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  1. Ready2BHealthy

    Going kind of crazy...

    Hi Newmommy05, MB20mom is right! Right now you should be resting and trying to stay hydrated. I tried to at least get as much protien in the form of liquid as possible. But right now you are still swollen. Don't worry about the weightloss....it will come automatically. The sleeve is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.
  2. Ready, I'm glad to hear you are doing good. Everything is great with me. I feel so much better. The exercising is difficult but I'm maintaining 4 miles 3 to 4 times a week. I just wish the weight would come of faster. Who doesn't right? We take years to put it on and want it gone yesterday. lol Good to hear from you and please keep in touch!

  3. I'm doing pretty good. this last week I've stalled at 44lbs, but I'm ok with it ,I know I didn't gain the wieght over night and I know it's not going to come off over night. How about you how are you doing? I have finally gotten to that not hungery stage that everyone talks about. Yahoo!!! Getting enough water drank is still a problem that I work at every day, yesterday was a bad day only got in 25oz. and today I'm paying for it (dehydrated).


  4. Hi! I'm doing fine, thanks! I'm not losing very quickly (down 28 since surgery) because I'm hungry all the time, which is getting so annoying. It really is very disappointing, because getting rid of hunger was my main motivation for the surgery. My hope is that it diminishes after 3 mos since some said that's when it kicked in for them. I can eat anything with no problems, can you? Some things are more uncomfortable to eat, but I haven't had any food intolerances or dislikes, have you? Do you count carbs and calories? Everyone seems so strict with carbs, but why have surgery just to have to follow the Atkins diet? I could have done that on my own. Tell me about you! How is your weight loss? I saw Zane last week, he said my loss was fine but I wan't more! Finally went shopping and went down 2 sizes which was fun for a change. I was hoping to be one of those who never gets hungry and forgets to eat.

  5. How are you doing?

  6. I'm doing fantastic. I'm at a stage now where I can pretty much eat anything I want. The neat thing is I don't want the food I used to want. I've tried eating things like wings, which I used to love, and no go. I just don't like them. I'm down 41 pounds. I feel the best I've felt in years. I'm glad I did this. It's good to hear you are doing good. keep in touch please.

  7. My journey is great. I love this sleeve!!! How have you been?

  8. Just checking on you. How's your journey going? Mines going pretty good so far.

  9. I am such a slave to my scales, even bought a new one that tells you everything BMI % of body fat, hydration level and bone mass. I step on the scale every morning. I'm down 26 lbs as of this am. I'm doing pretty good, can't wait till I can start bowling again. Sitting and watching isn't much fun. I am on 3 teams hoping I will be able to start again next Friday. We'll see how that goes before taking on Monday and Tuesday again, don't want to over do it.

  10. Hey Peggy! I have been doing great. I haven't weighed this week so I will let you know this weekend how much I have lost. I can really tell with my clothes. I don't want to get obsessed with the scale so I promised myself once a week. I eat yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, oatmeal, or beans. I don't mind the mushie stage. I think regular food would hurt right now anyway. How was returning to work? I know my first week returning to work was exhausting!! I was so exhausted the first week. Now I feel much better. Thanks for checking on me. How are you feeling about your decision? I hope you feel better now.

  11. I agree!! Tuna needs the bread!!! LOL I am doing great. I haven't weighed this week, but it feels like more is gone. I promised myself I would weigh once a week. I don't want to get obsessed with the scale. I have been doing great. Mushies are okay. I actually like cottage cheese without crackers...LOL. Thanks for checking on me. How have you been? Have you lost much?

  12. Just cheking up on you. I'm enjoying the mushy stage except for the tuna fish I'm having for lunch today, not as good without the bread. Hope all is going good for you.


  13. So how's it going with eating mushies? There isn't too much I like so I eat mostly eggs, beans, yogurt, cheese, potatoes and applesauce. How about you? What are you eating? I've lost 15lbs and came back to work today. Let me know how you're doing.


  14. Ready2BHealthy

    Bye bye stall