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  1. Calgarygirl

    clear protein

    Hi everyone.... I just need some ideas for Clear protien - and in Canada Im finding it impossible to find anything so far... argh.... Does anyone hae suggestions?? Im thinking I might need to order on line but it might take a while.... I cant find Isopur or Smart Water so Im thinking of going to some health stores today, but thought it might be good to have a list of ideas! Thanks for your help in advance!!
  2. Hi I am so happy to see your post cause Ive been in the same boat for the last week lol.... and the scale isnt moving, that darn halloween candy!! I need to start counting my calories starting tomorrow so I can get the scale moving again.... I have been frustrated it hasnt been moving. I also need to get back on here, I havnt been using it much, but hopefully I can pick up some motivation and some inspiration!! I need to start setting some small goals for myself!! Keep up the good work, Ill ttys!!
  3. Calgarygirl

    What is WRONG WITH ME???

    lol I feel the same way, often I think I should be thinking like everyone else.... I enjoy eating,,,, I love activia vanilla yogurt... it tastes like a piece of cheesecake, love chicken broth with a scrambled egg in it, I can drink slushy drinks no problem.... some days Im thinking I wasnt even sleeved lol.... I wish I had that feeling of disgust or being full after one bite.... I worry I might be in trouble too
  4. yes, use gas x strips and lots of walking
  5. So exciting, its finally here!! The next few days are going to fly by.... cant wait to have you join us on the losers board!! Remember that each day gets better!! Good luck girl!!
  6. Calgarygirl

    egg drop soup okay?

    Thanks for the great idea for lunch today, never even thought about this one, I love egg drop soup!!! It went down very smooth!! Day 2 of soft foods :thumbup:
  7. Calgarygirl

    Closing in on 16 months post op

    Wow, youre my inspiration!! You have done so well, thanks for sharing, I love your positive attitude and new look on life!! Congrats on your success!! And thanks for sharing all your common questions lol I always wonder what life will look like down the road :wink0:
  8. Thats not true that I know of, with the sleeve its suppose to absorb nutrients with no concerns, unlike the gastric bypass.... the sleeve is an amazing tool that puts little restrictyions on the body afterwards :thumbup:
  9. Calgarygirl

    clear protein

    theres another website called well.ca that has lots of stuff but as a CDN its so not worth it once the shipping prices come in, argh BUT I just looked at costco online and I found a Protein drink finally!! 20g protein per scoop - doing the happy dance!!
  10. Calgarygirl

    clear protein

    Amy, thanks for sharing, awesome website!!!!!
  11. Calgarygirl

    clear protein

    I think Rexall is the only store I didnt go to today lol BUT I finally found it at the Superstore!!! Its Protien Shot 25g for 2.99$ (tastes like grape kool aid - yum yum) and I found the only 6 bottles of Isopure in this whole city lol I think from here if I want to spice it up I need to look online for sure, but glad there was at least finally a little bit of something!! Wow if anyone wants to open a business it would be good to market to VSG lol
  12. Calgarygirl

    Anybody watch dr phil today!?

    yup... Im there.... I just feel fat and fat lol as the weight increased, the boyfriend suffered It was and is a total lack of feeling attractive for me too
  13. Calgarygirl

    Any other Canadians out there?

    Hi everyone..... Calgary here and fresh back from warm sunny Mexico...lol... miss the weather, but I love being home!
  14. thats awesom Djackson.... my parents and sister wrote me back a few hours laster and were also all very very supportive... I had tears flowing lol I think sometimes fear gets the best of us, but in the end its never as bad as it seems!! It was the best presnet today and Im so glad I can just be myself and not have to hide anything!! (Huge sigh of relief)
  15. Youre soon to be there girl!! We just actually got back from Dr.Pompas office, until we leave they are checking our incisions, and redoing our gauze each morning and evening for us... plus any last minute questions which is awesome!! Dr.Christian is the night staff and he honestly was the best in my opinon, but truthfully everyone was great. Dr.Christian though just always made me smile and I was always happy to try harder when I was around him :cursing: They have a great team there!! And Im so excited, I get to go home in the morning!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best feeling in the world!!
  16. Im sooooooo jealous....I have to wait until the morning until we leave for the San Diego airport, and I hope the scale reports something positive like yours!! I hope so I dont think Ive eaten food now for 7 days now lol (and the fantastic thing is Im not even craving it) WOW! We did try doing a little shopping in Tijuana today but I didnt find anything, beautiful mall though!! Its so nice and warm here but I cant wait to go back home!! Congratulations and welcome home!! BIG HUGS!!!
  17. So at 2:30 in the morning, while in Tijuana Im lying wide awake and all I can think of is how can I not tell my parents and sister. Im good wheather that take it or leave it as Im doing it for me. Its basically my mother who drives me nuts when it comes to food.... for years I have asked can we please do other stuff then eating all the time, and she agrees, but nothing ever changes.... so last week when she invited me to go for a buffet and insisted I cant say no because dad is paying.... so I say no, can we please just not do something that doesnt involve food (not to mention my surgery was less then a week away too lol,,,, and she said that sounds wonderful, lets go bowling or to a movie soon then.... but while I have been in Mexico my bf writes my mom to tell her he has a dvd for her computer so my mom says thanks and insists that we need to start coming over for supper more.... that was it!! lol she seriously just doesnt know when to stop.... I wasnt going to tell my parents or sister, but I figure why live a lie, this is something HUGE and exciting for me, and people who are unsupportive of it, I dont want in my life. So wow I wrote a big long letter, and now Im waiting to hear back, but honestly Im relieved and feel the stress off my shoulder, and I cant believe I just let it all out lol (it was liberating).... but this has been ever since Ive known the rollercoaster of ups and downs with weight and Im done being in the Obese category. My doctor was 100% behind me and supported me all the way which meant alot to me, Im just hoping my family is the same!! eeekkSsss!! lol I figure if I dont tell people I can possibly just put the weight back on by streching my stomach and lying just to aplease people, no more, this is my year, my new me, the skinny new me!!! I wish everyone lots of luck in their decisions in telling people, but why not just tell everyone, youre not doing it for them, youve made this decision with a lot of care, thought and ups and downs. It took me over a year to think about it and the last 6 months to really be serious about it,,,, and to be honest it has been the best present I have ever given myself and no one is going to burst my buttons lol
  18. Calgarygirl

    ME NOW!!!!!

    wow, you go girl, you have done amazing and are an inspiration for just being 12 weeks out!!
  19. Yes a facilitator did and one other girl from Calgary, and there was one more girl from Sask with her mom. It was realy easy to get down here, the driver basically found us waiting at the baggage as he had a sign with Dr.Pompa on it. ha ha thats too cute about Anchorman, Tijuana is only 14 miles from that airport, its so close and that youre there within 20 minutes! Very easy to do!! Soon, soon!!
  20. Just remember that every day you are there, you feel better and better... by the time you are getting discharged you feel more like yourself. Do your walking and breathing and get your rest while youre there. They will give you pain meds on a regular basis during your stay. On your way out, they also give you more meds to be taking over the next week. I am feeling good now and excited to be going home On Tuesday. And I cant wait to see what happens over the next few months!! And youre almost there too girl, 2 weeks to go, and youre going to do fabulous... ohhh if you need conditioner bring it - the clinic only had shampoo.... showering was such a nice feeling!! I looked forward to that and the ice chips the most (and you can request as many ice chips as you want lol) Getting drinks and more popsicles from the OXXO was also a huge treat afterwards, they have lime ones there that taste like a margarita... such a treat after such a big surgery. Feel free to ask me anything though!! I know before I dont know what I was thinking.... but it all goes really smooth once youre there, and then all of a sudden after 2.5 days youre ready to go back to the hotel. Ill be talking to you soon!!
  21. 3 days out and whew!! Im glad thats done and that Im now on the other side of it all!! I just wanted to let you know that the last 3 days, Dr.Pompa and her staff have been and were amazing!! There is no dvd at the hotel or clinic though but they have tons of movies channels that were playing great movies the whole time I was there. Day 2 - you get ice chips - and trust me even though you cant swallow them, they are the best!! Day 3 after your leak test - you get a popsycle and its amazing!! Theres also a pharmacy downstairs where you can buy drinks and an OXXO across the street to buy drinks. We go back again in the morning and evening tomorrow to just get checked up on again and so they can also redo out bandaids/ gauzes over the incisions. Tuesday morning we get to go home!! SO happy about this!! Good luck with your soon to be visit!! There were 3 of us there getting ours done at the same time and everyone had successful surgeries!! Theres quite a few more coming down tomoorow and the next day from Canada to get their vertical sleeves done!! Woohoo!!:001_tongue: I cant wait to see the results!!
  22. Calgarygirl

    September sleevers wanted!

    Hi everyone, wow finally back at the hotel in Tijuana and I would have to agree with LMD, not the easiest 3 days but its done and Im finally on the other side, whew! I cant wait to see the results over the next few months!! Hugs to everyone!!
  23. Calgarygirl

    Sleved Yesterday

    Such happy news for a good surgery!! Thanks for sharing how you are doing!! Im glad to hear fantastic!! Im today!! eeks, lol Ive started my question list for the doctor and I have to remember to breath!! So many thoughts going through my brain.... I hope to be in good shape like yourself afterwards!! You have an amazing positive attitude!! WIshing you the best!! And definitly would love to chat afterwards about whats working and how post op is going!! Congrats my soon to be sleeve sisters!
  24. Calgarygirl

    Almost 1 year post VSG surger

    Thats so wonderful, congrats!!
  25. Calgarygirl

    Im getting scared!!!

    I so understand your fear - my surgery is tomorrow and I think Ive had every possible thought go through my head - like what if I dont wake up tomorrow - who will get all my stuff lol ... its funny what the mind does to us! Im here in Tijuana now and its really amazing, nothing like what I thought!! And the other girl whos also getting it done the same day with me is a nurse, and there are so many nurses on here which reassures me its safe!! My doctor was 110% with me getting it done too.... and yes we have to think of the end results... We are starting all over again, we are going to be healthy, no more yo yo dieting!! Im so excited to know that after years and years and years lol of dieting and programs, this is going to be the one that will actually work and do well at keeping the wait off, its the tool we need!! thats why we decided on it in the first place!! Sending you lots of positive thoughts!! Youll do great!!

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