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  1. OYE had a hell of a night.. SO I go to get my haircut and the lady BUTCHERS IT.. horrible job so then I am forced to go to another lady and she does a wonderful job and it looks great!!!!!! Im happy just not happy for paying for 2 cuts!! ( no special mothers day outfit for me..) :-(

  2. I would post a picture of a special Mothers day card my son made me at school like everyone else.. BUT he said he left it at school...lol HE IS SOOO MY KID!!! :-) takes after his mama..lol

  3. My computer is RUNNING MEGA SLOW!!!! can barely finish editing my pictures ( takes like 10 mins an image) ....so I transferred all the pics to my external ( 7GB of space) and deleted temp files and such ( 6 GB of space) now im defragmenting..... ANYTHING else I can do?!?!

  4. Looking to spend the day with my babies! Mommy has been stressed and not feeling well at all... Maybe some zoo, kiddie park, mall, something............

  5. MIGRAINE.... enough said....

  6. Looking to focus on academics during the summer for Miguel. Science camp, Theater camp, Cub Scouts, and maybe a musical instrument. ..... anyone have links for these things?

  7. Holy cow this is LOUD thunder!!! I thought the train crashed and derailed for a sec. ( yes I live next to tracks)...

  8. has anyone had an experience with a USDA rural home loan?

  9. Happy Hour at Sonic with my kids!! Who says you need alcohol to have a HAPPY HOUR?! I just need my kids, a grape slushie, and a 99cent corn dog.... then my hour is pretty darn HAPPY! :-)

  10. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Not only was I the First place winner for my age catergory - 18-30 At the Golds gym on Zarzamora BUT get this.............................. I am also the OVERALL WINNER for the entire GYM!!!!! I go on to Nationals now hopefully I hear some good news there too!!!!!!! WOW WHAT A GREAT EELING!!!

  11. Just read an article about an accident that happened in town yesterday.... No matter the story or how gruesome I usually can detach myself from feeling too much sadness or anything... BUT this time the article punched me in the stomach and made me feel nausea....I just cant imagine!!!

  12. Spending time with my ill men!! Bath time, open season 3 on Netflix, then a babysitters while I go photograph another session.

  13. Football now and senior photos later!

  14. And that's a wrap!!!!! Sweet 16 party is photographed and my back is killing me!!!!!!!

  15. Getting ready to photography the sweet 16 Party. Should be fun!! Extra battery, extra cf Card, Camera, 50mm 1.4, 55-300mm , speedlight, extra batteries, business cards, reciept book.....Am i missing anything?

  16. 189!!! Yes I just posted my weight BUT coming from 3 kids and 270 at my heighest, I am damn PROUD!!! WOHOO

  17. Busy weekend. Lots of family time with the boys, GYM, Photographing a sweet 16 saturday night, Senior Photo shoot sunday evening. Editing, cleaning, organizing......

  18. Played softball last night for the first time in over a year. I was nervous but I still hit a Triple. The only problem I DIDNT WANT TO RUN THAT FAR..lol :-)

  19. Thanx to my friends for the quick response and opinions. I have decided Miguel will write a full page essay on Why its not ok to talk back and what respect means to him, and why its important to show respect to others. Any other creative ideas will be considered..lol

  20. Going to go do AQUA BOOTCAMP at Golds on I10 today if anyone wants to join. Friends get in free during this MOnth as a promotion... kIDS CLUB AVAIABLE. 9AM

  21. WOHOO had a great work out today. This last month I slacked BIG time But its time to get back in the game. Lose more weight AND BY SUMMER I promise YOU i will be 145 pounds and working on toning my body! I WILL WEAR a 2 PIECE this year.....If you dont like it, dont look!! My inner Guidette is coming out... DAMN Italian genes...lol

  22. Jr is doing A LOT better. He is even leaving on his Robot cords ( heart monitor). My lil Jr is a Trooper! I guess it doesn't hurt that he is in the midst of a 3 hr nap...Its hard work getting better.

  23. Sweet just got the call. ON top of being sick, JR gets to be put on a 24hr halter monitor for his heart.... this outta be FUN!!

  24. So JR went to the pedi. He has a small ear infection which was causing the fever. BUT his asthma was out of control. While in the office they made him do 2 treatments if after the 2nd one his o2 stats were not back up they were going to send us to the hospital... Thankfully he had a crying fit which put enough air in his lungs.. so we are home!! :-)

  25. Off to the Pediatrician for JR. My lil baby is sick and having a hard time getting over it. Breathing treatments, fever medicine, and coughing fits took over my night....

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