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  1. "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty." ~John F. Kennedy

  2. T.I.R.E.D !!! That is all!

  3. Going to Seaworld with just the babies and Randy, Finally using the free passes we got almost a year ago..lol ANyone wanna come out for a relaxing no agenda day let us know.

  4. So Miguels school asked for donations ( a schoolwide letter) of Napkins and BOWELS for the school field day... I was thinking of sending some napkins and a bag of poop but then they may have meant bowls... HMM not sure, what would you do....:-)

  5. Just a saturday alone with the 2 babies. HMM what to do what to do.. Anyone want to share their plans with me?

  6. Say it aint so!!! Miguel had a friend come knock on the door and ask to play. Apparently he lives next street down and they told each other where they live. Cant wait to meet the parents and get comfortable with them coming and going to each others house.. This summer wont be too bad after all! :-)

  7. The Highlight of my kids day! being able to make his own soda when he gets home from school...lol I make him add crystal light instead of soda syrup.. but its fun none the less!

  8. SO I got enough meat to cover dinner for the next 2 weeks... ( it will be used) Do I even bother putting it in the freezer or should I just leave it in the fridge? ( ill probably put the stuff for later dinner in the freezer.. but what about the stuff used for mid next week?

  9. My poor hunny cant catch a break.... He just got a call 1 of his whole tractor trailer combos full of merchandise is on fire at his yard. Looks like I wont be seeing him till tomorrow...OYE VEY!

  10. Ugh I really need to get to the grocery store but im not about to take all 3 kids and have no room in car to load it and have no room in cart... GRRRRR

  11. In order for us all to go out we had to give up 1 kid..:-( of course it was my miguely and that makes me sad...:(

  12. Randy has decided on rainforest cafe for his bday as well as Christians 13th bday dinner tonight .. Only problem is how to get all kids there as our car doesn't fit!!!! Grrrrr van fairy or 2nd car fairy please stop by sometime soon!!

  13. Anyone go to Galen School of Nursing? how did you like it?

  14. SO I am looking at going to Career Point for LVN... I know I said Medical field wasn't a passion for me BUT I have lots of history in it and there are always jobs out there... I can still be creative outside of work and do my photography and digital design and stuff on the side...

  15. Randys Dinner was canceled! NEVERMIND CANCELING PARTY!!!!! his work is too wishy washy with when he gets out so we are just going to do something alone.... THANX for those that were going to go!

  16. SEAWORLD Aquatica San Antonio is finally open!!!! Who wants to come with me.. BTW they do have the all pass fun card available for BOTH.. its under special attractions on the site for 89.99 I believe. Or a full pass for 129.99...

  17. Headed to the gym! My scale hasnt worked in a week or so, SO I am curious if I have lost some more.....

  18. Not sure if the photographer is supposed to be taking jello shots with the birthday girl.. Lol that what happens when friends hire friends.. Lol

  19. 2 steps forward 3 steps back.. thats how I feel about house work... UGH!

  20. My mom is selling "31" products. You know the bags and totes and stuff with different designs and embroidery. Well I was thinking about starting up as well. doesn anyone have history with them ?

  21. The moment when you realize you stopped being hungry about 3-4 bites ago and there is a big delay in your brain and stomach signals.... Gag :-(

  22. UGH... I am super sick and just wish my hunny was not out of town:-( I need him home, I want him home.....:-( Randy Villarreal

  23. So been so busy cleaning and walking the mall that I forgot to eat enough calories for the day. i am sitting at only 450 for the day! :-0 ... so I know its not the best thing to do But Im drinking a Glass of whole Milk and Jalepeno cheetos to try and bump it up real fast!!! ( do not use me as advice as thats the wrong way to do it..lol) The key to weightloss is not starving myself but keeping my calories up in the 600-1000 range..

  24. What started out as a horrible day ended up one of the best ever!!! Hubby ended up taking me to gruene were we sipped wine, ate at the gristmill , and walked around.. With my mom, mike, my kiddos and the love of my life!!

  25. Got head butted right in the nose by a big headed 1 yr old!! Now I have a splitting headache.... Ugh :-(

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