking yard while Randy sorts through paperwork form one of his dingdong drivers... Uggg hurry up!!!!!!!

  25. OK so no one came to pick up these clothes I have... I really want to get rid of them so FREE LARGE tub of clothing. Womens sizes mainly 20-22. some 24 but fit smaller. Im also going to start destashing my Size 18 jeans as They are too baggy on me and I look funny even though Im always wearing them..lol Looks like im going to wear dresses and leggings the entire summer!!!...lol PLEASE COME GET THEM!!!!!! you dont have to fit in them maybe you know of someone or want to resale

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