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    My Mom is considering the sleeve...

    Irene.... i just wat to add. My mom had the VGS Feb 2010. she was 62 at the time of surgery. she has done fabulous and has lost 85-90 lbs. She struggled with her weight all her life. she loves her sleeve. her hypertension is improved and i believe she is off her medications. It was so inspiring to see her become healthier and more mobil. she has increase energy. I love that she took action so that she will live a much longer and healthier life with me and my children. i am super excited for all of her successes. i want to join her on the looser's bench. Hoping for my VGS in Jan 2011 with Dr Aceves.
  2. kbl

    My progress

    you look great! congratulations on your success. remember the VSG is only a tool. You did the work and it has paid off!
  3. I have not had surgery yet, nor am I scheduled YET...I have been looking into WLS now for over a year. I went from "Mexico NO WAY" to being convinced in my heart that Dr Aceves is the doctor for me! I have read countless post regarding Dr Aceves. They all are positive and seem to have great results. I love to read new accounts because each one just gives me more confidence in my gut feeling. My mom had the VGS last Feb with a doctor in our local area. She has had great results. Sees him for regular follow up... no complaints, yet she has no great report to post. it seems that the patients with Dr Aceves and the hospital in Mexicali are so overly impressed with the care they received that they are motivated to report and share with others. There is a personal connection that is developed with the doctor and staff. A since of caring that is miss with my mother experience. I have had contact with the office and have had a positive experience thus far. I eagerly await my turn.... I want to be on the looser's bench!
  4. Yes the article is totally inappropriate! Unfortunately I think it is a view point that a lot of thinner people feel. That is why overweight people have faced discrimination for years. It is why when I was in grade school I was made fun of and not picked for team activities till the end. I think people who have been over weight for most of their life protect them selves from rejection by not striving for the new job, exposing them self to new people and situations. Of course there are exceptions to this, I am very out going and active in my career. But it does hurt in the inside when I am judged first due to my weight (though I try to hid those emotions from others). My husband and his family are thin people and I have heard my husband make comments like this on many occasions..... yes we have fights and have even been very close to divorce before due to my weight. . I had struggled with my weight all my life. Yet with the help of stimulants and a very low calorie diet I was able to loose. You all know how that turned out. Slowly the weight came back and then one day I realized OMG I have gained back all the weight and more! I was thin when I met and married my husband. I had told him of my struggles with weight and that I hoped not to gain it back but most people do gain weight back. He just thought I would not gain back, or so he says. I currently have a BMI of 32. I am planning on the VGS in January 2011. I want the surgery for me, so that I will feel better in my own skin and to be healthier for the children I have been blessed to be a mother to. My husband is totally behind me in regards to the VSG.... he does not want a fat wife. In short this article is horrible.... do I believe her apology is for real?? NO WAY, one does not say things to this extent with out having this core value. The writer is sorry about the back lash and that now the world sees her as the bigot that she is. I hate that my husband feels the way he does and we have had and continue to have very challenging discussions when these comments are made to me regarding other over weight people he see. (direct comments about me ceased years ago when I told him to hit the road and don't look back if he could not except me the way I am) Thank goodness he does have the self control to keep his comments out of the ear shot of other. The author of this article should be held accountable! Had she said this about Muslims she would have been fired! Will she be held accountable.... NO. Like others have said.... before this was published several people read and proofed this article. It raised no RED flags until the public out cry.
  5. kbl


    well that would be a wild side effect of wls......
  6. thanks for sharing photos.... it is always an inspiration to me to see others success. kelly
  7. so sorry to hear that you are having some issues. i hope your weight loss journey gets turned around and you have a good report to post. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. kelly
  8. though i am not one who has depression... what you posted makes a lot os sense just to feel good in general. i guess it is back to the basics..... we just need to take care of our selves. kelly
  9. kbl

    Problems with death

    i have been a nurse for 22 years working most of my career in the ICU..... i have seen hundreds of deaths. form the most horrific to peaceful. most of the horrific deaths had to do with the family insisting on having everything done and not letting their loved ones go. in modern medicine we have created many ways to poke and prod our patients to eek out a day....week... month. there are those rare occasions when you see someone come back from death's door to live a productive life. it is that hope that keep families and patients continue with all the medical interventions. most continue to fail and eventually die. it is a hard!!! so the most important thing we can do for ourselves is decide now how we want to face these life and death decisions. once a decision is made then appoint someone who will honor our decision when we are not able. sometimes a spouse is not able to do this. in the usa we have a legal document, medical POA, when this is filled out then the person you choose can honor your wishes. with all that said..... death is hard in any circumstance. sorry jane that you are dealing with old issues related to death. i do understand the lose of family and friends from cancer. i also lost my grandfather to cancer when i was a young child and as an adult lost my best friend to ovarian cancer. so i will be thinking about you today! kelly
  10. well i know in time you will see this baby as a blessing to you and your family..... i had infertility for 13 years before our daughter was born via a gestational carrier. i dreamed of a "surprise". she is now 10 months old and we are having a son in two weeks via a different gestational carrier. so we will be new mommies together. i have not had the sleeve yet but hope to have the sleeve in dec or january. i have to wait until i have some FMLA time off from work. having these babies back to back has used up all my FMLA time off. where is cottonwood? as you can see i live in the tucson area. kelly
  11. kbl

    Mommy to be :)

    wow congratulations!!!! keep us posted. kelly
  12. congratulations on your new baby, i would think that at eight months out you would be able to eat healthy for the baby and yourself. i know there is a lady on this forum that just delivered a little girl and was able to keep from graining extra weight during her pregnancy. the great thing about the sleeve is that is is a tool that you will always have. kelly
  13. kbl

    Progress feels good!

    fun pictures, thanks for sharing. kelly
  14. jane did you take some pictures of your "sex in the city" party? if so would love to see you in your outfit. kelly
  15. wonderful news. congratulations. kelly
  16. very exciting for you to now be on the looser's bench. kelly
  17. very fun to look over you blog page... very creative. thanks for sharing. kelly
  18. just so you know when you are NPO for surgery you usually can have water up to three hours before surgery. water leave your stomach very quickly especially if you have not had any food for several hours. i would just ask your doctor if you can have a drink of water during the night if you wake up thirsty. i am a RN and this is what we tell our patients. hope this helps. kelly
  19. kbl

    My amazing journey!

    wonderful... thanks for sharing.kelly
  20. i love the coke threads.... because i do better thinking i only have to give up diet drinks for a few months then for a life time. i do realize that i drink to many now.... but there is hope for the occasional diet coke in the future. kelly
  21. kbl

    Time Off Work

    i am a icu nurse, lots of lifting and turning patients, i am planning on taking five weeks off.
  22. wonderful news.... keep us posted! kelly
  23. Hi I am Kelly, 43( 44 in august) I have been a RN for the past 21 years. First three years in med-surg and the lost 18 years in ICU with some ED thrown in. I currently work in Tucson AZ in the MICU. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. About 14 years ago I was able to loose all my weight and keep it off for two years. Then slowly it creep back on.... then one day shocked that I had regained all of my weight. I have tried and tried... can loose 20-30 lbs then gain in back. I have a BMI of 32 ( I am tall so I still need to loose 70-80 lbs) with RA for the past 24 years. So with obesity and RA those 12 hours shifts in the ICU..... it is getting harder. I am aslo a new mom.... thirteen years of infertility...we had a gestational carrier carry our daughter (9 months one week old) and have a son due to be born in about 5 weeks. Super excited.... therefore many reasons to loose weight. My original plan was for the sleeve in August... now the date is pushed back to late October or November. Sure look forward to joining the looser bench. kelly
  24. it is strange how people that love us or who are suppose to love us can respond to an accomplishment..... weight loss, new job, boyfriend..... hope you just let it slide. take the really good comments and cherish them and drop the rest. i am proud of you and know that you took a big step to regain a healthy you. i guess that is why this forum is so helpful. kelly

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