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  1. megannadine

    Fell off the wagon months ago

    they are right, it is never too late. I am 1 yr out and have lost 100 pounds.. I have not lost anything in 3-4 months.... I still have 20 pounds to get to goal but I got in a rut of being complacent. I have started exercising more and changing habits again... I have a hard road ahead of me and I know I took advantage of all those pounds that melted so easily... we both can do it, we just need to g et the will power back
  2. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    Haha hey giys, Glad its still going. Im now 7 months out from surgery and can officially eat anything I posted above^... although I make better choices and the quantities are very limited BUT I can if I so desire. PHEW that was my fear because I wasnt sure I could get past saying goodbye to theater popcorn for good..:-)
  3. megannadine

    Eating Beef?

    AT about 3 months My surgeons aid he didnt limit anything I ate... If It didnt feel good then Id know..lol Im 5 months out and steak is the one thing that feels the BEST.... Ive been eating it for awhile not.. when my family goes to a buffet ( 2 times or so amonth) I just get a steak, mandarin oranges and cottage cheese. My fav
  4. megannadine


    Well i do drink soda ( mainly diet). I cant drink it with food because when I burp the food comes with it.. Ill sip one .. usually cant finish it like I used too.. Still have lots a restriction.. and losing well. I dont get addicited to things though so if its a gateway "drug" then I would not suggest it..
  5. I just hit 5 months. YOU just gotta do it. I remember feeling depressed sometimes thinking im never going to eat normal foods again... BUt after 2 months I was eating NORMAL food. My DR had a different plan then others though. At about 6-8 weeks he didn't really limit me at all. He just said if it doesn't feel good to eat it then don't...lol HE said I will know my own body. I LOVED that cause looking at the stupid lists made me sad and now I had the ability to eat what I want ( which isn't good if you don't have self control eating bad things).... BUT it gets better you just have to deal with it and realize that this too shall pass.. :-)
  6. megannadine

    I Bought The Padded Butt Panties..lol

    there is a link to the site under my picture.. They are great!
  7. Honestly im 4 months in and I had to MOURN the loss of my food addiction. It was hard. I enjoy sitting and eating large amounts with my friends and family. Now food means something different, It was frustrating at first but you get over it. My new addicition is dresses and shoes..lol
  8. Everyone is doing great!!! I was at 202 for almost 2 week!! ugg it was frustrating but I just stayed strong and kept focus.. didn't let it get to me and didnt really deviate from my normal regimen. I figured I cant stress and Ill let my body decided when its ready..!!
  9. I DID IT!!!!! today I weighed in at 199!!! oo how get you feel onederland!! how else is everyone doing..?
  10. YES I have this all the time since i had surgery. I have small kids so cleaning the floors and picking things up is hard cause I bend donw and get up and almost fall over. Sometimes it does get worse with dehydration but that is not the only reason.. What she said above about the Posterial Hypotension is exactlly what it is.. if you google it you can find more info about.
  11. megannadine

    I Bought The Padded Butt Panties..lol

    There is a link to the ones I BOUGHT on my original thread... I went through Ilovemybubbles.com
  12. megannadine

    I Bought The Padded Butt Panties..lol

    they look great with my jean shorts..lol I finally look normal from behind..lol Thanx guys!
  13. So I bought some of those padded butt panties and I LOVE THEM.. its kind of funny though BUT they are really comfotable and stay put http://www.lovemybubbles.com/2-inch-padded-panty-caboost.shtml totally cracked up my kids who all wanted to try them on.. Mind you I have all boys..lol
  14. you guys are doing awesome.!!! this weekend was pretty good. although we are all sick right now so not much working out here!!! getting closer though!
  15. We all can do it! We just need to change up our routines. Work out, sweat a little bit and watch what we are eating!!!!!

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