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  1. 2 years has passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary shanda7182!

  2. Hi! I saw that you have Dr. Alanis too. How has everything been? Can you fill us in? My date is set for 10/12/10. :)

  3. Hey lady, just dropping buy the site so I need to give you some love girl! It's my 1 year surgery anniversary today so yours is coming up real soon! I hope all is well and you wizing through class with your fine looking self! TAKE CARE!!

  4. Good for you chica~ I am happy. I am doing well. I think im at a plateau but Ive had so much going on with my wedding (that was 10 days ago) and our honeymoon. During the honeymoon....I enjoyed myself and ate things that I hadnt eaten in months but im home now and back on track! So we will see if the change in my diet spikes a weight loss!!!! Congrats on the new job~ I will be making an update soon with my wedding photos!!!! Im glad to hear you are doing well!

  5. Never mind I found my answer lol. Congrats on your success and good luck with your tummy tuck!!!!

  6. Hi Shanda. I was wondering if you ended up going with Dr. Aceves? your signature says another surgeon so I don't know. Your thread was really helpful because you address almost all the concerns I had!

  7. I am doing good! Changed jobs. I am at MHNW now. One of my reasons I haven't been on. I am down to 155- got down to 153 but bounced up to 155 since last week. Either way I am almost to initial goal of 150! But I think I am going to change it to 140-145 cuz momma ain't happy yet! :) tell me about you lovie! I hope all is well!!

  8. How's it going girlie?

  9. Brenda, No problem! Im glad I can be inspiring to someone. I was a pre-op once and I WAS VERY nervous! You will be pleased with the sleeve! Trust me, it has its up's and down's however its well worth it. Im not @ goal but im confident that I will reach it soon. Congrats on your surgery date! I pray that you have an uneventful, complication free surgery!
  10. Thank You~Having the sleeve done was a very good decision~
  11. Thanks guys! I have posted my 6 month update as of yesterday! We all must keep each other motivated!
  12. Thanks Alegna! I attend my support group meetings @ Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital (which is WAY far from where you live). Maybe you can try calling a local hospital to see if they have WLS group meetings. I know @ my group most of us had surgery elsewhere but they welcome everyone! Yes his new office is far for most. Interestingly enough, I live right down the street (lol). I am noticing that he is GETTING more and MORE busy with each visit! I have referred 2-3 people to him and they are all scheduled for their surgeries (unfortunately) they are all getting the lapband because they are afraid of the "permanancy" of the sleeve or bypass. But hopefully they will still be succesful! Yes I will post wedding & honeymoon pics. We are going to Miami for 2 days after the wedding, then cruising from Miami to the Bahamas and the Grand Turk Island of Turks & Caicos. So we will take plenty of pictures from both events...so be on the look out for them in May!!!! I see you are almost @ goal girl! You are working your sleeve darling! Are you still working nights?
  13. Thanks thin, Yes he does love the new look. However, I was bigger when we met so he liked the old look as well. Thanks for the well wishes!
  14. Thanks Lan, How have you been? I think we were sleeved either on the same day or the same week. WE are sleeve sisters.....
  15. Thank You so much. The well wishes are greatly appreciated!