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  1. thanks ladies for the responses... i feel sure that if and when i have the vsg i will go to dr aceves. i still need to gather more information and determine if the sleeve is the option for me due to my medical condition. i would really love to proceed. i have a bmi of 31.8 so to low for insurance coverage and will be self pay. i do have chronic medical conditions as well. i love that so many have had surgery with dr aceses and rave about his care and the care they received in mexico. as an icu rn for the past 21 years i originally did not think i would consider mexico. the more i read the more i am certain that he would be my choice. if this is to happen, i really have a specific time frame to work with. i need to have the surgery the first week of august. i am blessed with a 4 month old daughter born via a gestational carrier due to infertility problems.... thus i have recently been off of work. we also have a second child due the end of august via a gestational carrier..... so i will need to have the surgery.....give my self two full weeks to recover somewhat.... then be on baby watch. with early leave for surgery and then leave for a new baby i will be off work for about 7 weeks. then will go back to work 1 12 night shift per week for a couple of months. well so that is how my mind is thinking now. if this is how it works out it gives me several months to research and settle in my heart that this is the right decision for me. some may think that at a lower bmi that i should just diet. well that has not worked for me .... at least in the long term. i do not want my children to grow up seeing me struggle with weight. what i lose i gain back. now i need to lose 70 lbs and that seems monumental. i just do not want to fight my weight and grow bigger and bigger every decade. my mom just had the vsg in tucson the first of feb and is doing fabulous. so proud of her!!! so i have a great support system and buddy all in one. i work with several people who have also had the procedure. i guess my medical conditions are my only concern. i wonder if dr aceves will exclude me. time will tell. i guess my first thing to do is wait for the coordinator to contact me and she can answer some of my questions regarding timing, pricing, and criteria. i hope all goes well. love reading and learning from all of you on your journey. thanks for letting me share your experiences. hope hear great reports from all of you. kelly
  2. 3636milie.... i see that you are in az as i am. you said that you worked in many teaching facilities. are you a nurse? i am and was wondering if you are, how long did you wait before going back to patient care? thanks kelly
  3. thanks for this post... i have the same questions. thanks for those who have posted and will post kelly
  4. lee i also have RA, i am still in the thinking i want surgery phase.... what medications do you take for your RA post sleeve? did the doctor have any concerns with you and your drug regimen? thanks kelly
  5. stuck... i see that you are from washington. is that washington state or washington dc? we have a summer house in washington state is why i am asking
  6. stuck............ as i said i am very new in seriously thinking about having this done. i have thouht about it for a long time but knew that in the states i did not meet the requirements. my mom just had her VSG done in tucson in feb 2010. so exciting to see how well she is doing. she has a higher BMI then i do so the insurance covered. for me i will be self pay because i have a BMI of 32. but even with BMI of 32 i have 70lbs to lose. which try as i might the weight sticks with me.... i have done some research and so far Dr Aceves is the doctor that catches my attention. i just try to read all i can so that i make the best choice for myself and my family. about the cost... i only know that in Mexico it usually cost between 9,000-11,000. i do not know at all how much dr aceves cost. i do have some medical conditions and want the most experienced doctor. the cost plays a smaller role for me then the experience. i was asking of the time line because i really need to have the procedure done around the first week of august. the reason is simple but requires alot of explaining. see my second child is due to be born the end of august. obviously i am not pregnant and wanting VSG, we had to have a gestational carrier carry our pregnancy. well the timing is complicated so i was wondering.... how long it usually takes to get a date back from the team in mexico. thanks kelly
  7. FYI... i am still in the thinking hoping phase of the VSG, but on this note. I have been taking nexium for 5 years once daily because i have to take other medications that put my stomach at risk. it's just fine for the long run. kelly
  8. How long did it take you to get scheduled for Dr Aceves once you made initial contact and what did he require you to do? thanks for the info. really new to the idea of VSG. kelly

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