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  1. Before my surgery, I had gone about 5 months with no period. The month of my surgery, I got it (in January), and then in February I got it, and it's STILL here. I've been on my period for almost 3 weeks now!!! And it's not a light one either, it's heavy and i'm having a lot of pain with it. It's slightly ridiculous. Just wondering if anyone else has been here. I was so used to not having a period, and then BAM!, a three week long period?! Do I need to tell my doctor, or what? I'm 19, by the way... if that helps at all.
  2. 22 pounds down!

  3. lost 4 pounds last week... so glad the 3 week stall is DONE!

  4. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  5. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  6. Thanks!

    I have 5 kitties and 2 dogs! I have always had a cat in my life. I would have more if I could!

  7. Thank you :) she's my baby! I love your background!

  8. I love your little kitty!!!!

  9. Brielle

    Smoking Cigarettes

    I'm not saying its okay, but... I am guilty of smoking the morning OF my surgery. And I was fine. I was so worried about not being able to smoke after surgery, too, but honestly it wasnt as bad as I anticipated. For about the first week, the thought of a cigarette disgusts you. And once you get so far without a cigarette, it gets easier and easier.
  10. I just took 2 tylenol for a headache, not even thinking about it. Its not capsules, it's tablets. Is this okay? I realized the second I swallowed it that I didn't know if I could have it, but it was too late. I feel fine, but I was just wondering if anyone had been told differently. thanks dudes
  11. I'm just not feeling it today. School stinks.

  12. Brielle

    Can you?

    I was also told 2 weeks clear liquids, 2 weeks full liquids, 2 weeks mushies, and then slowly add regular foods. I think all doctors differ, though...
  13. Just curious... how many calories do you guys get a day? I know that everyone's doctors tell them differently.
  14. needing inspiration!

  15. Brielle

    Bowel Prep

    4 people in my family had gastric bypass, and they had to do the bowel prep laxatives. i had VSG, and the only form of bowel prep i had to do was a clear liquid diet the day before surgery. that's it!

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