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  1. Chancie

    where are the heavyweights?

    WOW- I just read all the post and all the numbers...... and I am the heaviest "heavy weight":scared0: 373 my highest..354 day of surgery....... 173 today..... thats 200 POUNDS GONE!! Sometimes I still can't believe it! The sleeve ROCKS!!
  2. I'm 14 months out and have not made "goal".. Goal is 160- I've been over two hundred for the last 20 years.. so I am not fretting this... I am also older than most in here. and yes.. the weight loss has slowed down.. and I have not exercised like I should.... But I have lost 181 pounds...... and am VERY happy with that. This has changed my life...... in more ways than one. And I will continue to follow the rules and make it even further... but will not let it determine who I am... I will do that. at 173 pounds or less!!! Been years since I could even say what I weighed......... but is a feather in my cap now!!!!
  3. Chancie

    Let's get this singles forum going!

    I have been having so much fun lately... I even got on the back of a motorcycle again!! It was soooooo much fun!! I was a bit nervous at first thinking of the "old fat" me.... can he handle me on the back of this thing?? But after a minute I was fine!! And, you gotta admit... after being overweght... the attention is flattering! I havn't decided what I'm gonna do with the fellow that travels... but am not closing any doors if you know what I mean?:wink0: Part of me wants to just let it go... and I want to tell him I am looking... am a member of several dating sites... and have a few that want to meet me... isn't that crazy?? Before I would never think of meeting anyone like that... but I am so much more confidant now. life is tooo short.. and yes.. I too wish I had done this years ago... but like you said.. it is never too late!!
  4. Chancie

    One Year ago today!

    WOOOOOO HOOOOO Daisy!! Isn't it fantastic????? A size 6!! AMAZING!! I'll never see a 6... but my size 12's are getting big!! WTG Daisy!! proud of you girl!!
  5. Chancie

    Tortillas are No Go!

    I gave up red meat... a good rib eye use to be my fav, but is tooo heavy now. I don't eat bread.. it feels like it continues to grow in my stomach for hours!! I'm a big Soup person now.... ya'll gotta try Bear Creek soup mix... 8 cups of Water and thats it!! I love the brocolli and cheese.. I add a bag of frozen broccolli to it- YUmmmmmmmmmmmY!! Solid meat is still heavy in my stomach... and I'm glad!! I never use to know when I was full.. I sure do now!!!
  6. I meassured from my first Doctors visit... and have lost over 100 inches...... gotta find my records... will post them when I do. I know I was like a 54 in the bust... now a 38 58 waist... now 30 I measured EVERYTHING... from my wrist to my ankles!!!
  7. Chancie

    New Addiction?

    SEXXXXXXXXXXX................. yesssssssssssssss- felt like born again virgin... But been getting out more and more.. and I am probaly drinking tooo much..... I am drinking orange vodka with orange crystal lite lol.... got everyone likeing it tooooooo!!! Sowing some oats I guess......... get out of my system... but having fun in the process- dancing- shooting pool... darts... BINGO ( go figure) and of course............. shopping!!
  8. Chancie

    9 month update

    WOW Bob- am really happy and proud for you- you looke great!! Good job!! :thumbup: (((((((HUGS))))))))))
  9. Chancie

    Starving for Food

    Something that helped me was keeping a journal.... and I still do. In the beginning I had alot of "head hunger"... but kept to the "program" ate what was 'good' for me. As everyone else said Protein. Keeping a journal helps you "see " what you are eating... I get up... go to the bathroom...... weigh. take my shower, then take an hour for me to focus on what I'm doing.... and I start it with my weight for that morning. Sometimes I write alot... and some mornings not so much. I try to keep track during the day what I have eaten, and log it, and calulate the carbs... etc. I measure every Monday..... that helps visualize even tho I may be in a stall........ I still lose inches. G'luck!!
  10. Labrys- I couldn't agree with you more!! I'm so happy to hear that you helped your daughter like this!! Here I am at 51 years old...... beginning my "NEW life" as well....... dating and going out and just being more social!! I cannot imagine how hard it was on your daughter being so heavy at such a young age. I have always been a bit "heavy" ( or so I thought ) when I was younger... but never obese at that age. I was 354 the day of surgery.... but my highest weight was 373. So believe me when I tell you....... I DO understand! I too am finding out I have a "life"........... I congratulate you for helping her find her "life" again!! It truely is a wonderful feeling!!! The only "regret" I have. is not doing this sooner!! Hats off to you for helping her early in life.. you did a onderful thing for her!!
  11. Chancie


    This is all very "normal".. our bodies are adjusting to everything! I was sooooo tired about a month out.... I felt as if I could barely hold the hair drying up to do myhair! I was warned about this from my Doctors and NUT. so I didn't worry- and it does pass! And you will see such a difference in finding so much nore energy as the weight comes off!!
  12. Chancie

    Update my goal

    WOW- awesome results!! Very impressive! You'll be at goal in no time!!
  13. Chancie

    Let's get this singles forum going!

    Boy ........ Have I missed alot!!! Not much going on here. My guy from the internet, just wasnt for me.. nice guy and all.... but apparently we talked better over the internet than in person. I'm chatting with a few- just seeing whats out there. and there are a bunch of nut cases!! LOL Wanna say they love you??? :001_unsure: And only talked like 3 times??? Insane!! Anyway. not giving up........ but peeking in my closet.. and nope..... no one there either!!!!:confused1:
  14. I crushed my meds only one day. that was enough!! My doc said I could swallow them, so I did. Like Shontel, I even had to take osme big horse piss... no problems.. And she's right about the time released... they are NOT to be crushed. G'luck
  15. Chancie

    I want to stop loosing now

    I'm not at that point at all!! But I have noticed that when I get out of one group of numbers ( 190 ) and now in the 80's... I take it much slower. I can't wait to get out of the 80's but am not "pushing" it that fast or hard. I have had people tell me I need to stop losing... but you know how people are! The big talk at work is my butt.... LMAO ( or lack of one) Flat 'ole pacake butt I have!! I'm really fortunate.. I do not have the turkey neck!! But I have also done alot of face exercises too. Not sure if that helped or not. I also have lost alot in my arms and shoulders, I use to always feel like a linebacker because I am so broad shouldered and big boned. Is kinda funny when people comment on that too. Say I am "gaunt" I'm not... take a look at the pics I posted in my one year make album.... you be the judge if I'm "gaunt" Honest answers!!!

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