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    LadyAlana reacted to BigDog Bryan in Where is my wagon? I fell off of it long ago...   
    Just found this link inside of BariatricPal, It might help - certainly can't hurt

    Hope it helps

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    LadyAlana reacted to DaleCruse in Where is my wagon? I fell off of it long ago...   
    I'm three years post op & am ashamed to admit I've regained 30-35 pounds. I could use some inspiration too. Thanks.
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    LadyAlana reacted to Berry78 in Where is my wagon? I fell off of it long ago...   
    The wagon is "LadyAlana's eating rules" or "Dale Cruse's eating rules"
    Each of us has to create a set of rules by which we make our dietary choices. Since we all have different needs (physically and emotionally), our rules must be taylored to fit us.
    My rules for now (4.5months postop)
    1. Eat a variety of foods each day that fit within a designated framework. (Protein goals, calorie goals, etc).
    2. Keep it simple and easy
    3. Sugar is limited to special occasions (birthdays, etc)
    4. Eat food that tastes good and makes me happy, while adhering to #1- #3.
    My rules are broad, non-specific... and this keeps those constant while my actual mealplan can change.
    Right now I don't eat grains or starchy vegetables (except beans), but those specific rules will change as I meet my weight goal. Maybe they'll switch to eating grains, but they have to be sprouted..or whatever.
    Eating without rules got me to 300lbs. I never want to do that again!

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    LadyAlana got a reaction from lisaBme in Where is my wagon? I fell off of it long ago...   
    I am 6 years post op and have gained 35 pounds. I am ashamed and disappointed. I forgot about being a gastric sleeve patient at some point in life and went back to eating all day long and not working out. I know that my problem is not the food itself but my relationship with it. Has anyone else fallen off their wagon so bad that they don't even see the wagon anymore? And if you fell, how did you start to get back up?

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