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  1. I went to Mexicali for my surgery. How about you? How are you feeling?

  2. Since the onset of my fibromyalgia I have been very limited in my ability to exercise. With a very low resting metabolic rate (approx 1250) and the side effect of weight gain with many of my meds I sadly put on weight very quickly. Despite my best efforts I was not able to slow the progression and went from about 125 to 185 in about 18 months. My family history includes all of the comorbidities of diabetes, heart disease, early age stroke, cancer, etc so I am terrified of not being able to prevent their onset. Prior to the fibro I always kept very fit to stave off the genes I inherited.


    Although 185 is relatively small for a bariatric surgery it is still obese at my height. My surgeon agreed that we could do the surgery now or wait another 18 months for the pounds to pile on. I have been sleeved for 6 days and have already lost 5 pounds. I am thrilled with the decision.

  3. My recovery was quite easy. I have a two year old and a 4 month old. My mom was here to help but it seemed to go by fast. I was walking for exercise after I go home. I don't work. If I did and it was an office job I could have went back to work the next day. You will be very pleased with Dr Zapata and the hospital. Monterrey is more like a European city than what you would think a mexican city is. I had a really good experience. The nurses where great and checked on me all the time. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  4. hey lynda i am also having vsg on the 3rd of march, i feel you girl i feel the same way, but my fears are becuase i have never had any kind of surgery so you can imagine. i wish you the best, ill be in contact with you. oh by the way im having surgery in monterrey mexico with dr zapata

  5. where are you having your sleeve? yolanda from laredo texas

  6. hello girl, why did you have vsg when you are not that heavy?

  7. My surgeon used a 32fr bougie.

  8. hello tiffany do you know what size of bougie your doctor used on you? thanks yolanda laredo texas

  9. hello shontel my name is yolanda and i am having vsg with dr zapata on 3-11-10 i would really appreciate if you can call me so that i can ask you some questions. i am very nervous and need someone that has had surgery with dr zapata to talk to. my number is 956-334-3588 thank you

  10. Where are you having surgery? I'm having mine on March 11th, but getting the jitters.:-(

  11. hello, amerigirl how has yor recovery been , i will be going to dr zapata on march 10. how long were you off work?

  12. Hello girl when did you have surgery or when are you having vsg. Because on your last picture you look super thin. Awesome :-)