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  1. debking811

    What do you miss?

    Oh, BTW I guess I miss my hair the most!!! It was so thin the other day I cut several more inches. Also, have 2 wigs for back up!!
  2. debking811

    What do you miss?

    I too miss eating and drinking at the same time..also I love Mexican food and could polish off a full Mexican plate..now I usually get an appetizer. I have no regrets whatsoever.
  3. debking811

    hunger on clears

    While I was on clears I added diet jello and it saved my life--made all the diff in the world..try it
  4. debking811

    Chronic Constipation

    My VSG surgery was last June 17th. I have learned to live with the fact that I am constipated and that is something I will have to live with..I never had this problem prior to surgery! The best thing I have found and I have tried numerous brands is Senekot. I take 2 @ night 2-3x wk and voila the next morning I feel like a million bucks!! :lol0:
  5. I'm not going to sugar coat anything..you will lose hair. I'm 6 mos out from surgery and I'm losing hair lots of strands at a time. I get my Protein in and from the month after surgery I was taking Biotin, Prenatal Vitamins..using folicure shampoo and conditioner. I thought if I got a jump on things it would not happen to me. I have extensions I wear and I am shopping for wig this week. I am use to having thick hair which it is not anymore..yes I have new growth but I'm sure it will take time to come back. Don't get me wrong I don't regret having surgery..in fact its the best thing I've done in a long time..I've lost 50 lbs and wearing sz 6/8 from 14/16. I know the hair loss is only temporary...thank goodness!!
  6. debking811

    I am in the hosptial

    Take care..I'm thinking about you..hope you have a FAST recovery!!
  7. I was sleeved June 17, 2009 by Dr Aceves I feel great and have lots more enegy. I have gone from sz 14/16 size to sz 8 and have lost 47 lbs..I also purchased sz 6 jeans the other day and could not believe it...it is the best decision I have ever made and I have no regrets at all. Good luck!!
  8. debking811


    I found you can order it through pharmacies in canada
  9. I was sleeved in June and 37lbs down as of now it's the best thing I ever did..I feel wonderful..no more swollen ankles and I just bought 3 pr size 10 jeans..great feeling! You will be just fine..and you def will have no regrets!! The worst part about the surgery is not eating and drinking at the same time but I always drank my iced tea after I ate anyways. I had the jitters prior to the surgery..heck we all do but again you will never regret it.
  10. debking811

    not losing anymore!

    Seems I started eating a little more especially protein and I've lost 3 lbs! I eat 2 6oz yogurts a day and cheese 3x day and my protein shake. I also ate 1 hard boiled egg per day. I find if I don't weigh for at least a week or so its better for me psychologically!! LOL
  11. debking811

    not losing anymore!

    Ditto..same for me. I've lost 35lbs ..my BMI is 25.4 and I have not lost anymore weight in 2 wks. I eat very little and walk almost 2 miles a day. I don't know what's up but I hate to think I had 60% of my stomach removed for 35 lbs when my goal was 55 lbs!
  12. Don't worry you don't loose all of your hair or at least I speak for myself but I noticed my hair has thinned somewhat...take your protein, take biotin and wash your hair with folicure shampoo from Sally Beauty Supply and you'll be fine..hair thinning usually starts abbout the 4th month after surgery. :thumbup:
  13. debking811

    Disappointment has set in

    I drink a protein shake daily 60gms and I eat some cheese and eggs at least every other day
  14. debking811

    Disappointment has set in

    I am 11 weeks out from VSG surgery and have only lost 29 lbs...I'm very disappointed after losing so much of my stomach!! I live on watermelon and s/f, f/f fruit bars. Anyone feel the same??
  15. debking811

    Onderland is here ! ! !

    Tiff, Congrats to you!! I know you're excited!! Keep up the good work..there's sexy clothes waiting for you!! haha

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