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    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Hi all, 192 on home scale. Gym scale is ususlly 3 to 4 ponds lighter. So---I think I am in the 180s! I just do not have the time to go to the gym and weigh. Wish I did, I would like to do the "happy dance" lol My new pants are really loose! Next week I will officially weigh in. Congrats to all who are haning in there. The weight slow down is so hard to take. Keep the faith, the sleeve will work, even if you are not working it perfectly.
  2. carolyn24seven

    He's a winner! warning: Shameless bragging!

    Tracy, keep me posted as to the show in Cali. If it is anywhere near LA or Orange County, I would really like to attend. Just to try something different. I bought a show dog once. A Min. Schnauser. I L O V E D that dog. Even though at 2 years old I had to house train him. I would love to own a giant Schnauser one of these days. (when i get a farm, haha) I really like the Bichon's. My good girl friend had two of them and they were just the best darn dogs. They both lived to 16 and 17 years old! Good luck with yours, and with the weight loss. I have bad knees and can only ride a bike for exercize. I am trying to put off surgery for 3 more years. Don't think I am gonna make it, even with 60 pounds gone my left knee is just miserable. HA, at least I am happy miserable. HA again. Good luck sleeve sister.
  3. carolyn24seven

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I am down 2 from the last time I posted. Sorry, but I am right in the middle of a nasty rehab of a rental house we own. I finally got the renters out after 3 months of non rent, and I am having to clean it out and re-hab it myself. We are going to fix it up and sell it. No more renters! CA economy just sucks. I HATE throwing people out. I have completely given up on watching my weight. I am exhausted thru and thru.The sleeve has to work for me. I just cannot give it any energy right now. In a couple of weeks, I will get back on track.
  4. Congratulations Steve. You are doing a great job working your sleeve. Your "non-perfect" diet and exercize routines, shows us all we can be successful with our sleeves. All we have to do is try and let the sleeve do the rest. Thank you for the post, it will be very encouraging to a lot of us.
  5. carolyn24seven

    What a week!

    Yeaaa Nana! I love your post! Thank you so much for sharing the positive's! Makes my day for sure.
  6. carolyn24seven

    He's a winner! warning: Shameless bragging!

    WOW tracy, He is stunning! I would love to go to a dog show. I like to watch them on TV. When you show in May will you be showing him yourself? Will it be in Calif.again? Would you post when and where, I think some SS~ers might want to come see a dog show, we are all doing or trying to do different things now. How are you doing weight/size wise? You probably posted that somewhere else but I did not get that link.
  7. carolyn24seven

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I am 191 at the gym scale. 195 on home scale. just gonna leave my ticker alone for this week.
  8. carolyn24seven

    belly button issues

    Hope this is the place for this: My belly button is all red and itchy.:scared0: I have an "inney" It is pretty deep. I don't know if I am not getting it dry after showering or what.:confused1: When I work out at the gym, I get sweaty around my waist, I think some sweat goes in there and stays.:crying: I am putting antibiotic cream on it with a q~tip. I am now drying it with a Q~tip. Should I use powder? After it is cleared up. Any other suggestions? Anyone else experiencing this?:confused: I am worried this can spread to the folds of skin I am developing.
  9. carolyn24seven

    I want to stop loosing now

    I just want my skin to catch up as much as it can. I am using lotions and creams. I am exercizing with weights 3X a week. I do not want to look 13. I do not mind some wrinkles, for pete's sake I'm 63. so some wrinkles are certainly welcome. It is just this deflated look. Yes I am waaaay healthier and I am so glad for that. I am not going to stop the exercize or the eating healthy, oh I just need to quit whining. sorry guys, just thought someone else might be going thru this and could co-miserate with me. misery loves company. Thanks for not joining my pitty party! lol I am better now. onward!
  10. carolyn24seven

    Divorce and VSG

    With divorce comes a whole lot of problems. Be sure you are ready for all the issues that will come up. Try to get some counseling from your church if possible. The man you are "throwing away" will be a treasure to someone else. Everyone is replaceable. But, what you replace with is always going to have issues to deal with. When a spouse dies the grief counslers advise not to make any drastic changes for one year. Do not sell your house, do not re-marry, etc. I think that is good advice for WLS patients also. Do not be idle for that year, get counseling, grow your relationships. I wish you the best life possible.
  11. carolyn24seven

    Had my consult today(long)

    I am so happy you are starting well on this journey. I am happy to hear insurance is now covering this. I am a bit suprised it takes 6 months, but, maybe that is a better way to do it. We all want to be sucessful, maybe this way insures a better overall result. I am hoping the best for you.
  12. carolyn24seven

    NSV shout outs

    wow tiff look at you! happy happy happy. Dress is adorable on you! No wonder it was marked down~~~it was waiting for you to go shopping! lol I love the jeep story. too cute. we are all gettin just too darn cute!!! LOVE IT!!!
  13. carolyn24seven

    Are we messengers?

    @Burnout Go out of your comfort zone for the gym guy. Get a "fat" picture of yourself. Go with some workout clothes when he does. Then just talk to him, show him the picture. He is showing signs of wanting to change himself. So to go "out on a limb" and talk to him seems approiate. AND, guys do that easier. I have to say here that a lady I never met before was a large (sorry,pun) part of my decision to do WLS. She had done a RNY and was adorable. She had a picture in her wallet of her at 300+. WOW is all I could say. I asked why not the band (as that was what I was considering at the time) Her answer made so much sense to me. She needed the weight loss to be permanent. She needed the choice of going back OFF the table. The band can be removed and then where are ya? She was so full of life and energy. I think her name is Tammy and she is from the Houston area and I just want to thank her for talking so frankly to me. She is also now a surfer girl. She had won a surfing trip to El Salvadore, that is how we got to talking in the first place. I had just come back from El Sal from a fishing trip. We met at the Houston Drag strip at a National event. (husbands race) My long winded point is this, establish a tiny bit of a relationship then talk frankly about the whole deal. That is the way to deliver the "message" most effectively. That is my never-to-be-humble opinion. lol
  14. carolyn24seven


    praying for him
  15. Nikki, change up your diet like Tiffy suggested. Let go. I hear your discouragment. You need some peace in your life. Start over. 2 days clears 2 days full 2 days mushies. Then go on a calorie diet right for you. I had to do that to get back on track after the Christmas cookie addiction happened. Please be willing to change up the routine when it is not working. The sleeve will work for you, it already has. Breathe deep and go gently into the storm. We are with you. (((huge hugs))))
  16. carolyn24seven

    Onderland at last

    Yiiipee indeed. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! way to hang in there!
  17. carolyn24seven

    Are we messengers?

    when I had first dropped 30lbs after surgery, I made the "overenthusastic" mistake of going on and on to a person I did not know personally. Yikes what a goof up. I sure hope that poor woman forgives me in some way. I review that encounter in my head a bunch. It makes me not do it again. We are messengers by our actions and deeds, not words~unless asked.
  18. carolyn24seven

    Reflections from a Skinny Chick

    Rose, good to hear from you! I am so happy for your success. goalin 9 months. amazing! Please post once in awhile about how you are doing keeping the weight off. That is still my number one concern and I am not even at goal yet. Good luck to you and your family.
  19. carolyn24seven

    Out of the twos!

    Congrats mountian lover. I Feeeeeel GOOD. da da dadadah. Happy dance happy dance happy dance. grins and giggles all day at the strangest times. Onward and downward!
  20. Lady B; I think all diets work. While you are on them. Then~~~~. I have been on almost every diet possible. I loose great. I gain it all back greater. The sleeve is my hope/chance to loose it and keep it off. I believe it is a life long tool for me to live a "normal" life at a "normal" weight, and still be healthy.

  21. carolyn24seven

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    MidWestgirl:I am so glad you posted. I could not find this thread yesterday for some goofey reason! I am doing the happy dance. I am dancing for all of you and your success'. Get up right now and do it with me. Just 8 counts. Come on. I am at 194. -1lb from last week. Plus, a 6 week measurement revealed a 9" loss. I am gonna brag here, only one, a 32.5 inch waist. Me. my 4 month surgiversary was yesterday. -58 lbs overall. Only 29 lbs to goal. Now, I am going to have to step up the exercize to get to goal by June. One lb a week will not do it. So, I have to exercize on a daily basis. I have only been doing 3 times a week. It is up to me. I have to work with the sleeve to get better/faster results. I am still just so happy for us all. Just silly. I love my sleeve, and, I love my sleeve sisters!
  22. Liz, Call your local parks and recreation Dept. Find out what classes theyoffer for free or next to free. I think you are back east so, you will know in advance what to look forward to this spring. My "senior" center here offers Tai Chi. I really like it, it is slow purposeful movements to music. Not as jazzy as Zumba, but, with my knees I cannot do jazzy. (yet) I even went to lunch at the center for $2.50. LOL Most people are older than me, but, it kinda felt like visiting my Mom. (passed 15 years ago) they play cards and have a pretty good time. I can't take too much of the place, but, 2X a week for Tai Chi is good. I still go to the gym to ride the bike vigoursly and do weights for upper body. I am looking forward to the day when I can take up a real dance class like Oregondaisy. I am so glad you are feeling better and better. Progress, in little steps or large, it's all about moving forward.
  23. carolyn24seven

    What's up with all these men & sex addiction?

    its all about the EGO. Males need the ego boost sex gives them . you know, conquring hero and all that crap. So, I understand the sex addiction thing. (don't condone it) Here is what I do not understand. Why do they think they can get away with it? Any addiction is transparent. Look at the guilt we all have felt about our weight. They must be feeling guilt also, so why not get help? BEFORE you get caught. I mean crap, the behaviors are there, clear markers on the path to distruction. These guys don't even try toget straight until they get caught. John Edwards makes me sick. How can some one so "smart" be so stupid? I just expect smart people to do smart things I guess. That is what happens when you "expect" things~~~you get dis- appointed instead.
  24. carolyn24seven

    Sleeved yeterday and feeling bad

    Looser: get some melatonin. Capsuels. take them(it) before bed. I too wound up awake after a few hours sleep. I do not like the OTC sleep aids, for the way they make me feel the next day. Found the melatonin thru this site and am doing much better, (when I remember to take it).ha
  25. carolyn24seven


    DeeDee: Oh honey, I am just all puddled up here happy for you. 90 Pounds just gone from your life forever! Congratulations on meeting (exceeding) your goal for the first time! Tears of happiness boy, this weight loss thing is sure emotional at the oddest times. huge hugs