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  1. 2 months out- how are you feeling, what has been your weight loss and what are you eating? I just hit 2 months. I lost 38 pounds the first month and 14 my 2nd month. I feel great no hair loss yet but I did go through a pretty long stall like 2-3 weeks. nothing bad. I eat everything really. im not on a special diet anymore I eat what everyone else eats but just a bite of two if that. I dont allow my self to eat bread or tortillas ( unless its in chip form) or Pasta.. these items just dont allow me to enjoy a meal at all. Also I find that i dont eat anything until 1 or 2 pm now a days. Im just not hungry until then although I should try... how about you?
  2. Hey guys. So its been 2 months now ( almost) and i am about 50 pounds down. I went through a 2-3 week stall but all of a sudden i have been losing .8-1 pounds a day again. I started working out 3-4 x a week and even joined the GOLDS GYM CHALLENGE. I started at 270 and am right this second 221. Lately I eat a bite of whatever the family eats. This morning they ate french toast and bacon and orange juice. I had 1 slice of bacon and a cup of juice and was full. so on... usually its the bite of the meat I eat and veggies. anyhoo things are going great. before pics yesterday pic at 222
  3. Thank You everyone! You all can do it too. even if you dont hit the numbers I have dont get discouraged everyone loses at different rates... Im so happy I had this surgery and what its done for me. my life seriously has changed a ton and I love being apart of this group!!! Way to go everyone
  4. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    HEy I never checked back either.. im 2 months out and down 50 pounds.. I went through a long stall too but so far so good!! Hope everyone is feeling good
  5. megannadine

    Absolutely The Worst Experience

    I had horrible nasuea from the anesthetic and morphine... I made them take me off morphine right away...went on loritab. I too felt the same way coming out cause I was sooo sick.. but my magic day was day 7-10 after those days I literately felt like I never had surgery and my tummy didnt hurt ( couldnt eat but you get my point). I gained almost 7 pounds at the hospital but you know what?!....... I am 1.5 months out and down 43 pounds.. dont fret you have your whole life to enjoy the new you..
  6. megannadine

    How Much Did You Lose In Month 1

    its been 1.5 months for me and i am down 42 pounds. I have been in a 2-3 week stall though and ill lose 1-2 pounds then right back in it for awhile.. im ready to start losing again though
  7. My husband just said to me.. " dude he is a guy, he wont care, he is going to get laid I doubt he'll notice"...lol yes my husband is so sensitive..lol
  8. megannadine

    Did It Hurt When They Removed The Staples?

    I had 16 staples. and it did feel like someone scratching an itch I had...felt kinda good... There was a couple that stung alittle bit but seriously it hurts more to pop your own pimple or something dumb like that that.. not bad at all... after the staples were removed though my nurse sprayed an adhesive before putting on the sterri strips and that stung more..lol I made her blow on my belly..lol
  9. megannadine

    Muscular Pain In Side Post Surgery

    In regards to the muscle pain... I am having them too. My DR said as you lose weight your body with start to transform a bit and you will be using muscles you dont normall use as your body shifts. ..I keep stretching often and try to work those muscle a little more to strengthen them.... Hope that helps
  10. I just wanted to share my experience!!!! so far I am super excited
  11. I was told to remove them once the edges start to curl up... about day 7
  12. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    My food porn for the day.... I DARE YOU to read this blog http://blogchef.net/ All the way back 2 years ago and every post looks delish!!!!
  13. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    OO MY , yes theater popcorn is HIGH on my list of missed food. Im the same way.. I watched MAN VS FOOD all the time and the BEST FOOD... I also watch all the food documentaries to help level me too..lol I love looking at food it helps me too
  14. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    ok one more.. Im craving EGG salad Sandwich right now Is even whole wheat bread ever ok with our sleeve or is it too much?....
  15. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    Here is one of mine... Can i ever eat a good hot wing? I LOVE HOT WINGS!!!!!! 2- street tacos with Jalapenos and sour cream lastly- BBQ ribs..... ooo how I miss you!!
  16. Im right there with you... almost 1 month out and I cant eat more then 2 super duper small bites of soft food. I can seem to get down a half of a pudding but thats it really. Also i dont feel "good" ful feeling I feel the lump in my throat i wanna throw up feeling.. Food and eating time has become my enemy, i dread when i realize i havent ate anything and need to. GRR I too hope this passes. I normally love Tamales and we have a fridge packed with them right now.. well I pulled one out to try and eat a bite and the smell made me gag..... my heart broke in a million pieces..lol
  17. I felt the same a couple days ago.. i ended up going to the emergency room and got put on fluids but before they did that she checked my blood sugar level ( im not diabetic) and it was extremely low. what I was experiencing was hypoglycemia. I started eating 1 regular popcicle a day... still doing sugar free other stuff but allowing the little sugar and it has helped me alot.. just a thought
  18. megannadine

    Dreaded 3-week Stall - Info?

    Im 3 weeks out and im in a stall. But i don't care really. I'm not stepping on the scale anymore and I wont for another week. I just focus on my fluid intake and figuring out what i can eat now..
  19. I kind of agree with the toxic thing. DId you know that Splenda is made in a lab by just adding 2 chlorine molecules in the carbohydrate structure ( sugar) causing your body not to know what to do with it so thats why its doesnt effect you.... My nutritionist who has a PHD was telling me she was part of research group who found that Splenda was causing kidney and bladder cancer in rats.... Needless to say she strongly advocates STEVIA which is naturally grown and not created in a lab. she also said that "THEY" know aspertame is highly bad for you and was pulled from the market awhile back but due to a HUGE uproar and the want for it they allowed it to be used. anyhoo enough of that..lol Natural sweetners is the best if you have to have it.. Like Stevia, maple syrup, and honey just a "food" for thought! :-)
  20. So I am 13 days post op weighed 268 at time of surgery and officially weight 242.2. i finally had the courage to post my first before and after... not much but coming along great!! thanx for the support guys!
  21. Thank You guys! im actually down 2 pant sizes too.. i was a 24 now I fit in my old 20's.. Thankfully my weight has fluctuated sooo much that I have a lot of different sizes..lol
  22. Thank You ! Im trying I have a long ways to go still but at this rate i think i should be good by next summer!! :-)
  23. The "pain" was gone by day 6-8 for me.. Im on like day 10 now and i feel good expect Im really stiff in the morning and Tired... but for the most part you wouldhave never guess I had major abdominal surgery
  24. What was your 1st months loss...especially those who lost alot. I posted before about losing alot my first 4 days.... well its still going strong and on post op day 8th im at 23lbs lost!!! Im not complaining I just think this is crazy how fast its coming off. I mean even if I have a stall of some sort the rest of the month I will still probably hit 40lbs lost the first month. I did this surgery to loss weight but i'm afraid of it coming off sooo quickly like something is wrong with me. Im still on liquids although i try to add mushys now but cant do too much before I feel blah.... I know I might be slightly dehydrated but i have been working on that the last 2 days...... I just want to see if others out there lost in the 30-40-50 the first month or if that is unheard of? BTW I am 5'4'' was 268lbs now I weigh 245.4 and I have 3 boys at home 2 of which are babies so I do move around a bunch

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