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  1. GeorgieGirl1957

    No more CPAP!

    I hear ya, dude. I hate my CPAP, and I have had it for a year and a half. My youngest brother died at age 32 from sleep apnea, my other brother and my father have it too. As well as my daughter and her daughter who weighs 35 lbs soaking wet and is 5 yrs old. So, it seems to be neurogenic in my family more so than weight related, but I am so hoping when I lose another 50 lbs that I can lose the CPAP too. Let's keep those fingers crossed! But I am not getting those hopes up too high as I know the likelihood is high that I will have to make the best of it. The good news is, I use the nasal pillows (I am claustrophobic so the mask won't cut it for me) and my symptoms disappear as long as I use it religiously. No palpitations of my heart, no headaches in the morning, but I do have the cotton mouth. One morning my tongue was actually stuck to the roof of my mouth. :unsure:And I fly around the room like a balloon in the morning too. I do keep the heated humidifier down low though as I have choked on condensation more than once.
  2. GeorgieGirl1957

    No Restriction with Fluids

    I was the same way! I could drink as much as I wanted from day 1 post op. For a while I thought I may be overdoing it, but I sure was well-hydrated. Food was a whole other story though. Once I got to scrambled eggs, I fill fast. I used to eat 2-3 eggs, now I can manage 1. Same thing with meats, chicken and fish. Just can't eat more than about 3-4 oz.. Salad on the other hand, runs right through like water. But if I have any meat on it, I fill up fast. Weight loss has been good though. Not as fast now as it was in the beginning, but with winter here and not hardly exercising like I was, I am glad to be losing at all. I lost 40 lbs on a high prot low carb diet between April and August. and was sleeved in Aug. Since then lost another 66 lbs. for a total of 106. I am pretty happy about it. I have 94 to go. Have gone from a size 32 to a 24, which I know is still queen sized, but being 5'10" tall, I do look a LOT smaller now. Especially from behind, LOL, as I still have that extra butt in the front (pannus) but it's shrinking, too, although slower. gg
  3. GeorgieGirl1957

    Step by step guide to the VSG experience!

    Well your experience was a little different than mine, but we're both almost the same amount of time post op. How is the weight loss going? Are you feeling good? Problems? Any other thoughts you might want to share? gg
  4. You all will love Dr. Aceves. I am an RN and I am pretty picky about who I go to. He's terrific and so is his staff. I have nothing bad to say...my husband thought he was great, too! g
  5. GeorgieGirl1957

    4 mths and 100 pounds you can do it!

    Hi folks! First let me congratulate you! Being a heavy weight myself, I know the work you are doing. And I would also like to validate your comment that others can do it too. I am 4 months postop and including my preop loss, I am down 98.5 lbs. My 50% goal was to lose 100 by the end of the year. I feel pretty sure that barring a mother of all stalls, I should be on track to hit that goal. My 100% goal is to be down another 100 by next august (my one year surgiversary). My diet is very similar to yours. Getting the 80-90 gm of Protein per day and lots of Water is key. I use a couple different supplements because I don't like fruity flavored drinks. I only use chocolate Pure Protein choc powder from Target, and Premier premixed choc shakes from costco. I am anal about getting my water and Vitamins in. And I haven't been exercising nearly what I should be doing, but I am overall more active than I was 100 lbs ago. School, homework and an internship eats up most of my time. Then there's job hunting time and a family to take care of. I know it would come off faster if I could hit the streets. And I will be doing that next month when my brutal schedule eases up a bit. But for all you pre-op folks, it CAN be done. Another critical item is to get all the bad habits out of the way before surgery. My biggest piece of advice is this. Because, once you're post op the coping is a lot easier if you've already dealt with all your addictions and get yourself in the headspace for the post op diet. IT MAKES THE JOURNEY FAR LESS PAINFUL AND LESS HEAD HUNGER. IMHO, anyway. Good luck to you all. Will check in again soon when I get a few mins to write. gg
  6. GeorgieGirl1957

    An NSV worthy of a post.

    Way to go Irene! gg
  7. GeorgieGirl1957


    Hey, Is it me, or do others find it weird to have donut marketing at the top of this page??? Anyway, I got my labs back today...and I am about 13 weeks post op and down 86 lbs (pre and post op total) since April. My cholesterol is drumroll....wait for it....wait for it....175!!! OMG! I haven't been that low in 20 years! That's NORMAL!!! NORMAL...can't believe I'd ever call anything about me normal. I have also gone from a size 32 to a 24/26 (depending on the brand) although some things are 22's. I am soooo happy. My short term goal is to be down 100 by Christmas. Not sure if I can pull it off as the weight loss has sllllloooowwwwed a bit. But I'm gonna give it my best shot. HEE HEE HEE... I am soooo happy G
  8. GeorgieGirl1957

    29 Years Old & Getting the Sleeve

    Hi, I too went to Dr. Aceves. And he and his staff are nothing short of awesome. There have been many times I have questioned whether or not I actually had surgery because I haven't had any of the typical complaints people have after a sleeve. It has been awesome. I am 11 weeks post op and have lost 45 lbs post op and 40 preop for a total of 85 lbs since April. Now, I am a heavy weight, so I still have another 135 to go. But I figure I will be at goal by next summer, one year post op. It's not been easy, but it is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I too was not comfortable telling everyone because I have been judged harshly by others for being overweight and had no desire to be judged even more for my decision to do something permanent about my yo-yo. To date, only a handful of people know. My father and son do not know that I have lost my weight through surgery because I was on a high Protein diet for 4 months preop. I am sure my son's wife suspects, but they don't know for sure. Too many people think it's the easy way out if they have never been in our shoes. And I CAN lose weight. I have gained and lost and regained 250 lbs over my adult life (was a normal weight prior to adulthood). I just cannot keep it off. Until now. And I have never been a junk food junkie. I did eat large portions and never felt full...always hungry. I am still on high prots, low carbs and will remain here until reach goal. After that, I believe I will go back to a balanced diet, just with my current portions. However, I started an RN refresher program 2 weeks ago. I am sad to report that my instructor "outed" me to the whole class on the first day within the first 10 mins. I couldn't believe it. I guess because her husband had a bypass she felt enabled to just blurt it out. She knew because I had asked for a preceptee arrangement at a local bariatric center. I figured if I had to do student nursing again, after being a nurse for 33 years, that I wanted it to be meaningful to me. But I never asked her to keep it confidential...just assumed she wouldn't say anything. Well, the bimbo barbie dolls in class felt it necessary to chew on that info during a break. How tacky. Turns out one of then had lost 100 lbs (70 on HCG and 30 on the divorce diet) but she it the REAL way, and didn't take the easy way out like I did...yatta yatta. Personally, I don't see where HCG is any healthier than surgery. The one bimbo says to the other "You don't look or act like someone who has had a weight problem..." Nice. I turned and walked away. Small minded and petty. Well, she's only early 30's and from my experience and the statistics, she WILL gain it back (at least she has a 96% chance of it) and likely with a bonus. Bottom line: We here did the right thing. We have to do what we have to do. And if it takes something drastic to get healthy, then that's right for us. And if you don't want people to talk about it, you'd best get them to promise not to up front. GG
  9. GeorgieGirl1957

    Yippee that stall is over!

    Me too! I just ended a 2 week stall and am 9 weeks post op. This is my first real stall though. I was beginning to worry, except my clothes kept shrinking. Thank goodness! That is the ONLY thing that kept me from getting really frustrated. GG
  10. No you didn't eat your last piece of pizza, but you may have had your last WHOLE pizza. 4 or 5 weeks post op, I ate 2/3 of a slice, left the round, hard crust but ate all the toppings. It was awesome. And I was quite satisfied. You'll be able to have it again, but not just now, and not all that you ate before. But trust me, you won't want it. A little dab will do ya... gg
  11. GeorgieGirl1957

    Woke up in Twoderville this morning!

    Oh, the clothes are great! And being able to actually wear some of them now is soooooo awesome! I must confess, I never really had a stall until 2 weeks ago. Then I began wrestling with the same 4 lbs. All the while, I was getting smaller in my clothes, but just couldn't get past that 300 lb milestone. Finally, it broke this morning. I was quite happy to see that scale move. Even though my rational mind was trying to tell me not to sweat the numbers, it's hard. You want that quantitative gratification for the hard work. And finally, it happened! gg
  12. GeorgieGirl1957


    Sashimi went down really well for me when I was on soft foods. Don't be surprised though, how little you'll be able to eat before you full the first time. g
  13. Well, it finally happened after the biggest granddaddy of all stalls!!! I am now down 81 lbs and woke up this morning and weighed. When the scale read 299.4 I rubbed my eyes to be sure they just weren't blurry!!! Sorry I've been AWOL lately from the board. Been busy with life... ~ I started back to school for my RN refresher course. ~ I went to a bariatric support group get together. It was high Protein, low carb and great company. The hostess is about 2 yrs out and she gave me a PILE of gorgeous designer clothes. Some very nice work suits and dress clothes. Some fit now, some will fit soon and some down the road. It was such a thrill. I was really tickled. Well, that's all the news from me! Take care everybody! gg
  14. GeorgieGirl1957

    Let's count Dr. Aceves Patients!

    I had my sleeve by Dr. Aceves on 8/12. Would not hesitate to recommend him. See some of my other posts for my story, post op complications (no fault of anyone---just one of those things) And I got awesome care for that too! I'm a retired health care professional and know the difference between great care, so-so care and horrible care. And I can tell you that for the most part the care is awesome in the hospital. I had zero complaints about Aceves and his team. It was the first spinal I ever in my life. And it went very well. No problems with it at all. I had very little post op pain, one tiny episode of nausea (my first sip of water---which was cured by an IV medication) and no vomiting. I am about 8 weeks and a couple days post op and have lost a total of 79 lbs (total pre op dieting and postop) 39 post op. I thought it would be more, but the scale keeps moving albeit slowly. Our AZ weather has been bloody hot lately but the pool is too cold to swim because our overnight temps cool the Water too much. So I am not exercising like I was. Need to get back into that. Bottom line: I have not had one second of regret for the surgery choice, the surgeon choice, or anything else. I feel so much better. All my GERD has disappeared. Not one episode of it since surgery (knock on wood). But I am pretty much following the program to the letter (except I need more exercise). Our temps are expected to cool off next week. and I start classes after that too so that will get me moving more. GG
  15. GeorgieGirl1957

    Another newbie

    Your story is similar to mine, except that I am much older than you. Good for you for reaching the wise choice at a young age. The quality of your life as you age will be superb! And you will be teaching your kids a healthier way to eat and to view food in general. Welcome, and I wish you much success in your journey. GG

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